Master of the End Times

Chapter 629 - The Floor is Lava

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A massive fiery ball, followed by seven or so smaller fiery balls were sent toward Qin Feng.

“Start retreating!”

Qin Feng said before channeling his internal force and blocking the incoming fiery balls.


The fiery balls might have seemed like a standard fiery ball attack, but he realized that it was actually a ball of magma and carried with it a massive force. Even if Qin Feng was prepared for the attack, he still let out a gasp when he tried to stabilize himself.

If any ordinary ancient warrior were to meet these creatures, they would have stood no chance against such force.

These golem might not be very smart and were not very fast, but their power in battle was nothing to make light about.

The moment the fire attack hit him, even though it did not do any damage to his body, it also splashed onto the ground around him and turned the floor into lava.

Soon after, several fiery balls that missed their mark plopped onto the ground nearby and turned into more pools of magma.


The Cinderclast Golem let out a roar as even the C-tier ones who were missing their legs began to advance with full force.

Qin Feng did not hesitate and sped toward the monsters, slashing off one of their heads.

Only then did the huge body finally stop moving, and melted into a puddle of magma.

The Cinderclast Golem beside the defeated one immediately submerged itself into the magma and in the next moment it instantly transformed into a fiery giant. Its body reached up to three meters tall and burned with intense flames. Its fearsome visage twisted into a snarl as the giant plunged its hands toward Qin Feng.

The giant’s hands had an incredible reach and expelled fire all around it, completely shrouding Qin Feng’s body.

His internal force was getting eaten away.

This was the moment that the Cinderclast Golem proved itself to be a dangerous opponent.

Qin Feng smirked and suddenly dispelled the internal force around his body, and all of a sudden another gout of flame burst forth.

He too was a fire user.

“Flaming Cloak!”

A layer of flame wrapped itself around his body, merging with other fire runes and increasing his fire resistance.

He stepped onto the lava and with a sudden surge of internal force, his golden blade pierced through the skull of the large Cinderclast Golem!


The Cinderclast Golem immediately collapsed to the ground, its body melting away into lava and adding more of it to the ground.

Soon after, three more golems rolled into the magma before instantly becoming more powerful.

They surrounded him in a triangular formation.

For anyone else, this would have been an incredibly dangerous situation.

However, Qin Feng did not try to hide and instead also burst into flames.

“Fire Dragon Style!”


An inferno blazed and wrapped around the three Cinderclast Golems!

The golems were naturally not afraid of fire, but they did not have the strength to resist the fire dragon.

The fire dragon spun in a circle, wrapping its body around the golems and restricting their movement before tightening its loop, sending the three Cinderclast Golems careening toward Qin Feng.

His blade flickered through the air.


Three heads dropped into the lava.

The magma pool began to expand even more, and even covered the remaining six golems.

It was at this moment, something even more terrifying happened.

Anyone with this inferno surrounding them would have already been burnt to a crisp.

However, this inferno was also Qin Feng’s weapon.

“Magma Pillar!”

Bang bang bang bang!

The Magma Pillars erupted and by conglomerating the flame runes he sent these Cinderclast Golems flying up into the air.

Even though the move seemed simple, the use of consciousness along with the ability of rune manipulation was not an easy task.

Not only that, this was supposed to be the Cinderclast Golems’ preferred combat environment!

“Fiery Rampage!”


A cold glint of light shone as another Cinderclast Golem was beheaded!


Qin Feng spun through the air, bouncing from the bodies as he swung for the kill with his golden runeblade.

It was as if he was a well placed cannon shot, none of the golems managed to survive before dropping to the ground.

At that point, the magma on the ground had already spread up to a hundred meters.


The B1 Cinderclast Golem let out a roar, its body beginning to grow.

Originally he was the tallest among the group of golem, but with the empowerment of the lava he grew up to twenty meters tall.

The golem raised up its hands and slammed them down, splashing the magma forward and causing it to move like a tidal wave.

If that wave of lava were to wash over anything, it definitely would not be good!

Qin Feng’s eyes glinted, this kind of new ability was something he had never used before. This was pretty much the next level of the Magma ability!

However, this was not the time to be thinking of such things.

A pair of blue flaming peacock wings sprouted from his back and carried him aloft, avoiding this incoming wave.

“Magma Pillar!”


A huge bang sounded but the Cinderclast Golem was too big, meaning that the Magma Pillar move was not enough to knock it up into the air.


The Cinderclast Golem had its own moves. As soon as it raised its hands, a burst of magma rocketed toward Qin Feng at a high speed.

He quickly formed a flame shield with his hand to deter the blow.

Both sides were trying to push forward only to get pushed back.

These Cinderclast Golems were stubborn ones!

When compared to something like the insectoids, the insectoids seemed harmless and adorable. For Qin Feng, killing them was like slaughtering chicken. These golems on the other hand were difficult things to get rid of.

It was at this moment, Bai Li who had retreated a hundred meters away could not stand it any longer!

It had been ten minutes since the beginning of the two’s battle. It was considered a long time for Qin Feng, who liked his battles to be over quickly.

As such, Bai Li found this unacceptable.

In that instant, a black spatial rift appeared near the Cinderclast Golem’s neck. He had been focusing on Qin Feng and did not expect anyone else to join the fight. It had been chasing Qin Feng down through the lava with considerable speed compared to its slow movement before its transformation.

However, with how fast it was moving, it might as well have deliberately run its head into a blade.


The Cinderclast Golem burst past the rift and his head slid off his shoulders!


The massive head crashed into the lava, sending up another crimson wave before sinking down into it. Then the huge body began to sink down into the bubbling lava as well, joining its head.

By this time, the magma had reached up to three hundred meters. Enough to cover up a plaza!

Not only that, this magma pool had been gradually releasing fire runes, slowly cooling down at the edges. These fires were red hot and added to the searing heat of Qin Feng’s own fire, compared to the previous fire runes he absorbed before.

“Ability, Absorb!”

His ability core began to spin rapidly.

Afterward, the magma seemed to have accelerated in its cooling speed as streams of red energy flowed toward Qin Feng’s body and embedded themselves in his ability core.

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