Master of the End Times

Chapter 622 - Dantian Self-Destruction

Throughout the battle that lasted for hours, Qin Feng had slaughtered everyone else, and the outcome from the battle between Shinla and Bai Li was already well-pronounced.

After all, Bai Li was a beast emperor!

Shinla was still lacking a little on his capability. However, he was neither aware of Bai Li’s powerful strength, nor of her identity, all he knew was that he had lost!

Unexpectedly, a highly esteemed A-tier aptitude user had lost!

It was at that moment, Shinla was consumed by his vexations, anger, and despair.

Since death was unavoidable, let all die together!

However, as Shinla was unable to get close to Bai Li, he redirected his aim and sprinted toward Qin Feng with his qinggong skills.

Qin Feng’s internal strength shield intensified, and in order to withstand Shinla’s attack, his Verdant Emperor Saber exploded and released an array of horrifying and intimidating sword glare.

But Shinla did not dodge and forced himself to take on the sword glare from Qin Feng, as he got closer and was only ten meters away from Qin Feng, a loud and deafening explosion echoed from within his body.


It was like something horrifying had exploded!

It was Shinla’s dantian!

“No, self-destructing dantian!”

Qin Feng was instantly struck by the idea. Meanwhile, his entire conscious energy was raised to a new height, and it was like the surroundings had slowed down altogether. The moment that was caught within Qin Feng vision was Shinla that was sprinting over, with his abdomen that was self-destructing, a mixture of pale-white intestines and fresh blood was seen.

The horrifying energy had then crushed onto every part of Shinla’s body, including every part of his bones, and every drop of his blood.

The entire scene was slowed down and prolonged, as if he was seeing an elliptical energy body that had expanded infinitely.

It was becoming bigger and stronger!

The energy body had combined with Shinla’s vapourized blood, and it was blasted toward Qin Feng, colliding onto his internal strength shield.

Instantly, Qin Feng’s internal strength shield was about to be overpowered by the blast, and it was beginning to collapse!

“Hold on!”

Qin Feng roared as the internal strength from his dantian was activated.

Ninety-nine pools of internal strength were instantly drained out, gushing into Qin Feng’s internal strength shield, thickening and solidifying it.

However, Qin Feng’s body was still being forced and pushed back by the intense energy.

Meanwhile, Magma Pillars, the fire dragon, and fire birds that were in the air were swept by the overwhelming energy and crushed into pieces like withered branches!

Bai Li was also instantly bulldozed and tossed away, while Qin Feng was also being pressured and forced further away.

“Ah ah ah!”

Qin Feng went berserk with his defence against the attack, pools of internal strength within his dantian were draining fast, the mighty output energy from Shinla’s self-destruction was stronger than his own capability by tenfold!

The one-off exploding energy came with a huge price to pay, and its output was also overwhelming.


Fresh blood dripped from the edges of Qin Feng’s mouth as he had slammed onto Bai Li’s Spatial Quarantine.

The unbelievable amount of energy had instantly pushed Qin Feng to hundreds of meters away.


A cracked opening was formed on the Spatial Quarantine, followed by an instant collapse of the restrictive barrier, and the ravaging energy continued to spread across the area.

Countless giant trees were swept away, insectoid nests were shaken; the calm and peaceful Dusan Basin was struck by chaotic havoc.

Qin Feng was tossed away again for tens of meters, and his horrifying amount of internal strength reserve was also instantly drained out.


Qin Feng threw up fresh blood as unbearable pain was felt throughout his entire body.

Qin Feng was fortunate enough to have his sturdy physique to withstand the attack, or else, fresh blood would not be the only thing that he was spitting out!

The horrifying energy blast was finally over.

“Bai Li, Bai Li!”

Qin Feng stood up to look for Bai Li’s presence, he extended his conscious energy into the forest, and soon, he sensed Bai Li who could barely stand up by herself.

“How are you? Are you okay?” Qin Feng checked on Bai Li’s injuries and noticed that her clothes were partly torn, but there were no serious injuries on her body. However, due to Bai Li’s shapeshifting transformation, Qin Feng was not assured that Bai Li was genuinely unwounded.

“I am fine, what about you? I am sorry, I did not protect you well!” Bai Li immediately apologized, and she was feeling guilty.

Qin Feng was relieved to see that Bai Li was not heavily injured, she only looked a little battered and exhausted, he then caressed her head.

“Stop blaming yourself, don’t you know that I can protect myself?”

Bai Li pouted as she felt bad and blamed herself.

“We both agreed that I should be the one going against Shinla, such an unreliable person, how could he just attack you?!”

Qin Feng forced his laugh.

“Alright, you are an obedient child, and you are going against bad people, they would not be respectful to us!” When it comes to the battle of life or death, who would still be respectful to their enemies?

Bai Li was still behaving like a little child!

Qin Feng caressed her hair while embracing her to calm her down, only then did Bai Li feel a little better.

Meanwhile, the chaotic scene in the forest had escalated, Qin Feng looked around and felt bad. If the place were to be visited by anyone else, none would believe that there was formerly an established campsite!

Hundreds of meters away from Qin Feng, at the spot where Shinla’s dantian had self-destructed, an unexpected elliptical pit was formed, and Qin Feng’s fire runes were already erased by the overwhelming energy.

There was even water flow emerging from the bottom of the pit. Obviously it had even reached the depths of underground water, and within days, it would turn into a lake.

However, it was great news for Qin Feng!

The chances were that nobody would know that he had annihilated the entire Shinla Devils group, and nobody would recognize him as a heroic C-tier aptitude user that had killed an A-tier!

“Let’s go! We should return quickly; the sky is about to turn bright!”

Qin Feng looked toward the marble-white sky, surprisingly, it was already seven in the morning.

The battle had lasted for almost the entire night, with their light injuries and the chaotic scene at the Dusan Basin, it was definitely not a wise choice for Qin Feng and Bai Li to remain there!

“Alright, let’s go!”

Bai Li brought Qin Feng along as they teleported away from their location.

Three hundred meters away from the location that they were at, a shadow of a person appeared and walked out from the shadow of a tree. A mixed expression was seen on that person’s face as he looked in the direction where both Bai Li and Qin Feng disappeared from.

If Qin Feng were there, he definitely would have recognized that person, surprisingly, it was Quong Po!

Since the night before, Bai Li was at the Dusan Basin and she had advanced to B-tier. As the chaotic scene was captured by the machines, B-tier aptitude users that were staying at the upper floor of the aptitude user lobby were all awakened, even A-tiers that were hidden had also appeared to get information about the situation.

Different from Xu Qing and the other B-tier support forces that were sent forward, Quong Po had been stationed at the Dusan Basin for more than ten years, and it was a place that he had fought to defend. Hence, nobody could stop him from entering the scene himself to find out about the situation.

Ancient warriors were well known for their usage of concealed weaponries and other bizarre ancient battle skills, and his presence-concealing, and target-tracing skills had allowed Quong Po to track down the location of the scene. He was able to find the Spatial Quarantine that was created by Bai Li.

Quong Po was definitely shocked by it, and he thought that it was the establishment of some secret territory so he decided to stay put and remain at a far distance to observe.

Unexpectedly, he ended up witnessing such a scene..

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