Monster Paradise

Chapter 401 Witch

Lily’s scream echoed in the dark warehouse. Before the echo ended, she disappeared from their vision. Next, she appeared behind Lin Huang like a ghost. Under the black robe, her inhuman black claws reached out towards his neck with black mist on them. Her phantom movement was beyond what Lin Huang’s eyes could capture. However, with his Micro Territory that was active at all times, nothing could escape him within a radius of a hundred meters, including Lily’s peculiar movement.

Sensing her appearance behind him, Lin Huang did not escape, but he stretched out his grade-5 sword relic, Dragon Slayer, to his back. Before the golden glow left the sword, the sword sliced through the air cleanly.


As the sword and the claws collided, a loud bang was heard. With the help of the force, Lin Huang dashed towards Fatty and Zhang Mengmeng. Lily backed off and disappeared into the dark again.

As Lin Huang was closer to Fatty, he was ready to chop off the black chain that was restraining Fatty with his sword. Suddenly, a shadow appeared next to Fatty. Black needles fired like bullets at Lin Huang faster than the speed of sound. He stopped moving while slashing the sword maniacally in the air like it was a giant shield blocking all the black needles.

Suddenly, he felt danger coming from behind. He activated his Cloud Steps and Seraphic Speed, then stepped a hundred meters away and saw the black shadow disappear.

“What was that?” Lin Huang was puzzled. At that moment, he could sense danger coming from his back again. He stepped away immediately. Under the bright moonlight, he turned around and saw a shadow disappear from where he stood again.

“A shadow?!” Lin Huang could tell it was a shadow. Although he had no idea what the shadow was doing, the sense of danger came from it. Lin Huang trusted his instincts.

“Lin Huang, the moment you stepped into this warehouse today, there’s no way you’ll leave alive. Give up all your useless struggles now,” Lily’s voice echoed.

“Lily, if you had gone for the psychotherapy sessions last year, perhaps you’d have been living like a normal kid just like everybody else now. Mr. Wei’s love wasn’t real. It was an odd feeling that you have towards him after his brainwashing. He never loved you. You were a toy to him and you could’ve been thrown away anytime he wanted. You know very well who he really was. His death is a release for you…” Lin Huang shouted.

“So, you thought my dad is dead! He’s not dead. He was saved by the Grandmistress! She sent me to Phoenix Island for training… Phoenix Island is like hell… Hahaha…” Lily sounded like a lunatic, her laugh scaring Lin Huang.

However, Lin Huang got some information from what she said. “Mr. Wei didn’t die? How is that possible!? There was a hole in his head, so how did he manage to survive?”

“An ordinary person like you could never imagine Grandmistress’s special ways! Dad will be revived two years later,” Lily sounded like she was talking to herself.

Lin Huang frowned as he listened to Lily’s crazy talk but he could tell that what she said was true. He could not imagine what kind of person the so-called Grandmistress was.

“The Grandmistress that you’re talking about, who is she?” Lin Huang asked.

“Grandmistress is dad’s mother. She’s the most incredible woman in the entire world.” Lily sounded insane.

Now, Lin Huang finally found out that Mr. Wei had a powerful background. He thought it was odd that the Grandmistress did not get anybody to assassinate him for the past one year. Could Lily be here to fulfill some odd fetish? Lin Huang was half right; training Lily to get revenge was the Grandmistress’s fetish. She did send assassins on Lin Huang’s tail, but the assassins were always stopped by the Leng family.

“My dad asked me to kill you and keep your dead body in the freezer. By then, Grandmistress will extract your soul to feed the worms. Two years later, when dad is revived, he’ll slice your body into pieces as you watch and use different ways to cook you every day. When your body is all eaten, he will chop off your head and make it into a spittoon and get Grandmistress to put your consciousness into the spittoon…”

“It seems like killing that pervert didn’t teach him a lesson. Next time when I see him, I’ll wipe away his soul and consciousness so that he won’t be able to live ever again.” Lin Huang was furious.

“And that Grandmistress? I shall chop off her head one day,” Lin Huang added.

“Too bad you won’t be able to survive until that day,” Lily mocked and attacked again.

Three giant shadows dashed towards Lin Huang by sliding on the ground.

“It’s redundant to play shadows with me!” Lin Huang shouted, “Come out, Witch!”

A human-form monster with a horn on its head appeared in front of Lin Huang. The monster was a female with a pliant body. It was one of the fiend Monster Cards that Lin Huang had obtained the last time.

“Monster Card

“Rarity: Epic

“Monster Name: Witch

“Type of Monster: Fiend (Beginner)

“Combat Level: Blue Flame-level

“Skill 1: Magic of Gu

“Skill 2: Poison Magic

“Skill 3: Witchcraft

“Summon Authority: Activated

“Card Remarks: Trainable”

Lin Huang had seen the skills description before. The Witch had the most secular skills. She only had three skills that were of different abilities. For Magic of Gu, she had mastered tens of worms with different functions. Some could control human minds from parasites, some could store venom, while some were cannibal worms that could devour an adult’s flesh to his skeleton within seconds…

Meanwhile, Witchcraft included some soul-type attack, defense, and psychic abilities. It included some peculiar abilities such as shadow control, plant control and even summoning monsters from another dimension.

As Lin Huang had seen the Witch controlling shadows before, he decided to get her to fight Lily. Seeing the three shadows that were coming, the Witch stomped hard, and a giant fiend-form shadow grew under the moonlight.

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