Master of the End Times

Chapter 625 - Upgrading Verdant Emperor Saber

Qin Feng had gotten a great haul of loot from his Dusan Basin visit—he had tons of materials from the hunt and at least twenty eight corpses of insectoid emperors. With these, Qin Feng’s personal treasury could easily accumulate up to 50 trillion!

The insectoid materials were priced a bit lower than the other ultra beasts in the market. However, due to the obscene amount of materials he had gathered, this would net him trillions!

Of course, Qin Feng could not get these trillions right away. Xue Xingfu could not process this many materials overnight after all.

However, Qin Feng still had the money and points that he got from completing his mission.

The reward in cash alone was 170 trillion and his achievement points in the alliance had increased by 1,500,000!

The Sacred Flame Meteor that Shang Han had redeemed for him cost him only 500,000 points. Now, he had 1 million points with him!

“The loss that we incurred during the fight with Z has finally been repaid by a little. Too bad there’s no Hell Stone amongst the loot though!”

Still, Qin Feng was able to redeem some items that were much more valuable than the Sacred Flame Meteor. The Sacred Flame Meteor was something only ability users could use; the ancient warriors tend to treat it as just another material.

“Myratonnium, Stygian Crystal of Inferno, and Grand-ripple Metal.”

Yes. These three items were redeemed from the Huaxia Alliance market; and these cost him the entire 1,500,000 points that he got from the Dusan Basin.

Myratonnium was a type of mineral that could add tens of thousands of Catties (1 Catty = 0.5 KG) of weight to the equipment it was forged into.

The Stygian Crystal of Inferno was a pitch-black crystal that was used to enhance weapons, enabling them to emit dark fiery flames when injecting the enhanced weapon with internal energy.

The Grand-ripple metal was a type of metal that could fold internal energies that were injected into it by the thousands, enabling the metal wielder to attack enemies a thousand times in one hit.

These three invaluable materials had a huge problem if one were to use them to enhance their equipment—they would cause their equipment to require huge amounts of internal energy to be used effectively.

For example, for one to use the Grand-ripple metal, one had to keep injecting internal energy into it constantly. Each time it burst forth thousands of hits on his foe, the metal would drain a great deal of internal energy from the user too. If the user did not have enough supply of internal energy, the most it could do was hit the enemies one hundred or ten times.

Perhaps there was already someone else forging a godlike weapon with this material. Still, this weapon would hurt the user as much as it would wound his foes. As such, usually no one would unsheathe it if things did not get desperate.

However, Qin Feng had a lot of internal energy to spare.

“Let’s hope these three materials synergize well.”

After all, forging a weapon was not like fiddling with a set of Lego toys. If he did not have the Magical Tesseract with him, Qin Feng would not dare to mess with these godly materials.

After putting his Verdant Emperor Saber into the Magical Tesseract, Qin Feng added some C-tier insectoid emperor shells into the tesseract too.

It had been a long time since Qin Feng last enhanced his Verdant Emperor Saber. After all, the saber already had the Sun Steel infused in it—this had made it a fantastic weapon to use.

However, with Qin Feng’s internal energy raised to B-tier, the Verdant Emperor Saber needed an upgrade too.

In no time, the original D-tier beast emperor materials had all been torn away as the new materials were fused with the saber. However, there was no visible change observed on the weapon.


Qin Feng put in B-tier beast emperor materials this time. These materials cost him 10 trillion. These materials were much more expensive than Quong Po’s Thousand Flying Knives.

The C-tier materials that he added earlier was just an attempt in building a sturdy foundation on the Verdant Emperor Saber so that it could absorb better materials later.

As expected, the saber fused well with the new materials. It was now emitting a stronger presence than it did before.

Finally, Qin Feng put in the three materials that were as valuable as S-tier ones.

