Monster Paradise

Chapter 402 Zhang Mengmeng’s Identity

The fiend shadow that the Witch created appeared within seconds. The three shadows that Lily was controlling sensed something was wrong, so they attempted to go around it to get to Lin Huang. However, the fiend shadow entered Lin Huang’s own shadow at the speed of light before the three shadows could even move. He was speechless as he watched his shadow became a gigantic fiend shadow. As the shadows were fighting, he had no idea how he could help. He did not have any idea what would happen to him if he touched Lily’s shadow.

The fight among the shadows on the ground was intense; it was like an intriguing shadow play. The shadows collided with each other and separated so fast that Lin Huang could only grasp a little bit of what was going on. The fiend shadow was certainly much stronger than the three shadows. Although it was surrounded by the three shadows, it was winning. It stood on its spot, barely moving, while the other three were constantly in motion. They backed off once they were attacked, not daring to fight the fiend shadow face-to-face.

The battle lasted for more than a minute, and it became stagnant. Just when a shadow was attacking, the fiend shadow retaliated by transforming one of its shadow hands into a massive mouth and snapped at the shadow. The other two shadows wanted to help, but they were chased away by the other enormous hand. The shadow that was captured was whimpering like a wounded beast. However, it was soon swallowed, and there was complete silence.

After settling the first shadow, the fiend shadow seemed to grow a few times bigger. It turned around and looked at the other two shadows. It extended its claws and transformed them into two thick chains, then dashed towards the two shadows. Under the moonlight, the two shadows were running for their lives. Soon, one of them was captured by the chain. It struggled hard, but its efforts were redundant. As soon as the fiend shadow pulled the chain, it captured the shadow with its claws and consumed it.

Knowing that it could not escape, the last shadow left the ground and transformed into a thick, black mist. Soon, it became Lily. Lin Huang was surprised to see that as he did not expect any of the shadows to be Lily herself. As soon as she turned into a human again, Lily screamed at Lin Huang while she attempted to escape,

“How could this happen? I have already sealed the space! You shouldn’t be able to summon your monsters!”

“Nothing is impossible. Since I couldn’t summon my monsters, it’s obvious that I have my own way of making it happen.” Lin Huang did not explain much.

Lily, who was escaping, stared deadly at Lin Huang, then turned around and dashed towards Fatty and Zhang Mengmeng.

“Since I can’t kill you, even if I die, I must kill these two!”

“Witch, kill her!” Lin Huang frowned and instructed.

The warehouse became even dimmer as Lin Huang’s shadow changed back to normal. He had no idea when the fiend shadow had left his shadow and where it had gone to. All the dark corners were alive. It looked like the entire warehouse had become the fiend shadow’s playground.

Any spots with shadows were transformed into chains. They were like tentacles that grew and sped towards Lily as if they had lost their minds. No matter where she was running to, the chains would follow her. They even left the ground and became individual feelers. Suddenly, Lin Huang noticed that Lily had no shadow!

Soon, she was surrounded by the black chains that were coming from everywhere. As the first chain curled up her ankle, the rest followed like maggots. As he watched Lily groaned in the chain hold, Lin Huang held his head down and sighed, “I hope you’ll be reborn into a better family in your next life.”

She had gone through a year of touch training and exhausted her talent, but all she could manage was holy fire-level and at the most, white flame-level. Although Lin Huang was restricted, the Witch was a blue flame level after all. Moreover, it was a fiend with many odd abilities, so even a gold flame-level might not defeat it. Lily was just an appetizer to it, and it could defeat her easily.

As the black chains faded and Lily disappeared in the black robe, Lin Huang turned around and ran towards Fatty and Zhang Mengmeng. The both of them were hung 20 centimeters from the ground. Zhang Mengmeng was still staring blankly while Fatty looked up to Lin Huang slowly as he was getting closer.

“That black-robed person…”

“She’s here for me. I’m so sorry to drag the both of you into it… But she’s dead now. I’ll get you out of this place.” Lin Huang was guilty as Fatty was out of breath and there was a wound on Zhang Mengmeng’s face. If not for him, Lily would not have captured the both of them. Lin Huang sliced away the hooks on their backs with his sword, and the both of them landed on the ground. Zhang Mengmeng seemed to only snap out of it and starting crying.

“Mengmeng…” Fatty looked at Zhang Mengmeng in concern.

“Don’t worry. I’ll break you free now.” Lin Huang sliced the chains that were binding their bodies.

“Mengmeng, are you alright?” Ignoring his pain, Fatty attempted to help Zhang Mengmeng up, but his pain restricted him.

“Alright, you should rest since you’re in pain. Let me do it.” Lin Huang shook his head and held Zhang Mengmeng’s arms in an attempt to help her up.

Suddenly, Zhang Mengmeng looked up and stabbed Lin Huang’s stomach with a blade.

“Die, Lin Huang!”

“You…” There was no way Lin Huang could avoid the attack as it was too close, and he did not see that coming.

“Mengmeng, what are you doing?!” Fatty was shocked.

“Hangyi, we can only be together if he’s dead.” Zhang Mengmeng did not look as shy as she had been anymore.

“Who are you?” Lin Huang pressed on his wound and backed off meters away. Blood was flowing freely from the stab wound.

“I’m the real Lily. The one that you killed just now was just a crazy personality split of me that I sealed in one of my shows… Everything was planned by me, not by her,” Zhang Mengmeng finally revealed who she really was.

“I thought she could kill you so that Hangyi won’t see me doing this. Too bad, that crazy lady is useless…”

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