Master of the End Times

Chapter 621 - Annihilating the Shinla Devils

All of a sudden, Bai Li appeared in front of Qin Feng, and it had definitely caught Shinla off guard.

Then, an array of horrifying spatial energy exploded instantly, and the surrounding spaces around Shinla had collapsed completely.

Dark spatial energy had instantly pierced into Shinla’s internal strength shield.

“What is this?”

It was Shinla’s first encounter with such an attack, he shouted instinctively, and soon, he realized that those were the attributes of the runes.

“Space, these are spatial runes, it was you!”

The mysterious scene that was encountered by Shinla earlier was surprisingly created by Bai Li who seemed to be just an insignificant aid!

Shinla looked at the woman that he had been longing for, however, the presence of a horrifying aura was lingering around her.

Unfortunately, her actual capability seemed to be well hidden.

As for the C-tier aptitude user badge that was on Bai Li’s chest, it was completely a hoax. Shinla had obviously realized that the defensive power that was used by his opponent to block his attack was totally unachievable by a C-tier aptitude user.

Bai Li answered, “Is everyone at the campsite ready to die today?”

The question was actually directed to Qin Feng!

“Why would you ask that?” Qin Feng asked.

“If so, I would not need to hold myself back!” Bai Li answered, with her current capabilities, she definitely had the confidence to annihilate the entire small-sized campsite.

Qin Feng chuckled as he swept his conscious energy across the entire campsite, perhaps there were still the presence of prisoners, but they were the minorities. Furthermore, they did not seem to be members from the Huaxia Alliance.

Qin Feng decided to not be merciful, the more powerful he became, the more decisive he would be on those small sacrifices that he had to make.

“Go for it!”

Qin Feng was also curious to witness Bai Li’s full potential when she had the chance to go all out!

Bai Li nodded, and in the next moment, her conscious energy extended infinitely. Then, the pitch-black night sky was aglow with an array of abrupt silver flashes.

The silver lights streaked across thirty meters in length before stretching out and expanding, it was like a veil that was above their heads. The village hill was originally a square area, with Bai Li as the centre point, the lights expanded to the edge of the hill area and descended vertically.


Bai Li commanded, then, the entire campsite was suddenly quarantined by Bai Li.

It was like the little room that was quarantined, however, the quarantine was now covering an entire area.

It was at that moment where Shinla was caught off-guard.

Shinla was surprised that the seal had covered the entire space.

“Spatial ability user?” Shinla became highly alert of his surroundings and carefully assessed the situation.

It was an uncertain situation, and the unknown would often be associated with fear.

Meanwhile, as soon as Bai Li had quarantined the area in all directions, it allowed her to dominate the area.

Meaning to say, the Spatial Quarantine was similar to Qin Feng’s Fire Wall, but the Spatial Quarantine had greater coverage area.

After all, Bai Li was already a B-tier!


Bai Li commanded again as she pointed toward Shinla.

Shinla was struck by an abrupt cold chill down the spine, without any hesitation, his qinggong skills burst forth and he was able to quickly dodge to another spot.

Visible by the eyes, silver light was glowing on the initial spot where Shinla was at, and it had covered an area of about tens of meters. Followed by the appearance of countless numbers of dark rifts, the same spot seemed to be struck by an inward collapse.

Then, trees, grassland, and walls outside of the villas had all disappeared, and they were all sent to another unknown space.

Shinla felt instant relief that he was able to dodge that.

However, Bai Li did not stop her attacks.

She pointed her finger in a far off direction, and an unidentified number of spaces began to collapse and then reversed back to its original form.

Meanwhile, every spot that was attacked had been emptied, nothing was left behind!

Shinla succeeded with several dodges, and as he stared at Bai Li, he was no longer drooling with desire, but filled with restraining fear.

Shinla was consumed by his urge to kill.

If such a girl was untameable, the only way left was to kill!

“Don’t you underestimate me, after all, I am also an A-tier! Even with your bizarre moves, your capability would not exceed B-tier, and I will kill you!”

Shinla let out an enraged roar and stopped holding back, all of his internal strength was released in an explosion.

Horrifying torrential waves of internal strength gushed up to the sky while sweeping Shinla along, and it was aiming to kill Bai Li.

“Sky Cleave!”

The machete on hand was shrouded with an infinite amount of internal strength.


Internal strength exploded and echoed.

Bai Li raised her hand, a pitch-black space appeared before her, and the internal strength of the machete was instantly drained out.

Then, Bai Li’s explosive energy was absolutely unrestrained.

“You shall disappear!”

Bai Li’s surrounding was instantly struck by explosions, even the villa earlier was wrecked into ruins!

It forced Shinla to fall back.

The battle in between the both of them had intensified once again.

Meanwhile, the entire campsite was awakened from their sleep. They were aware of the changes in the surroundings, and they had clearly noticed the appearance of the horrifying enemies.

“Run, quickly!”

Everyone was afraid of being the unfortunate ones affected by the battle, they began to run out, however, they realized that the barriers that were raised up along the borders were stopping them from moving forward.

Qin Feng looked at them, despite knowing that the Spatial Quarantine created by Bai Li was extremely robust, however, repelling energy from external attacks would still add up to Bai Li’s burden.

Hence, Qin Feng would not allow such a scene to take place any longer.

“It has been a while since I had such a cold-blooded massacre!”

Qin Feng’s thirst for kills and blood was glowing in his eyes.

Then, conscious energy exploded in the same way as Qin Feng’s Fire Wall began to spread across the grounds.

Bricks on the ground began to soften and heat up, they were then turned into fiery red color!

Trees were lit up by flames and the villas began to sink gradually as melted magma flooded the area.


“Help, help!”

“No, no!”

Cries from the people echoed around as aptitude users wished they could escape up to the sky or hide underneath the ground. However, the entire space was restricted to below thirty meters in height, Qin Feng’s fire dragon and magma could easily drown all of them.

The base camp of the Shinla Devils had been turned into hell!

Qin Feng’s Fire Wall was already capable of extending up to six hundred meters away, compared to his initial learning stage, the coverage had been doubled. When combined with Bai Li’s spatial wall, it was a total massacre for everyone else, and none of them could escape from such a restricted space.

“We need everyone to retaliate, kill him, and we will be free!”

“Ah ah ah ah! Attack!”

“Kill him!”

Those that were enraged in roars were merely C-tiers, there were two B-tiers that were reluctant to make their moves as they knew of Qin Feng’s identity.

However, hesitation had led them toward their defeat, and they were still unable to reverse the reality of their death.

Within the blink of an eye, all of them were drowned by the flames.

Except for Shinla, the entire Shinla Devils group was annihilated!

Meanwhile, Shinla was also heavily wounded, and as he gazed upon the campsite, it had already been transformed into a sea of melted magma. All the villas, greeneries, and everything else had disappeared.

As for himself, he was still unable to escape from Bai Li’s restriction, he had even secretly used a spatial waymark to no avail.

“If this is how it will be, then we shall all die together!” Shinla let out an enraged roar.

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