Master of the End Times

Chapter 634 - We Can’t Stop Someone Else’s Death Wish

The lava waved forward rapidly and instantly submerged more than ten users.

The temperature of the lava was extremely high. Most of the drowned users were ancient warriors, who tried to resist the lava with internal energy shields. However, the shields lasted only less than a second and collapsed. The scorching lava soon ran over their face and body.

Runic equipment on them was being burned away rapidly and lethally exposed their bare skins.


The users shrieked in horror but the shouting vanished rapidly. This was because the lava had gushed into their throats.


One after another user was charred by the lava and fell to their deaths.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten aptitude users were killed, including the Hou family’s chief Hou Yangjiao, and the Tieh family’s Tieh Lei.

Those who escaped were gunners that attacked from long range.

However, the giant golem did not plan on letting them go. It raised its hand and a giant fireball abruptly zoomed toward the gunners.

“Argh! I don’t want to die!”

The gunners fired at the fireball while retreating desperately. They had completely forgotten about their predecessor and chief that were still trapped underneath the lava pool.


The fireball exploded and rocks in it dispersed everywhere. Three gunners were hit and immediately sustained serious injuries.

“Save… save me!”

Unfortunately, another fireball landed, exploded, and sank the three persons.

The C-tier Cinderclast Golem was not something they could handle.


At the pool where Hou Ming and Tieh Yuanjiu were initially drowned, two figures emerged in terrible shape.

They still had some tricks up their sleeves to stay alive in such a dire situation. Even so, they were both heavily injured as well.

Dreadfully, the golem had finished dealing with the flies and was turning back to finish off the two main dishes.


The Cinderclast Golem once again extended its arms and grabbed on the two C-tiers’ heads.


Their necks were snapped with little resistance. Their death was certain this time.

The pillars of the two largest ancient warrior families in the North Sea had fallen gracelessly in the hand of the golem.

In the end, the crusade that arrived mightily was left with only two escaping gunners.

The Cinderclast Golem did not stop there. It opened its maw and began to swallow the fire runes within the lava. The rate of its absorption was even faster than Qin Feng’s ability.

The two cores from the smaller golems were consumed by the giant golem in the end.

In that short span, the giant golem evolved from C6 to C7-tier. Not only that but more than ten corpses appeared on the ground after the lava was gone. Miraculously, the bodies were not melted but were instead wrapped around by a layer of rock.

The golem opened its hand and leashed out a fiery chain. The chain fastened the bodies up and the golem put the “package” on its back. It then paced slowly back to where he came from.

It finally reached the Cinder Pine after a twenty-minute walk. The golem stacked the bodies right beside the tree trunk. It did not take long for the bodies to catch fire and burn brightly.

Intriguingly, a mysterious force began to merge with the giant Cinderclast Golem.


The giant golem growled intensely. Its power skipped a few levels and directly reached B-tier.

Furthermore, more than ten fruits were dropped from the Cinder Pine and transformed into mini golems.

The sacrifice of other intelligent species seemed to accelerate the growth of the golem’s offspring.

Such an evil ritual was captured by the drone and transmitted to Qin Feng’s communicator.

Even some higher-ups had seen the process too.

They all gasped in shock.

“Qin Feng, should we intercept the two D-tiers that had escaped? More people would come rushing once they hear the news!” Zhou Hao said.

The others could not tell what the egg-sized crystal cores were from such a far distance. But judging by the excited looks on Hou Ming and Tieh Yuanjiu, anyone would understand it had to be something valuable. If the two D-tiers spread the news once they got out of here, a lot of desperados or valiant users would swarm this place in no time.

Qin Feng replied expressionlessly, “Let them go. Why should we stop someone else’s death wish? The more the merrier. It just means more fertilizer for the tree.”


They immediately thought about the scene where the golem sacrificed the human to the Cinder Pine.

Did Qin Feng intend to use the aptitude users to nurture more Cinderlast Golems?

What a terrible and inhuman thought!

On the surface, Qin Feng mostly appeared as a gentle leader that often opted for a more lenient approach. Now only did they realize that Qin Feng had a dark side that they had never discovered before.

Qin Feng could not care less about what they thought of him. He continued, “I will name this city after Cinderclast from today onward.”

There was no objection raised.

“I will go to rest now. Wake me up if anything happens.” Qin Feng promptly left with Bai Li.

“Yes, Governor!”

“I will see you out.”

“Have a good rest!”

The rest nodded and said nothing. But after Qin Feng had left, discussions buzzed up once again inside the aircraft. Out of sympathy, they paid close attention to the news the whole time.

The Hou and Tieh families were naturally the first rocked by the news. The two C-tiers were one of the few remaining top-class users in the family. They now only had two to three C-tiers guarding their base.

They were in full panic mode.

“Qin Feng did this on purpose. He didn’t warn us even though he knew how dangerous that place is. He even left the scene when our troops arrived. What a heartless man!”

“That’s true. He has long wanted to rid us from the North Sea.”

“We cannot let him get away with this.”

“Put the news up on the battle net. The price of a C1-tier fire-type beast king core is going to send the world into a frenzy.”

They thought that this was the best way to handicap Qin Feng so they spread the news while ignoring the consequences. The news soon broke out and caught a lot of peoples’ attention.

Those inside the Cinderclast City who was still awake had apparently received the update too.

Some were compassionate enough to issue a warning about the enormous dangers of this place. They kind-heartedly warned the users not to rush over recklessly unless they were a B-tier.

However, their warnings were largely ignored. Worse still, their kind warning was being chastised.

“These people are from the North Sea. Is the governor there trying to monopolize the resource?”

“When will humans ever improve collectively when everyone is trying to hide the good stuff?! Do you know how many people would be saved when all users evolve together? This is no different from murdering the human race!”

“F*cking b*tches who only care about self-interest!”

Of course, not everyone was as radical. Some agreed and felt that they should be more cautious dealing with unknown creatures.

But seeing one radical comment out of ten was still pretty infuriating.

“We tried to warn them and this is their response?”

“Our boss is right. Why should we stop them if they seek death?”

“I don’t care anymore. If they want to be fertilizers so badly, so be it!”

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