By using his conscious energy, Qin Feng was able to fuse Myriatonnium, the Stygian Crystal of Inferno and Grand-ripple Metal into his Verdant Emperor Saber. In a few minutes, the saber started to morph—a shade of violet started to form on its blade before combusting into a dark flame. The flame that was burning on the saber was now much more focused and stable compared to the wildfire that burned on its earlier incarnation.


Qin Feng pinched his conscious energy and pulled the Verdant Emperor Saber out of the Magical Tesseract. As he grabbed the hilt of the saber, a loud buzz of vibration could be heard!

As Qin Feng held the saber’s hilt, he could feel just how heavy it had now become. Yet, due to the saber that was still partly inside the Magical Tesseract, Qin Feng felt as though the saber was part of his own limbs.

“This is so insanely strong!”

Even Qin Feng felt that he should not unsheathe this weapon whenever he was in a fight with another human being.

Because whenever he slashed it onto an enemy, it would definitely end his life in an instant!

“Still, whenever I use the Magical Tesseract to make other stuff, they all look greyish. Yet, the Verdant Emperor Saber looks more and more unique each time I improve it using the tesseract. I guess this saber is indeed special.” Qin Feng shrugged.

He took out his communicator and made a call to Liu Zhenshan.

“Uncle Liu, I need you to forge a new saber for me. You can come and retrieve the materials from me.”

Liu Zhenshan was confused when he heard that. “Sir, what kind of weapon would you like to wield?”

Liu Zhenshan knew that Qin Feng had the Verdant Emperor Saber with him. He was the one who fused the saber with Star Steel back then.

“I need you to forge a saber with the leg of a C-tier insectoid emperor I have here. You may forge it anyway you like… just treat it like a casual practice would do.”

Liu Zhenshan almost fainted when he heard that. C-tier insectoid emperor? Casual?

Liu Zhenshan realized again that Qin Feng was not just some “rich dude”. He was more than that! Qin Feng was not worried about wasting the materials he had. After all, he had twenty eight dead insectoid emperors in his vault. He would not care if he wasted just one leg of these insectoid emperors.

As Liu Zhenshan was forging the weapon, Qin Feng did not go back to training. The Fengli Organization was on a stable, rapid growth. And Qin Feng did not need to manage them himself too. However, Qin Feng was not just the president of the Fengli Organization—he was the Governor of the North Sea State!

The responsibility of this title was different from being a president of an organization. Besides, Qin Feng did not actually govern the state as he should have before too. Thus, it was high time that he fulfilled his responsibility to the state now.

Qin Feng called the state’s city mayors for a meeting. These people arrived at Fengli City at night.


In a huge meeting room, several people with D-tier badges were lining up. These were all mayors and generals of various cities in the North Sea State.

Amongst these people, Qin Feng knew a few of them—like, the mayor of Niumeng City, Meng Lin, and the vice-mayor of Qihan City, Han Yuanzhen.

However, this time, Qin Feng was not the underling anymore. Now, it was Meng Lin and Han Yuanzhen’s turn to look up to him, treating him as a superior.

“Why did the governor call us in? Have you guys heard any insider news?”

“No. I heard that the governor just came back from the battlefield. This is true. I’ve heard it from inside the Fengli Organization.”

“Hey, is that rumor true? Did he slay twenty eight waves of insectoids over there? And he earned a million points from that? I thought that was just a bluff!”

“He’s a C-tier. So, it’s natural that he’s insanely powerful. In fact, I’ve never actually seen anyone as powerful as him!”

“Compared to the ones working in the Fengli Organization, we’re like orphans!”

“Sigh. We’re old now. They would not accept us if we apply to join in their ranks now.”

People in the room started to chatter among themselves.

Qin Feng owned the Fengli Organization. Thus, it was natural for him to train and mold powerful champions. However, Meng Lin and the others were part of the Human Alliance—even though they belonged to the same faction, their salaries were not paid by Qin Feng.

In fact, if Qin Feng wanted, he could even strip them all off their powers and replace them with his underlings in his organization.

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