Master of the End Times

Chapter 617 - : Bai Li’s Breakthrough

Yuan Xiaoguang was baffled but that was the truth when he thought about it. Judging by Qin Feng’s capability, did he still need bodyguards? What did he need them for? To run at the beast king and beast emperor?

No! He was totally fine hunting by himself. His power was well beyond everyone’s wildest imagination.

Qin Feng’s future was extremely bright if he were to live on. He was simply too strong—stronger than anyone Yuan Xiaoguang had ever met before. He would not believe it if he did not witness Qin Feng’s heroism with his own eyes. The teenage ability user was a legend in the making.

Hence, Yuan Xiaoguang licked his lips and asked, “What’s the pay if you don’t mind me asking?”

Qin Feng offered without hesitation. “Three billion as a monthly salary with a special bonus. I will tell you what the bonus is after you have been hired.”

Plainly speaking, the bonus was actually the access to foods and herbs produced by the Fengli colony. For instance, Tear Flower was one of the few rare herbs that could only be found at Fengli since it required unique cultivation by C-tier wood-type ability users.

Yuan Xiaoguang was stunned after he heard the wage amount. It was almost too good to be true.

As of now, Yuan Xiaoguang earned only fifty million per day, which accumulated to one and a half billion if he accepted missions every day. Qin Feng had directly doubled his maximum pay!

Though he faced little danger fighting alongside Qin Feng these last few days, there was no guarantee he would not encounter a deadly mission next time. Them being ambushed by the Shinla Devils also showcased the enormous danger they were being exposed to everyday.

“Fengli City is a newly established settlement. There isn’t a lot of hunting ground for the time being. Thus, it will be difficult if you want to earn extra income once you relocate there. Please consider properly before accepting my offer. Of course, I am going to recruit more of those who are tired of fighting to be stationed in my city once my parallel fundamentals reach B-tier.”

Yuan Xiaoguang could feel that Qin Feng was recruiting him sincerely based on how truthful he was. He did not have any concerns left and accepted it whole-heartedly.

“President Qin, I am willing to serve under you!”

Qin Feng nodded satisfyingly. The remaining five aptitude users looked at Qin Feng and offered themselves too. “Mister Qin, does Feng Li have use for men like us?”

Qin Feng thought about it and said, “The salary for E-tier aptitude users would not be as high. Besides, I believe the reason you guys are here at Dusan is to challenge yourself and change your fate overnight. From the way I see it, it’s still too soon for you all to move to Fengli at this stage.”

They agreed with Qin Feng’s opinion. It was too bad that Qin Feng could not offer them higher pay than Dusan. They would rather stay in the frontline in that case.

After all, their level was still too low to have Qin Feng’s acknowledgment.

Nevertheless, they did not dwell too much on the matter. Qin Feng would still stick around Dusan for a while more. They would certainly earn plenty boarding on Qin Feng’s train for now.

Qin Feng did not ask Yuan Xiaoguang to depart immediately to Fengli City either. The enormous number of monsters he killed in a day would more or less benefit these Dusan soldiers who fought alongside him. It now depended on them whether they could make the leap.

Another day, another insectoid nest near the second region got bulldozed over. Yuan Xiaoguang and the others had long gotten used to the unreasonable strength of Qin Feng.


In the following half month, Qin Feng had destroyed almost all the red zones marked near Dusan Central City.

At the same time, Xu Qing’s troop had only just settled the nest near the seventh region.

When they checked the map again, they would be surprised to find that most dangerous zones marked as red or purple had now been downgraded to orange.

All the aptitude users on a mission returned and regrouped at the central city when night fell.

On the second floor of the certification hall, a few B-tier aptitude users were resting in the lounge. This included Xu Qing, Quong Po, and several other B-tiers being dispatched here.

“In the past, each of us would be tasked to clear three nests, which would at least take us two months to complete the cleansing process. I can’t believe we are done in such a short time this year,” One of the B-tier lamented.

Xu Qing replied bitterly, “I targeted the seventh region when I first reported here. When we finally cleared the seventh region, I was bewildered to find that all the nests around me have already been taken care of. Mine was actually the only one remaining. I believe it would take an even shorter time to sweep the nest if he were to intervene.”

“He still doesn’t plan to stop?”

“Yes. However, the areas beyond have never been scouted before. Nobody has ever broken through the first barrier before Qin Feng.”

“It’s too dangerous. But he’s probably the only one who could succeed.”

“I think we can now sit back and relax.”

“Yeah. We can leave this place earlier this year.”

The B-tiers were full of praise when they talked about Qin Feng. They were glad to be exempted from taking on the insectoid emperor. Not every aptitude user could kill a beast emperor as effortlessly as Qin Feng, and then gain enormous benefit from doing so.

Normal aptitude users were wary and nervous about beast hunting, even the B-tiers were. Every mission was a matter of life and death.

As such, they would rather stay secure in the settlement rather than head into the warzone.

Only one of the B-tiers was not entirely amazed by Qin Feng. He silently sighed.

The stronger Qin Feng got, the more defeated Quong Po felt.

While these B-tiers were resting, Qin Feng and Bai Li decided to go deeper into the Dusan Basin.

To avoid being seen, Bai Li used her spatial ability to teleport them far inside the basin area.

No human had ever stepped foot in this area before. There was not any sign of movement here. The beast around this area had been purged by Qin Feng.

Qin Feng sprinkled beast repellent powder around them in preparation for the upcoming ritual.

“You may proceed,” Qin Feng said.

The repellent powder was used as a precautionary measure. With Qin Feng’s dark ability, their scents were completely concealed.

“Okay. I will begin now,” Bai Li said and raised her arm. Silver radiance first appeared, followed by the opening of a spatial rift. Abundant energy came gushing out through the rift.

This rift was used by Bai Li to store the power cores. She no longer consumed the power cores by chewing and swallowing. The cores were getting bigger and bigger, while Bai Li had been constantly maintaining her human form. It was no longer feasible for her to guzzle the cores as she did in beast form.

It was equally convenient to extract the energy by placing the cores in a specialized dimension.

The energy flowed into Bai Li’s body continuously. Bai Li’s aura began to ascend and become hard to contain.

When Bai Li exerted her true form, an internal force belonged to a C9-tier beast emperor permeated through the air.

Unknowingly, Bai Li had reached C9-tier, which was faster than Qin Feng.

They were here now to allow Bai Li to evolve.

In the city, no matter how powerful Qin Feng’s dark ability was, he could not hide the aura of a B-tier beast emperor.

It would probably cause panic in the city.

Here in the Dusan Basin, they were free from surveillance. Even if someone sensed the unusual aura, they would mistake it as the evolution of a wild insectoid.

From the rift, massive energy emanated out continuously. Soon, Bai Li’s accumulated aura reached a breaking point, and boom!

She had achieved the breakthrough!

A B-tier beast emperor was born!

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