Monster Paradise

Chapter 398 Pig

Lin Huang thought all he needed was Zhang Mengmeng’s actual face or name to find out who she really was and which organization she belonged to as well as her intention to be with Fatty. However, his dream was crushed when Yang Ling told him that although her identity was fake, her face was real. She was an illegal resident, and she had just registered her fake identity last month. Before that, she never existed.

Now, it was impossible to know who she was, which organization she was from, or her intentions as she did not have an identity. After hanging up the phone, Lin Huang took out the black needle that was as thin as a strand of hair.

“Now, I shall take some time to drop by the black market to see if I can find out anything about this black needle.”

On the next morning, Lin Huang met Fatty and Zhang Mengmeng at the place and time that they had promised to meet after his dinner.

“Why isn’t your sister here today?” Fatty was surprised and asked Lin Huang.

“We’re hiking the Three Lifetime Mountain. She’s been there before and she’s unwilling to hike, so she’s not following today,” Lin Huang smiled and explained.

“So, we’re hiking…” Fatty looked concerned.

“The Three Lifetime Mountain is a popular attraction. There’s a pavilion on top of the mountain called the Fate Pavilion. I’m sure you’ve heard of the story about the fate of the three lifetimes. It was said that it comes from this mountain and pavilion.” Lin Huang looked at Fatty and smiled.

“You mean the mythical story about reincarnation that was passed down since ancient times? But there should be nobody staying in Division7 during that time, so how was it possible that the story came from here?” Fatty was skeptical.

“Didn’t anyone tell you that the White Capital of Division7 was built on the ruins of ancient times? The Fate Pavilion was discovered when Division7 was opened by the Union Government more than 300 years ago. They confirmed that the pavilion is the one in the story,” Lin Huang explained.

“Can you tell me the story?” Zhang Mengmeng suddenly looked at Fatty.

“That story…” Fatty did not expect Zhang Mengmeng to ask him such a question.

“It’s about this medical practitioner who was picking herbs on top of the mountain near the Fate Pavilion. He saved a snake from a beast. Many years later, the man died and was reincarnated into a rich businessman. One day, he passed by the Fate Pavilion and was robbed. He was then rescued by the snake that he had saved in his past life. Many years later, he died and was reincarnated to become a scholar while the snake advanced into a human. The both of them met at the Fate Pavilion and got married.

“In ancient times, many believed in the theory of reincarnation. They think that people won’t just disappear after their death. Their souls will go to a place called the Netherworld. Human souls will be cleansed there, and their memories will be wiped away. They will be reborn as a clean slate without any memories,” Lin Huang added as he could tell that Zhang Mengmeng had never heard of the story before.

“Reincarnation…” Zhang Mengmeng mumbled to herself and smiled at Fatty.

“I love this story. Let’s go see the pavilion.”

Lin Huang was observing Zhang Mengmeng as she spoke. She seemed to be much better than yesterday and had more communication with Fatty today. However, he was not sure if she was pretending so that she would not blow her cover. Even the way she looked at Fatty was like a young girl who had fallen head over heels.

“Sure, let’s hike that Three Lifetime Mountain!” Fatty could not reject Zhang Mengmeng’s request.

The Three Lifetime Mountain was about five kilometers away towards the northwest of Jingyue Lake. The mountain covered more than 200 kilometers and was a great tourist spot in White Capital. Many locals who would jog in the mountain area during summer as there were trees which were cooling. The Three Lifetime Mountain was just one of the attractions in the area. There were many other beautiful sceneries along the way.

The people in this world had much stronger physique than people on Earth. Climbing a mountain that was thousands of meters high was not as tough as it would be on Earth. Fatty was very reluctant because he was lazy although, with his bronze-level rank-3 combat strength, it was nothing for him to hike the mountain.

There were a total of four trails in the mountain. Two of them consisted of stairs while another two involved rock climbing. Considering Fatty’s condition, Lin Huang decided to take the stairs. Zhang Mengmeng was excited as they were climbing. She could not wait to get to the top to look at the legendary pavilion.

“Zhang Mengmeng, why not you go up first? Wait for us up there, and I’ll accompany Fatty up slowly.”

