Master of the End Times

Chapter 635 - C7-tier Conscious Power

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Qin Feng slept for 12 hours straight. Aptitude users generally had better recovery rates than normal people. It had been a while since Qin Feng had slept for this long.

He felt relaxed after the extended rest. More so, he could vaguely sense that his consciousness was breaking through soon.

Without any delay, Qin Feng took out the fire-type crystal core equivalent to that of a C1-tier beast king and gripped it tightly.

“Ability, absorb!”

Instantaneously, the crystal core vanished in Qin Feng’s hand.

To Qin Feng’s surprise, the crystal core also contained the earth-type element. It flowed into Qin Feng’s Diamond Starglobe along with the fire runes.

‘My Absorption Ability has probably evolved after the Hell Stone was destroyed.’

In the past, Qin Feng needed to use the Hell Stone to convert the fire runes first before assimilating them. Now, the conversion ability of the stone seemed to have merged with his Absorption Ability. Or perhaps, this had always been the unique nature of dark ability.

Now, the fire runes could directly enter the Diamond Starglobe without any hindrance.

‘This is great. There’s even an earth-type rune now. I wonder whether I can use other runes this way.’

Qin Feng was enthused.

He took out another ability core. This one was purple in color.

Thunder type!

This element type was the fastest and the most destructive force. It was even faster than the wind type. Qin Feng would benefit greatly if he could master this new ability.

“Ability, absorb!”

The ability core again disintegrated rapidly. Numerous runes flowed into his conscious realm.

However, these runes could not be imprinted onto his starglobe. Instead, the runes were disseminated into the environment.

It had failed.

This meant that Qin Feng had wasted a valuable crystal core. But at least he had successfully upgraded his tier—C7-tier consciousness.

Qin Feng’s consciousness spread out extensively to cover the entire city.

If he molded the consciousness into a thin line, it could even extend up to ten kilometers.

It was at this range that he saw a lot of hovercrafts currently heading toward the Cinder Pine way.

Qin Feng retracted his consciousness. He fell into deep thought after the initial euphoria of breaking through passed.

‘Perhaps this crystal core is a mixed-type? That’s why I obtained an earth-type rune?’

‘I could obtain fire-type runes in the past because Hell Stone comes with mutated fire naturally. Maybe there’s a connection here?’

‘If I want to obtain other abilities, does it mean that I have to find mixed-cores that simultaneously possess fire runes or dark runes with other elements?’

Based on this logic, Qin Feng could probably control all elements one day.

Nevertheless, such dual-type cores were extremely rare. It would usually be mutated spontaneously during development.

But everything was possible in this strange world. Qin Feng vowed to pay closer attention in the future. If anyone could pull this off, it would be Qin Feng.

If he wished only to advance at a normal pace, Qin Feng could easily upgrade now by swallowing a few more crystal cores. But Qin Feng’s ultimate goal was to become Immortal. He was only at emperor tier now but some A-tier beasts could already be a deity.

If that were so, there must be a deity class among humans too.

The more he considered, the more convoluted it became. Qin Feng had never met a beast deity in his previous life.

There were so many things to consider. Way too many!

“Sigh! I should stop thinking about it. Let’s go and check out the situation.”

Qin Feng got up and did not see the little fox around. Something felt odd.

He switched on the communicator and called Bai Li. After Bai Li answered the call, Qin Feng figured that she was currently inside the office.

“Why are you over at the office and not resting?” Qin Feng asked.

“I am not sleepy. Someone is looking for trouble here.” Bai Li rarely felt exhausted. Besides, Qin Feng had frequently asked Bai Li to rest in the aircraft throughout the past week.

Qin Feng furrowed at the second sentence. “What’s the matter? Who is looking for trouble?” Qin Feng said coldly.

Bai Li answered, “Probably from the Dark Coalition. A C-tier was here with some random guys and didn’t pay for their meal. I gave them a good beating and threw them over to the Cinder Pine!”

“Hey, my little fox is unexpectedly capable!” Qin Feng complimented Bai Li with a grin.

Bai Li raised her chin and said, “Of course! They are messing with the wrong person!”

Qin Feng almost laughed out loud but he held it down. “I will be there soon. You help me to take care of things over there first!”

“Okay. I am keeping a close eye over here.” Bai Li nodded with all seriousness.

Inside the hall, everyone was looking at each other helplessly. They asked for Bai Li’s help earlier and she proceeded to kill a C-tier aptitude user with ease.

Within the next twelve hours, more ability users popped up in the city trying to gather intel about the Cinder Pine.

A few hot-tempered users were being rude toward the citizens. Bai Li turned up and instantly beat them down. They needed to know who the boss was around here.

Aptitude users had great responsibility so it was common for them to be arrogant toward commoners. Bai Li’s unconventional act had surprisingly garnered a lot of praise and gratitude.

Hence, Bai Li returned to the office building very much satisfied and waited for another troublemaker to show up in front of the surveillance camera.

After Bai Li flexed her muscles, aptitude users that came to the city started behaving better, especially the D-tiers.

Even Qin Feng had praised her despite not knowing what happened in the city. Bai Li was especially proud of herself.

After hanging up, Qin Feng went to shower and then walked out from the newly built villa. He reached the office of Cinderclast City in less than ten minutes.

Along the way, Qin Feng could see that the city had been set in motion. A lot of people were busy but putting up a bright smile. The life around here seemed to be commendable.

This was owing to good confidentiality measures done by Qin Feng’s management group. Though there was some chaos when the rift first appeared, things had turned back to normal in recent days.

If the city was really in grave danger, the calamity would have long befallen them. But seven days later and they had not heard the alarm once. They reckoned it was probably not a huge threat.

Life inside the city went on no matter how dangerous the outside world might be. People in here had seemingly forgotten about the dangerous creatures currently lingering around the border.

They were happy enough to have so many aptitude users visiting the city. Income had grown exponentially especially for restaurants and hotel owners. Aptitude users had always been generous despite being hard to please.

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