Master of the End Times

Chapter 624 - Qin Feng, the Famous Prodigy

Nonetheless, Qin Feng could not tell anyone these reasons.

Thus, Qin Feng said, “I’ve hunted for a whole month. I’m getting tired. Besides, the situation here has improved vastly compared to when I first came here. I bet Dusan Central City would become safe in less than three years’ time.”

To people surviving in this apocalypse, having a safe haven within three years from now was basically a gift from the heavens!

Xu Qing nodded and sighed, “Yeah, you have done so much for the city here. You’ve done the jobs of several B-tiers combined! And it’s done in such a short time too!”

Even Quong Po too sighed, “Indeed. Dusan Central City thanks you, Qin Feng!”

However, despite Qin Feng’s great achievements, due to it being winter at the time and it was a slow season, all the A-tiers had left the city. If not, it would not only be B-tiers showing up in this crowd.

“Either way, if you’re leaving, at least allow us to hold a feast for you! Let’s party!”

“Yeah! Let’s toast for more opportunities to get together in the future!”

“With you here, everyone feels a lot safer, Qin Feng!”

The B-tiers had gathered around Qin Feng to celebrate his achievements in Dusan. People no longer rolled their eyes at him just because he was a C-tier.

Because they knew that Qin Feng was someone far more powerful than a B-tier!

Seeing the hospitality they were displaying, Qin Feng had no reason to reject them. Thus, he brought Bai Li along to feast with everyone for the city’s brighter, safer future.


After the feast, Qin Feng activated his dimensional tunnel in front of everyone and teleported straight to Fengli City, North Sea State!

Then, he sent his mission report to Shang Han. The list of achievements written in that report was so long and shiny that it almost blinded Shang Han.

Meanwhile, a lot of A-tiers in the authority had also caught wind of Qin Feng’s feat.

Amongst the C-tiers, only the ones in the Dusan Basin knew how powerful Qin Feng was. There were so many C-tiers in the world fighting in the frontline. Thus, very few people took notice of someone who had recently gained fame in other regions.

However, to the alliance… to the A-tiers who had authority in the Huaxia Alliance, this was great, exciting news.

Shang Han’s communicator started to vibrate just as Shang Han closed her eyes for her meditation. The person who called her was, of course, not some ordinary schmuck. The person was someone important in the alliance—meaning that this was someone whose call she could not just ignore.

“Hi, Shang Han! Long time no see!” As soon as she picked up the call, the person greeted her warmly.

He was a man who looked old and frail—the wrinkles on his face and silver hair on his head seemed to tell a deep history of war against the ultra beasts. However, he was not as old as he looked—in fact, he was about the same age as Shang Han! He looked really old because he had his life force and longevity deeply damaged from the countless hunts and battles with the ultra beasts throughout the years.

“If you’ve got something to say then say it, Tung Yang! Lemme guess. You’re calling to borrow one of my men, right?”

This man was an experienced A-tier, like Shang Han—Tung Yang, an A3-tier water type ability user and the Eastern Regent of Huaxia Alliance.

Tung Yang was surprised to hear that. “What? There were others contacting you to borrow your manpower too?”

Shang Han shrugged. “You’re not the first. About eight people came and talked to me about it. I can’t even meditate and train in silence anymore!”

“They can borrow anyone for all I care. But, Shang Han… we’ve been pals for decades now! Come on! You gotta lend me that new prodigy Qin Feng you got there!”

“Aha! I knew it!” Shang Han said.

After hearing this, Tung Yang understood that the others too had their eyes set on Qin Feng.

This was expected though.

The Prodigy Tournament was only a few months ago. And Qin Feng had a glistening record of achievements in the Dusan Basin lately too. They had heard just how powerful he was and they wanted him to go to their governed areas to help them.

Tung Yang anxiously pleaded, “Shang Han, dear friend, you know just how difficult it is in the Eastern Region here. There are battles after battles in the Ocean of Abyss during spring. I lack manpower over here!”

Of course, Shang Han knew about this—she had heard him complaining about this almost every year.

Humans had been struggling to survive the ultra beasts’ attacks for centuries. These beasts kept attacking humanity throughout the year, every single season. Thus, the stronger a person was, the more responsibility he had to carry on his shoulder to take on these foes.

If a person wanted to keep on fighting non-stop throughout the year, that person would realize that there were many places that required assistance all year long, and that there were various dangers posed by ultra beasts everywhere.

Shang Han gave it a thought before opening her mouth, “I know about the problem with the Ocean of Abyss. However, Qin Feng is a fire type ability user. Having him by your side won’t change the tide of battles over there.”

“I know that. But he is also an ancient warrior. And a prodigy too! I believe he can overcome these challenges!” Tung Yang insisted.

Shang Han rubbed her eyebrows, feeling a persistent headache tingling in her head. Since when did she become Qin Feng’s dear little secretary, huh?!

“Fine. I’ll talk to him. There’s still a month before the Ocean of Abyss starts ravaging the coasts. I’ll do my best to persuade him to aid you. Still, you should know that prodigies need training in order to grow. We can’t ask him to keep fighting on the frontlines like this!”

Tung Yang shook his head. “Now, this is why you have so many wimps who can’t hold up a fight eating up your resources all these years, my friend. You can’t have these prodigies and talents fight humans only! Real champions are forged in the fire of battle!”

Shang Han did want to hear any of this. These people were not Qin Feng’s superiors so they would not think much for Qin Feng’s future. However, Shang Han was his boss. She needed to consider the young man’s future and career.

It was due to Qin Feng being a prodigy that made her care about what he thought and what he wanted for himself!

Still, if she kept on yapping with Tung Yang, this would only turn into another fruitless debate about their philosophies.

“Okay, is that all? I’ll hang up now. Bye!”

Shang Han hung up and drafted a mission message before sending it to Qin Feng. Then, she made a direct call to him.

Meanwhile, Qin Feng was checking the loot that he had acquired since the first day he officially joined the Huaxia Alliance.

Beep Beep Beep!

Qin Feng’s communicator started to beep.

Qin Feng’s communicator was encrypted. And there was only one person who could call him.

He looked at his communicator. As expected, this was a call from Shang Han.

“Qin Feng, you’ve got another client asking for your service. You know what? You better hire a secretary to deal with these invitations and give me back my peace and quiet!”

Qin Feng smiled as he read the mission that was sent to him.

“Eastern Region? The Ocean of Abyss?”

Qin Feng’s smiling face turned serious after reading this.

“Huh, it’s this place…”

The Abyssal Rift from before was just child’s play compared to the Ocean of Abyss.

“Now this is a place that I don’t mess around in.”

This was a place that even Qin Feng had not been to before he was reborn. This was a place where only true powerful champions could survive!

Still, Qin Feng decided to accept the invitation. He only needed to join the hunt at the ocean after a month so this was not an issue for him.

As for the other invitations, Qin Feng decided that they were not interesting enough for him to accept.

After rejecting the other invitations, Qin Feng looked at the items in front of him!

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