Monster Paradise

Chapter 396 Attacked In The Middle of The Nigh

Lin Huang was shocked to be attacked in the middle of the night. Was it the Purple Crow, the Saints or the Mystery Organization? Maybe it was Zhang Mengmeng? A few possibilities flashed through his mind. He had offended quite a few organizations and he could not tell who was attempting an attack this time around. However, he could sense that it might either be the Purple Crows or Zhang Mengmeng. The attack came out of nowhere and was swift. If not for his Micro Territory that was activated at all times, he might have been attacked earlier.

“Who’s that? Come out now!” Shouted Lin Huang as a couple of lamp posts exploded around him. Suddenly, the entire area was plunged into darkness. As soon as the lights disappeared, a few obscure attacks came at him. It was the same as before; the attacks were extremely secretive and hard to detect. It was fast and was clearly a unique assassination technique. However, nothing could escape Lin Huang’s Micro Territory that allowed him to sense the attack trajectory, allowing him to avoid it just by moving his body.

As he avoided the attack, he took out his grade-5 gun relic. It was one of the collectibles from the Mystery Auction which was now his. The black pistol was a few times smaller than the GrayEagle17. As Lin Huang whipped out the gun, he inserted Life Power into it. Soon, a number of golden beams shot out of his gun as fast as his attacker, covering the entire area where his attacker was attacking from.

Golden sparks lit up the dark as shot after shot was fired. The quiet night was broken, and many hunters who were around the area headed towards that direction. It was the White Capital, so not only was it an A-grade foothold, it also the top foothold in Division7. Who dared to create a scene at the Martial Hunter College in the middle of the foothold?!

Gunshots were fired multiple times in less than a second in the dark. Lin Huang’s speed was at its peak, as he managed to fire more than 50 shots within a second. The golden Life Power bullets headed in the direction of his attacker like a thunderstorm, and soon the entire area was covered with bullet shells. As soon as the shots were fired, Lin Huang stomped hard, activating Seraphic Speed and Thunder Steps. He dashed like a laser beam towards the direction of the attack.

Pew! Pew!

Shots scattered through the air. This time, his attacker did not even bother an attempt to cover up the noise. He only seemed to want to scare Lin Huang away. He then swapped Thunder Steps to Cloud Steps and avoided the attacks. He continued to fire as he headed closer towards the direction of the attack. As the shots were fired, Lin Huang could finally see the person assaulting him. It was a person covered in a loose black robe. He could not even tell the gender of the person. He also noticed that the person did not avoid his Life Power bullets at all. Instead, there was a thick cloud of black mist in front of the person, blocking his bullets. As the golden Life Power bullets passed through the black mist, they disappeared. It was evident that the shots could not harm the person at all.

Seeing Lin Huang was approaching, the black-robed person seemed to be unwilling to get close to him and retreated immediately. Lin Huang aimed at the person and fired even more shots. For regular gold-level hunters, using a relic was exhausting as it drained the person’s Life Power tremendously. However, for Lin Huang, the amount of Life Power he had was ten times more than a person on the same level, so using a relic was relatively relaxing to him.

After finally being able to see his target, Lin Huang stopped blindly shooting and aimed for the fatal points on his assailant’s body. In the dark, the Life Power bullets were like meteorites as they were shot at his assailant. The black-robed person did not even attempt to avoid the bullets. The black mist was becoming thicker and eventually, it turned into a giant black whirlpool. The golden bullets disappeared as soon as they touched the mist. Even the bullets that reached the edge of the whirlpool broke as well.

“The Life Power bullets seemed to decompose right away…” Lin Huang frowned as he was puzzled by the person’s ability. As the person seemingly absorbed Lin Huang’s shots, he leaped and left. Knowing that he could not kill Lin Huang within a short period as well as the fact that people were approaching, the assailant did not dare stay any longer and decided to leave. Lin Huang was not surprised that the person attempted to flee. He already confirmed that the person was a holy fire-level when the person launched his first attack. Nobody below Transcendent-level could move so quickly.

“Trying to run away? I won’t let you go so easily!”

Lin Huang summoned the Viridescent Thunderhawk and chased after the person. On the Viridescent Thunderhawk’s back, Lin Huang changed the gun’s form to a rifle and aimed at the black-robed person. He then activated an advanced gunfighting technique, Thunderstorm. As thunder roared, golden Life Power bullets rained down like a thunderstorm. Lin Huang used three Life Wheels for this attack, and his Life Power flooded the gun as he fired countless shots at the person.

Noticing the attack from its back, the black-robed person did not even turn his head as he attempted to cover his body with a thick, black mist. Lin Huang soon noticed that the black mist behaved strangely, like the surface of water that sent out ripples as soon as the Life Power bullets touched it. Even though he used an advanced gunfighting technique, it could not harm the person.

However, the speed of the Viridescent Thunderhawk was faster than the person. They were getting closer and closer to each other. The black-robed person attacked as well but Lin Huang managed to avoid them with the activation of his Dark Shield.

“You can’t run!” Lin Huang shouted while his eyes turned a bloody red. The Vampire Particles formed a pair of whips on his back. The two whips headed towards the person while another two blades raced towards the person’s body. To Lin Huang’s surprise, the black-robed person did not avoid the attacks this time. As the person performed a couple of hand seals, he was strangled by the two whips and the two blades pierced through his chest.

Lin Huang was shocked that he managed to kill the person so quickly. Nevertheless, the black-robed person’s body broke into black bits and disappeared.

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