Master of the End Times

Chapter 619 - A-Tier Ancient Warrior Shinla

The B-tier aptitude user roared as the golden hand slammed down. He rolled away to evade the attack. The two girls on his bed were not so lucky. They were smashed into meat paste by Qin Feng’s merciless attack. Not only that but the bed was reduced to wood dust.

“Who are you?”

The aptitude user still knew shame and covered his waist with a blanket. He glared angrily at Qin Feng and Bai Li. He was stunned when he had a clearer look at Bai Li.

“Humph!” Qin Feng snorted and said, “The one who will kill you.”

Qin Feng had been through a lot of challenges and was no longer the man who needed to try hard to kill Guang Wei in the past. His power had grown exponentially. Killing a B-tier was not a difficult task to him now.

The aptitude user knew there would be no way out of this other than a battle to the death. He promptly set up his internal force shield.

But almost immediately, the shield was shattered by Qin Feng’s punch.


Qin Feng’s fist landed right on the man’s shoulder.


His clavicle broke upon impact.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Qin Feng landed punch after punch. The B-tier aptitude user was unable to counter.

Though the aptitude user was not as strong as Qin Feng, he still had a considerable amount of self-defense. Qin Feng was unable to finish him off in a single strike.

Nonetheless, he eventually crumbled under the continuous attacks.

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Qin Feng placed his palm on the man’s stomach. His internal force was instantly emptied by Qin Feng. The B-tier aptitude user’s body began to twitch. Blood was seen gushing out from his mouth.

After he was done with his internal force, Qin Feng put his hand on the opponent’s neck and snapped it.


His life was taken away instantly. The B-tier aptitude user died agonizingly.

Qin Feng raised his hand and released fire to burn the aptitude user’s corpse. Several pieces of spatial rune equipment dropped from his neck were collected into Qin Feng’s pocket.

Bai Li dismissed the quarantine once the corpse had finished burning. The outside world had no idea that a battle had just erupted here, nor did they know that a B-tier aptitude user had just been killed.

“Next one,” Qin Feng said coldly.

Both of them disappeared into the darkness and continued to hunt.


It was twelve midnight an hour after that. In such a dangerous world, people would normally stay indoors and rest during nightfall.

However, as the chief of this clan, he had every right to have people stay awake to attend to his command 24/7.

Inside the underground basement of his house, a young lady was lying on a crimson bed. Her whole body was bruised and blood could be seen seeping out from the corner of her mouth. Her eyes were rounded lifelessly. Both her legs and arms were bent unnaturally.

She was dead—mutilated to death.

Shinla stood up and put on his sleeping robe. He walked toward the stairs.

“Boring~ What a fragile toy!”

The young girl had just reached E-tier. She would have been regarded as a hopeful talent in some small colonies. However, she was degraded into a plaything in Shinla’s hand. She suffered tremendously before ultimately dying in pain.

No matter how strong a female might be, none had lived in Shinla’s hands for more than seven days.

Recently, Shinla’s sadistic desire was getting out of control. He had tortured and killed seven teenagers in ten days.

Shinla contemplated for a while and called a B-tier aptitude user.

‘I will not rest well if we don’t catch the beauty. How dare a C-tier lay his hands on my man and get away with it? Do I need to do this myself?’

Shinla squinted. He was talking about Qin Feng and Bai Li. Of course, he would not just sit and wait after Qin Feng had killed Diran and Faelog. He had his underling check on Qin Feng and learned about his background.

First place in the Prodigy Tournament, the governor of North Region North Sea State.

Shinla had to be careful when dealing with a person of such prestige. He might alarm A-tiers in Dusan if he were to recklessly ambush Qin Feng and let him get away.

That was why he did not make a move in the past ten days.

At his position, he had been used to getting whatever he wanted. This sudden blip had greatly affected his mood. Consequently, he could only vent his frustration on the slaves.

That was why a lot of girls were killed in his hands in the past week.

He made the call to have his subordinate check on Qin Feng’s whereabouts after that.

After it rang five times, nobody was on the phone. Shinla’s face twitched in disgust.

‘Which b*tch is he hounding on?’

He made another call to another B-tier. Again, there was no answer.

‘The hell?’

He chose to call the third person. It did not even go through this time.

Three times a “charm”. Shinla realized something was up.

He was an ancient warrior so he could not sense danger preemptively. But he could still perform some basic probing with his consciousness. He immediately unleashed his internal force to his surroundings and found out that one of the wooden villas slightly far away from his place was now empty.

‘That’s weird’

Shinla felt terrified for the first time ever since he had ascended to A-tier.

‘How could a B-tier disappear just like that?’


Shinla jumped out and dashed quickly toward the villa. He saw the destroyed room.

He instantly knew who the enemies were.

“Ambush!” Shinla bellowed infuriatingly. He infused his voice with internal strength and his thunderous roar jolted the entire stronghold.

Immediately, numerous men were woken up from their sleep.

At the same time, Shinla did not stop looking. Soon, he found something in the villa near him. There was a room in there that he could not peek into no matter how hard he tried.

‘Consciousness shield?’

Shinla was shocked. He dashed toward it and tried to break into the room directly through the windows. His fists banged on the glass and shattered it. However, the room was still barricaded by a layer of silver radiance.


Shinla’s hand was numbed by the impact. He could not destroy the silver shield.

‘Spatial rune? Secret dimension?’

Shinla immediately recognized what the silver wall was.

Inside the enclosed dimension, Bai Li had also sensed the arrival of a powerful foe.

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