“That’s right, Mengmeng. You can go up first if you want to see the pavilion. We’ll catch up.” Fatty said while he panted, unable to catch up with Zhang Mengmeng’.

“Alright then,” Zhang Mengmeng looked at Lin Huang, seeming to have something to say. She hesitated and left.

“Fatty, what did you and Mengmeng do last night after dinner? Did you guys stay in the hotel for the entire night?” Lin Huang asked when he saw Zhang Mengmeng had walked further away.

“We didn’t head back to the hotel directly after dinner but to the shopping plaza instead. We shopped until past 11 and went back to the hotel and slept. I bought quite a few snacks and got a few clothes for Mengmeng,” Fatty chuckled.

“So, you guys stuck together for the entire night?” Lin Huang was puzzled.

“Yeah, from 7:30 p.m. to past 11, we were together. Why? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just want to know your progress.” Lin Huang smiled.

“Ooh… It’s a secret!”

Lin Huang asked him a couple more questions as they were hiking up. He confirmed that Zhang Mengmeng had been with Fatty the entire night. She did not even go to the toilet.

“So, the one who attacked me last night wasn’t Zhang Mengmeng!” Lin Huang concluded.

They spent more than three hours to get to the top of the mountain. Zhang Mengmeng had been waiting at the red pavilion for quite some time. There were many people at the pavilion, and Zhang Mengmeng was the center of attraction with many people looking at her.

“Hangyi!” Zhang Mengmeng went to them when she saw Fatty.

Many thought that Zhang Mengmeng was Lin Huang’s girlfriend and that they were the perfect match. They were shocked to see her wiping Fatty’s sweat for him.

“Why would a pretty girl like this be dating such a pig?” A handsome uncle commented with tears in his eyes. It was clear that he recalled a sad moment in his early days.

“Hangyi, there’s a fortune teller over there. He saw a few couples, and they said he’s very accurate. Let’s get him to look at ours.” Zhang Mengmeng pulled Fatty towards the fortune teller. Lin Huang was puzzled. If Zhang Mengmeng was just pretending, her acting skills were top-notch as she seemed really genuine. He followed them anyway. The fortune teller that Zhang Mengmeng was talking about sat in the east corner of the pavilion. He was skinny and wore a robe with ‘fate’ written on his chest. He looked like he was in his sixties with white hair. The unique thing about him was that his eyes that were completely white without any iris or pupils.

Zhang Mengmeng brought Fatty to the old man.

“Sir, please tell us our fortune.”

The old man looked at them, stunned. He then looked at each of their palms. Soon, he frowned and started to speak, “The numerology for the both of you is odd…” He went silent for a while and looked up at Zhang Mengmeng.

“You don’t have a past.”

The old man looked at Fatty and said, “…and you don’t have a future.”

“Your fate started when the both of you met the first time, but at the same time, it ended. It’s odd as theoretically, the both of you shouldn’t meet again, but your fate is bringing the both of you together in a strong way. The endpoint of this seems to be non-existent…”

Before the old man could finish, Zhang Mengmeng’s tears were pouring.

“What’s wrong, Mengmeng? Don’t listen to his nonsense…” Fatty attempted to pull Zhang Mengmeng away, but she insisted on staying.

“Sir, is there any way to save this?” Zhang Mengmeng asked the old man tearfully.

“I’m sorry, there’s no way.” The old man shook his head, stood up and walked down the mountain.

“Sir, here’s your money.” Zhang Mengmeng attempted to give the old man money, but she was stopped by Fatty.

“It’s okay…” The old man waved his hand without turning around, then disappeared slowly from their field of vision.

“This old man is just jealous of us and attempted to break us up! If he weren’t an old man, I would have definitely beat him up!” Fatty was furious.

“Alright, don’t be mad.” Lin Huang patted Fatty’s shoulder.

“Mengmeng, don’t bother yourself with what the old man said, okay? He was just rambling. Don’t take it seriously.”

Zhang Mengmeng nodded while still crying. Seeing Zhang Mengmeng hugging Fatty, Lin Huang was skeptical of his judgment.

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