Master of the End Times

Chapter 627 - The Balls that Squeezed Through Dimensional Rifts


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Everyone went straight to work after receiving orders from Qin Feng.

The things that Qin Feng wanted done would usually require them half a year to complete. However, Qin Feng was a person who liked to keep things going and hated just sitting there and waiting for things to happen. Despite him not usually being stationed in Fengli, Qin Feng immediately brought a D-tier ground type ability user with him in the Fengli Dweller and went straight to the spot he wanted to start a settlement in the very next day.

This place was one of the outskirts with a lot of ultra beasts lurking around. It would usually take some time to clear them all out.

However, Qin Feng was not some schmuck.

When he was in the Dusan Basin, Qin Feng was able to sweep all those insectoids like it was nothing. In this area, the strongest ultra beasts were of E5-tier. Most of the ultra beasts here were just F-tiers.

How could they take on Qin Feng? How could they withstand his attacks?

After several waves of flames, Qin Feng was able to clean out an area to begin the construction of the new city—including a huge area designated for farming. Many of the attacks Qin Feng unleashed included magma attacks, which then turned the soil in the area into a mineral-rich one that was vibrant enough for farming.

Then, he asked the D-tier ground type ability user to bulldoze the terrain in the area so that it was flat enough for city building.

As these two got to working, the others in the four cities too were working their asses off. They kept gathering funds, manpower and surveying the population in rural areas, etc.

In this age and era, due to a lack of tragedies happening now, there were a lot of people waiting for this opportunity—that someone of privilege and authority would give them monetary opportunities and a chance to live within the safety of a city.

In less than half a month, the city was built.

The roads were spread across the city like a web, connecting to the closest city in the area—Qin City. There were countless people moving in and out of the city, filling the city with vibrancy of life.

Atop of the city was a machine that allowed manipulation of dimension and three huge aircrafts. The city was equipped with the best technology and defenses, making it basically a stronghold.

Standing on a watchtower in the middle of the city, Qin Feng scanned around at the western side of the city. From time to time, he kept looking at the time displayed on his communicator.

Thankfully, no one noticed that he was acting strange. Bai Li, clad in her dress that was made with Blight Butterfly wings, was hanging out next to him playing with her toy.

Suddenly, a sharp signal could be heard from the dimensional device in the sky!

Beep Beep Beep Beep!!!

Qin Feng’s communicator too was sounding the signal as a loud, calm announcement could be heard from the hundreds of speakers in the city.

“Warning. Warning. A Dimensional Rift has been detected within the radius of 30 kilometers!”

Thirty kilometers. That was really close to the city.

It was quite usual for a city to install a dimensional device to stabilize the area while building a circle of watchtowers within twenty kilometers in radius from the center of the city. If it was thirty meters, it was like a half an hour drive in an ordinary car from here.

However, if it was a hover car, they could reach there in ten minutes at full speed.

Witnessing a Dimensional Rift opening up so close to them, the citizens felt as though the world was coming to an end.

Meanwhile, the aptitude users in the city were surprised when they heard this.

“Quick! Send out the drones to scout the area!”

“We won’t make it. It’s just twenty kilometers. Just use the long-distance scanning!”

“Well? What are we waiting for! Start the scan!”

Bai Li stood up and approached Qin Feng. “So, is this the one you’re waiting for?”

Bai Li was no kid no more. Her cognitive abilities were now the same as any usual human being. In fact, with all those memories embedded and passed down to her via her DNA, she might actually be more knowledgeable and experienced than a reborn warrior like Qin Feng.

She had always known that Qin Feng had some kind of ability to “see the future”. To her, this was nothing unusual—the universe was a vast weird place. There were many other creatures with the ability to see the future—predicting a disaster weeks before a human’s machine could detect it.

“Let’s go and take a look. It must be a hell of a sight there.”

“Alright, let’s go!”

Bai Li activated her conscious energy and enveloped them in her silver dimensional runes before teleporting them to their destination in a burst of silver ray!

Her ability to transport herself and others via her dimensional powers had now grown so much that she could teleport anything to as far as five thousand meters!

This meant that she could reach the Dimensional Rift in just four jumps in the dimensional tunnel.

When the whole city was watching from afar anxiously, Qin Feng and Bai Li had reached the rift in the span of ten seconds.

In front of them was a huge, round hole appearing in mid-air.

Not only that, there was already a sphere-like object squeezing its way half-way into this side of the dimension when they got there.

The thing looked like a fiery ball.

Bai Li looked at the huge hole in the air and recognized that it was the result of a forced attempt at tearing a huge hole in the dimension on the other side.

“Should I seal it up?” Bai Li asked.

Right now, she was powerful enough to completely seal up this rift.

“No. I’m waiting for them to come!”

As Qin Feng was talking, the huge fiery ball had already gotten through and was about to enter this world.

The fiery ball was huge, about forty-meter in diameter! The thing was dropping straight toward the ground from five hundred meters above! It was horrifying to look at!


In the blink of an eye, the fiery ball had landed and sent out a massive shockwave. However, there was no tremor felt from its landing!

Standing on a high ground, Qin Feng could see that the split second before the ball reached the ground, it exploded and covered the ground in flames! Then, several hundred humanoids, in kneeling position, stood up from the fire. Their skin was crimson red with countless fiery cracks, like that of magma. One needed not to stand near these humanoids to see that there were flames burning on these small cracks on their skins. It was quite clear that these humanoids’ body temperature was hot.

It felt like he was looking at a group of self-immolated fiery people.

In fact, these “fiery people” were much larger than an average human being—they were about four meters tall, with sturdy solid muscles!

They were the Cinderclast Golems!

There were several hundreds of Cinderclast Golems standing down there. The weakest golem was a C8-tier. Some of the bigger ones were B-tier.

Everyone in the city, including Zhou Hao and his friends, took in a breath of horror when they saw these horrifying creatures.

“Scan their energy levels, quick!”

“What are their tiers?”

“The strongest one is B1-tier!”


“What should we do? Should we evacuate?”

Everyone was panicking.

B1-tier. That was a foe that they had never dared to take on.

However, as everyone’s attention was fixated on these Cinderclast Golems, the sky started to crack again!


Everyone could hear a loud crack, as though something huge had been broken. The people in the city moved their scanners to look at the direction it came from. Qin Feng and Bai Li too raised their heads to look at it.

Another huge fiery ball was appearing mid-air, just like the one before.

Not only that, the entire sky appeared as if it was going to crash down. There was no more familiar blue sky anymore. Instead, there were only silver rays everywhere as the huge, black dimensional rift was pushing out another fiery ball. And then another… and another…

In an instant, there were eight fiery balls in the sky.

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