Master of the End Times

Chapter 630 - High Profit Turnout

Qin Feng consumed all of the runes in the blink of an eye, leaving behind orange soil on the ground.

Lying among the soil were several bright red crystals.

These were crystals left behind after the Cinderclast Golems were destroyed and due to the fact that these beasts all died in the lava their energies merged together and left behind crystals that were about the same size as each other. There were about thirty of them in total.

These crystals were the equivalent to a crystal core of a C1 tier fire type beast king and were worth about 30 billion each.

How was this scary?

How many golems were still out there? At least tens of thousands and they would all net 300 trillion.

Qin Feng had been busy in the last month, bravely facing death as he destroyed twenty eight insectoid hives. The spoils of war combined with the rewards he gained were about the same amount.

For other people, getting rid of an insectoid hive was too difficult but killing a Cinderclast Golem was easy enough.

Not only that, the Cinder Pines that these beings were making infinitely increased the number of these golems.

They were simply cash cows.

Before his rebirth, the North Sea state became an area frequented by high-tier aptitude users because of this. This place was originally occupied by an ancient warrior family who first appeared near the Water Tower before countless B-tier bosses appeared and wanted a piece of the pie. Following that were the Dark Coalition’s people who also began to appear in the area.

After killing the golems and people dying in the process, the area became a massive magma field.

Even after all the Golems had been wiped out it did not matter, the humans opened up a spatial rift right into their realm.

Perhaps it was not because humans did not have the ability to fight, it was because they only fought to gain more profit.

From what he understood, the most successful attempts of humans invading other realms were those who had ample access to spatial passages. Those were usually B-tier bosses of large organizations.

What Qin Feng had to do now was control this spatial rift and be the one to reap the benefits.

It was going to be bad news for the rest, because the moment Qin Feng got his hand on this resource there was no possible way that he would be willing to share it!

Besides that, it was clear that the Golems were not very intelligent. As Qin Feng continued to hunt down the ones in his area until it was dusk, the main group never even sent one to go and investigate.

For the Cinderclast Golems, even if they died they would turn into lava and allow those who were at least C1 tier beast kings to be able to consume the magma and become even stronger.

As such, they did not fear death.

Moreover, the Cinder Pines they made could spawn more golems.

Qin Feng looked into the distance and activated his communicator to contact the administration hall of the new city.

When his image appeared on the big screen, many high ranking officials were awaiting his command.

“Start up an aircraft and prepare a large number of freezing missiles. Restrict their movement and surround this intelligent species!”

Upon hearing Qin Feng’s words, everyone became more alert!


“We’ll move now!”

“Move it, let’s exterminate these things!”

“Where are the warehouse people? Go get the special cryomissles!”

A large number of people began to mobilize to board the aircraft and approached Qin Feng’s position.

Meanwhile, he took a helmet out from his spatial rune equipment and put it on.

The Sacred Armor was complete!

“Maybe we can go even faster like this!”

He wrapped his arm around Bai Li’s waist and leapt forward.

The Sacred Armor unleashed its full force, causing Qin Feng to move so fast that he reached the Cinderclast Golems’ territory in the blink of an eye.

Thirty meters away, he could see the shape of several golems moving about in the woods.

They uprooted a big tree and lumbered away with it, planning on making the Cinder Pine even bigger.

Qin Feng raised a hand and shot out a beam of light, transforming his internal force into pure energy.


This beam of light instantly pierced through the head of one of the golems.


The golem immediately collapsed and turned the floor around it into lava.

At this moment, there were more than twenty golems in the area that immediately turned their attention onto Qin Feng. Their eyes lit up and all came at him with fang and claw.

“Raaagh! Raaagh!”

They continued to roar as they made their slow advance and eventually stumbled through the lava pool, violently transforming into a different beast.

Qin Feng did not need to experiment this time, that would be too much of a hassle.


He unleashed beams of light from his hands and fired all around him.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

Several of the empowered Cinderclast Golems suddenly had a hole blown through their heads.

This caused more magma to spread to the surrounding area, forming into a huge magma pool that more Cinderclast Golems hopped into.


Qin Feng did not try to dodge as the Sacred Armor’s energy floated into the air above him and unleashed a constant volley of attacks on these Golems.

It was an endless slaughter!

By then, three aircrafts had already arrived on scene!

They had detected this scene from their scanners earlier and even saw Qin Feng’s battle. They had already put their blind trust in Qin Feng’s strength.

This crisis did not seem to be that big of a deal.

However, when they truly arrived at the site many of the lower level aptitude users felt sick from the Cinderclast Golems’ aura and lost a huge portion of their control. Guo Guan had to pull back several kilometers before they were at a safe distance.

Qin Feng sounded his orders again.

“Fire immediately, aim for the magma pools!”

Inside the aircraft, Guo Guan relayed the order through the aircraft.

Outside the aircraft, black holes began to appear underneath.

The low level aptitude users loaded the shells, managed the cannon’s alignment and locked onto their targets.


Swish swish swish swish!

More than a dozen missiles were launched.

There was already a huge patch of magma behind Qin Feng. The moment these missiles hit the lava, it caused massive blooms of ice to erupt from the explosion and covered up to ten plus meters but the ice soon became mist and evaporated!

After all, this magma pool was incredibly hot.

With the application of the cryomissles, the lava began to cool rapidly and Bai Li swept across the scene with her consciousness to sweep up the fire crystal cores with her space.

The people on the aircraft could see all of this, but they were not able to detect more due to their distance. Whatever Bai Li picked up were definitely valuable objects.

Qin Feng did not rush toward the Cinder Pine, instead he rounded the perimeter and took out as many Cinderclast Golems as he could find. Within a few hours he had already hunted down more than five hundred of them.

However, during this period of time more wood, stones and even ultra beasts had been added to the Cinder Pine.

The tree was getting bigger and bigger. It had reached up to be more than eighty meters tall. In this wilderness, it soon reached the clouds. Of course, with how intensely the fire burned it would have instantly evaporated all the surrounding clouds close to it. There was no way moisture would exist near such intense heat.

As the tree continued to grow, more and more Cinderclast Golems were born.

It could be said that what Qin Feng had hunted down in a few hours did not compare to the sheer amount that the tree continued to produce.

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