Master of the End Times

Chapter 631 - Hou Family’s Decision

The Cinderclast Golems’ territory was getting larger and larger.

When that Cinder Pine had reached about one hundred meters tall, it looked like it was large enough to blot out the Sun.

Upon calculating this, a bad feeling began to seep into people’s hearts.

Of course, only Qin Feng looked relaxed and not at all anxious.

Everything was still under control.

“Pull back the aircraft and swap the crew, bring in another group of people!” Qin Feng ordered.

“Of course!” Guo Guan looked at those who managed to resist the pressure pushed on them by the ultra beasts’ aura. They had been fighting for six hours and looked like they were about to collapse. Naturally he was ready to set off and return.

Due to having prior experience, the next captain would be Wang Chen and he brought along with him E-tier aptitude users.

Following that were other D-tier aptitude users who were ready for action, and the most indispensable thing in the Fengli Organization were definitely gunners!

Qin Feng had been fighting all the time. He was a resolute leader with a series of unyielding troops.

Through this tactic, after three days, Qin Feng had hunted down and killed up to seven thousand or so Cinderclast Golems.

However, the Cinderclast Golems’ territory continued to expand. The surrounding land around the Cinder Pine was originally flat land, but as its surroundings were constantly getting emptied out, not even soil was left untouched. The bit of flat land shifted to a small hill then became like a mountain.

Everywhere else was completely bare!

The Cinderclast Golems had spread their activities up to five kilometers away.

“Qin Feng, you don’t need to fight like this. You can still ask people for help, if we’re the only ones we can’t take down those golems!” Zhou Hao said with a hint of worry in his voice over the communicator.

Qin Feng smirked and said, “I haven’t given it my best yet. I’m just keeping things under control. You want to know why for these past few days I haven’t revealed the Cinderclast Golems’ crystal cores to you guys?”

Zhou Hao obviously did not understand.

“I don’t know! No matter how good something is, staying alive is also important. Don’t overexert yourself!”

Qin Feng said, “It’s almost the equivalent of a C1-tier fire-type beast king, it’s worth about 30 billion…”

“30 billion, even if it’s 50 billion…Eh? Wait, what did you just say? I think my ears are hallucinating!”

Qin Feng smiled and continued, “Every C-tier Cinderclast Golem drops that kind of crystal core. The B-tier ones drop ones that are ten times or even twenty times larger. You can calculate how much I’ve earned these past few days.”

Zhou Hao felt like his mind was short circuiting as he tried to envision the numbers, which only just flooded his vision. Not only that, when he tried to convert that number into power credits he felt as if he was floating through an ocean made out of it.

He had a share in the Fengli Organization and the money he received from it was a terrifying amount, something that was impossible for a D-tier to own. That amount was only one out of a thousand of what Qin Feng earned.

“I need to sit down for a minute, I seem to have been completely blinded by money!” Zhou Hao felt like his mind was spinning at a hundred kilometers per hour.

“You should get some rest and try to calm down the residents of the new city. Xue Xingfu can’t come so all that is in your hands. You’ve been busy for a long time, so don’t worry about me!”

“…Okay, what the heck, now I see why you’ve been working so hard because it’s worth it!”

“Haha, of course it’s worth it! This is big money!”

Qin Feng was not tired at all. Every time he killed a golem, he gained back the energy to replenish his body and what he consumed added to the power of the Sacred Armor. He did not suffer much damage to his own body.

What was more, it was common for him to be unsightly for long periods of time before his rebirth. The last time he went to Dusan was not as ostentatious as it was now. Of course, nowadays his performance far surpassed people’s expectations!

As for now, Qin Feng had not unleashed his full strength just yet. He was managing it and waiting for something.

People did not fight because they wanted to save the world, what Qin Feng was doing might be considered unethical by all means but aptitude users were prone to taking on what the world threw at them as well as each other. It was not too different from that!

He continued his hunt for four more days. All of the original Cinderclast Golems that popped out from the sky had been killed off. The ones remaining were the new ones, hardly over two meters tall. They had not started growing yet.

By this time, the spatial crack invasion had been going on for so long that other people had caught wind of it.

The first ones to know were naturally the ancient warrior families.

After all, these families were the streetwise locals at best and local tyrants at worst. With their direct lineage combined, they numbered about a few hundred people in total. These three ancient warrior families also had other disciples that depended on them and even then their subordinates were no more than organizations created by C-tier aptitude users.

With the existence of these people who had come to experience what the new city had to offer, how could they not have discovered the crisis here?

Within the Hou family headquarters, a meeting was taking place. The head elder of the Hou Family, a C-tier aptitude user known as Hou Ming had returned to the North Sea state.

“Great elder, what I say is true. If they aren’t good things then why would Qin Feng go out there and fight on for seven days in a row? Without taking breaks even?”

“This is indeed a strange situation. It’s a pity that all the people we’ve planted in the new city aren’t very powerful and can’t go out at all. However, from what they’ve seen, the aircrafts flying over the city, the eight hour rounds and how they’re all equipped with freezing missiles, missles that cost up to 20 billion each! If there wasn’t any profit, why would Qin Feng invest so much?”

“Yeah, Qin Feng must have grabbed some kind of resource!”

“We can’t let him enjoy it alone and let him expand even further, what with him hovering over our heads all the time.”

Everyone had something to say, and plenty of it was laced with resentment, envy and frustration.

The relationship between the Hou family and Qin Feng was not very good. In addition, when he took over the North Sea state he even started asking the ancient warrior families to pay taxes and that shocked Hou Ming.

He also remained silent about Qin Feng’s power. He understood that Qin Feng was an iron wall that they could not afford to take on!

However, wanting everyone in the family to pay taxes was like tearing a chunk of flesh out of Hou Ming.

Now that Qin Feng looked like he was gaining some benefits again, as the sensitive party in this relationship, the Hou family did not want Qin Feng to have it easy. If the other party had benefits, it was natural to share with the rest.

“I’ll investigate this later, maybe we can discuss this with the Tieh family!” Hou Ming said.

The eyes of everyone in the room lit up, they were all only D-tier and they would never receive news from the front line. In their opinion, Qin Feng was only C-tier and their elder was a C-tier, and had been one longer than Qin Feng had been alive. Surely that would mean that Qin Feng was no match against their elder.

They had wanted to teach Qin Feng a lesson for a long time. It would be best if their elder got rid of him, after that would the North Sea state not be an easier place for them to continue living in?

Hou Ming knew what these people were thinking of but could not bring themselves to say, he then asked Hou Yangjiao and seven other D-tier aptitude users to prepare to head out.

Meanwhile, the Tieh family and the Yang family were also discussing this matter.

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