Master of the End Times

Chapter 632 - Scheme and Be Schemed

Tieh Yuanjiu, a C-tier aptitude user of the Tieh family, was also contemplating. Below him, the D-tier elders of the family were anticipating his decision.

“Chief, why are you still hesitating? Since the predecessor of the Hou’s family has invited us, why don’t we go and have a look?”

“That’s right. This could be a fate-changing opportunity!”

“If we allow Qin Feng to keep growing, our family would eventually have a difficult time in the future too!”

“Whatever it is, we won’t simply rock the boat.”

“Sigh! The North Sea used to be our turf. Since when have we become such a coward? How are we going to prosper here if this goes on?”

The elders were divided in their opinions. There were two different perspectives. Those younger ones, such as Tieh Lei who befriended Qin Feng, did not wish to go against the governor.

But Qin Feng’s existence had greatly threatened the older folk’s interest. This side favored going and wished to get a share of the cake.

Tieh Yuanjiu spun the iron ball in his hand and finally declared, “Since the Hou family has invited us, let’s go and take a look. If they were to offend Qin Feng, we will just put the blame on them.”

Some nodded approvingly, while others accepted the decision with a heavy heart.


The Yang family was equally bustling at the same time.

Yang Zhoutian had returned to the North Sea. His family hideout resided at Tangshan Mountain, near the foot of the mountain where the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor previously habituated. Though the strongest beasts here are only D-tiers, Yang Zhou would still come home every year in case a beast wave occurred near the mountain areas.

The reason why the Yang family had selected this location was the energy mine they had found here. Though the mine was small, it was filled with ample raw energy accumulated from the atmosphere. As long as they were based here, all the descendants of the Yang family could be nurtured by it.

Thus, they could not afford to lose their headquarters.

Inside the family hall, more than fifty persons had gathered to discuss the matter. The attendees included D-tiers and E-tiers as well.

“The Governor has fought by himself for seven days straight and did not call for backup. I believe he has his own reason. It’s inappropriate for us to barge in right now.”

“The reason is he is trying to hide something valuable from us. We shouldn’t let this chance pass.”

“We have to be very careful though. Our family has been maintaining a good relationship with the governor. We better not screw this up.”

“We are just there to take a look. Take it as us voluntarily helping the governor to get rid of a threat. I believe there’s no reason that he would reject our help.”

“Wait, the Tieh and Hou families seem to have left their base. They are probably going to the governor.”

After they received the news, everyone turned to Yang Zhoutian.

Yang Zhoutian smirked cunningly. “Then, let them do the scouting for us. We will know the good and bad once they reach there. It’s just a matter of a day or two, we won’t lose a lot.”

He made a good point. The others nodded without objection.

Under close surveillance by the Yang family, the Tieh and Hou family had rendezvoused and were headed toward the newly built city together.

A few hours later, they passed through the city and reached the territory of the Cinderclast Golem.

Qin Feng had received the news right when they departed.

From the perspective of the Human Alliance officers in Fengli, Qin Feng already had enough trouble dealing with the golems alone. They felt obliged to inform Qin Feng when they found out that someone was trying to jeopardize his mission.

This time, it was Guo Guan who helped Qin Feng to cool off the lava using the hovercraft.

“President, do we need to restrict their movement when they arrive?” Guo Guan asked.

If it were needed, he would not hesitate to kill them all. To Guo Guan who came from the City of Death, those so-called prestigious ancient warrior families were just a bunch of clowns.

Qin Feng, unexpectedly, smiled and said, “Restrict them? Come on, they are here to help!”

Guo Guan looked at Qin Feng oddly. Things were not as simple as it seemed.

However, he did not ask another question and followed Qin Feng’s order and did not take any further action. Besides, the territory of the Cinderclast Golem was rather huge. The two families would not be so ignorant to show up in front of Qin Feng’s face.

They had purposely steered clear from Qin Feng and his hovercraft. Not even that but they also tried to conceal their presence with consciousness shields and dark runes.

These tricks were not able to escape Qin Feng’s eyes.

He gave it a glance and ignored them. Instead, he told Guo Guan, “Alright, we have been busy for a few days now. Though we failed to control the number, at least there are no more B-tier Cinderclast Golems around. C-tiers have reduced a lot, too.”

As for those two-meter-tall golems, though they were indeed stronger as compared to when they were just born, they were only at D5-tier at the moment.

Guo Guan was again surprised by Qin Feng’s decision. And again, he carried out the order and drove the hovercraft back.

The Hou family was monitoring Qin Feng closely. They were puzzled when they saw Qin Feng’s aircraft leave the scene.

“Predecessor, Qin Feng is leaving!”

“Eh?” Hou Ming was a little surprised.

“He has been battling for seven days, after all. He probably knows we are here and decided to pass the baton to us,” Tieh Yuanjiu guessed.

“I guess so…” Hou Ming could not think of any other explanation.

“We shouldn’t slow down then. Let’s not betray Governor Qin’s trust!”

“Hahaha, yea!”

Actually, both of them had the same thought.

‘Let’s see what treasure he is trying to hide from us!’

They were both powerful aptitude users. But the golems roaming at the perimeter were all C-tiers. The D-tiers could only be found further in. To be safe, they ordered a gunner to lure a Cinderclast Golem over.


A golem stomped toward them sluggishly.

Everyone was staying on high alert. Hou Ming was the first to attack, launching the two-meter-long stick in his hand.

“Shadowless Quell!”

The long stick turned into one after another afterimage. His internal strength dispersed following the circling motion and whirled like a blender.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The stick hit on the golem and raised sparks. Stones were seen falling off from the golem’s shoulder thumped by the stick.

“Roar!” The golem stared at Hou Ming furiously and slapped his giant hand down on Hou Ming. The latter tried to block with his stick but was instead sent flying back. His internal energy shield hummed piercingly under the impact.

“Ironcleave Palm!”

Out of nowhere, a dark giant palm came down and landed on the golem. The palm then proceeded to grip the golem firmly in place.

The other aptitude users quickly followed up and assaulted the golem with their respective melee weapons. The gunners also opened fire from a distance using D-tier frost bullets.

Soon, the golem was unable to withstand the bombardment and faltered. A D-tier landed the finishing blow by cutting off its head.

Unexpectedly, the dead golem immediately exploded the next moment.

Those near the golem were impacted by the explosion and blasted to the ground, which had promptly turned into a lava pool.

“Argh!! Argh!! Argh!!”

Painful shrieks were heard non-stop.

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