Monster Paradise

Chapter 397 Puzzling

He escaped?!

Lin Huang looked at the place where the black-robed person disappeared while replaying the scene of him performing the hand seals. It was probably a unique escape skill.

“Lin Xin!”

His crimson red eyes faded away as he contacted Tyrant with his mind. He was relieved as Lin Xin had not encountered the attack that he did.

“Let’s go back to the place where the person first attacked me.” Lin Huang patted the Viridescent Thunderhawk’s back.

The Viridescent Thunderhawk flapped its wings and turned in an arc as it headed to the library. As soon as it landed, a shadow interrupted them. Lin Huang looked closely. It was the dean, Liu Ming.

“Brother, were you the one fighting just now?” Liu Ming immediately asked when he saw Lin Huang.

“A black-robed person attacked me but ran away.” Lin Huang hopped from the Viridescent Thunderhawk’s back and nodded to Liu Ming. The battle had seemed intense, but it only lasted less than 20 seconds.

“Is this a holy fire-level summon?” Liu Ming was shocked to see the Viridescent Thunderhawk.

“Yes.” Lin Huang then recalled the Viridescent Thunderhawk.

“Are you alright?” Liu Ming asked immediately. As a huge fan of Mr. Fu fan, he was protective of Lin Huang.

“I’m alright.”

Soon, several shadows arrived. They were Transcendents who were nearby. They came here as soon as they heard the gunshots and sensed the energy wave. Liu Ming approached them and explained while Lin Huang looked for the weapon that the black-robed person had used to attack him. He could sense that it was something tiny, but he had no idea what that was.

A while later, he found a hole the size of a thumb in a field nearby. There was residue that was similar to the black mist on the attacker’s body. Lin Huang coated his right hand with Life Power and reached into the hole. He found a needle that was two centimeters long with the thickness of a strand of hair. It was completely black with black Life Power remaining on its surface. Although the black Life Power was insignificant, Lin Huang could sense that the Life Power on his finger was being destroyed by a unique force. However, as it was decomposing his Life Power, the black Life Power was intensifying. Before Lin Huang could store it, the black Life Power surrounding the needle disappeared within one or two seconds.

“Is this the weapon that the person used to attack you?” Liu Ming appeared next to Lin Huang and looked the black needle in his hand.

“Looking at the size and color as well as the ability to hide its appearance, this could definitely kill anyone without even making a sound. Such an evil weapon looks like it belongs to a professional assassin. Brother, did you offend anyone recently?”

“I’ve offended quite some people…”

“Do you have any clue about anyone who might want to do such a thing?” Liu Ming asked.

“I have a few suspects, but I can’t be sure.” Lin Huang shook his head.

“Do you need my help?” Liu Ming asked in all seriousness.

“Not at the moment. I think I can solve it myself. If I can’t, I’ll have to trouble you.” Lin Huang would usually handle things by himself instead of asking for help. He knew that he would have to repay people in some way if he asked for help.

“Alright then, be careful. Usually, a professional assassin won’t give up on their target so easily. Find out the person responsible for this as soon as possible. The longer you drag this matter, the more dangerous it’ll be for you. After all, they’re in the dark while you’re in the light,” Liu Ming reminded.

“Yes, I understand.” Lin Huang nodded.

“I’ll get someone to fix this tomorrow. Don’t worry about it and get going,” Liu Ming said as he looked at the lamp posts that were broken.

After Liu Ming left, Lin Huang looked around nearby and headed back to the dorm as he did not find anything.

“Brother, were you fighting just now? I heard gunshots,” Lin Xin asked in concern when she saw Lin Huang came back. She had heard the gunshots soon after Lin Huang left the dorm, so she thought he might be fighting.

It was summer holiday and no outsiders were allowed at night in the college. Besides her and Lin Huang, there was basically nobody else in the college. The gunshots clearly came from the college. Moreover, Lin Huang was a firearms master himself, so it was easy to tell that it was him who was fighting.

Lin Huang did not want to tell Lin Xin about the attack but since she asked, he admitted it anyway, “Someone tried to kill me but got away.”

“Was it Zhang Mengmeng?” Lin Xin thought of her as well.

“I’m not sure, but she’s the biggest suspect.” Lin Huang shook his head.

“Although the person was on the holy fire-level, I’m not excluding Zhang Mengmeng as one of the suspects as she might be hiding her true combat prowess and disguise herself as a silver-level hunter. Besides, I don’t know many people in the White Capital. Zhang Mengmeng is the only one that I don’t know from before and she knows that I’m in the White Capital.

“But, there are other possibilities as well. After all, I have offended many underworld organizations.” Lin Huang knew the trouble that he caused himself. He had offended all the underworld organizations that he’s encountered, so it was nothing out of the ordinary that he was being targeted.

“I think it has to be that Zhang Mengmeng! How can it be such a coincidence that we met her today and that you got attacked right away? She must be coming for you, that’s why she’s dating Brother Fatty. Maybe she’s one of the Purple Crows!” Lin Xin was determined to solve the identity of the attacker.

“You naughty girl, you need proof. Don’t just say whatever you want.” Lin Huang patted Lin Xin’s head.

“There’s no need for proof. A girl has accurate instincts. It has to be Zhang Mengmeng!” Lin Xin was persistent.

“Yes, whatever you say is right. Don’t worry. I’ll handle it.” Lin Huang assured helplessly.

He returned to his room after finally managing to comfort Lin Xin. He stared at Zhang Mengmeng’s photos that Fatty had sent earlier and mumbled to himself, “I can definitely know if it’s her if I have her real face or her real name…”

Suddenly, Yang Ling’s face appeared in his mind.

“I wonder if Yang Ling could retrieve her real face…”

Lin Huang then sent the photos to Yang Ling with a simple explanation. Yang Ling replied almost in the next second after receiving the photos.

“Now I know your type. This girl looks doesn’t look that bad, but she’s too young for me…”

Two to three minutes later, Yang Ling called. Lin Huang picked up the video call immediately.

“Who told you that the girl had plastic surgery?” Yang Ling asked directly.

“Didn’t she? Her identity is fake. I’m sure you can look for her. Her face doesn’t match the population registration at the Union Government.”

“There really is a problem with her identity. She must be an illegal resident who has never registered herself since birth and her Emperor’s Heart ring must be fake. But I’m 100% sure that she has never done plastic surgery before!” Yang Ling insisted.

“What are you basing your comments that she’s never done plastic surgery before on?” Lin Huang was puzzled.

“It’s not based on anything. I can tell from her photos. She’s not the only one, I can also tell how any woman in the world really looks like. Whether they’ve make-up on, if they went for plastic surgery, or if they used a beauty app to beautify their faces. I can even see the smallest freckle on their faces. My eyes can see through those layers. When I say this girl has never went for plastic surgery, it means she hasn’t. It’s up to you to believe me or not,” Yang Ling insisted.

“Then, could you find her real identity for me?” Lin Huang cast his doubts aside and asked Yang Ling.

“I can’t. She’s an illegal resident who has never registered on any platforms on the Heart Network. All I know is that her name is fake. There’s nothing else that I can get.” Yang Ling opened his arms in surrender.

“Alright then, I understand now.”

Hanging up the phone, Lin Huang thought the matter was even more puzzling now.

“Zhang Mengmeng has never undergone plastic surgery, and she’s an illegal resident…”

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