Monster Paradise

Chapter 403 Let’s Break Up!

As Lin Huang backed off, Zhang Mengmeng did not pursue him and proceeded to say with a smirk, “There’s no need to struggle, Lin Huang. My blade is coated with venom from a Fiendish Pufferfish, and there’s no antidote in the entire world. You only have one hour to live….”

The Fiendish Pufferfish was a poisonous monster from the abyss, and a drop of its venom could kill a holy fire-level. Such venom could infect one’s life directly. It looked like a drop of ink dripped into a glass of clear water and could affect the person’s Life Power.

“Mengmeng, why would you do that?” Fatty did not expect Zhang Mengmeng to attack Lin Huang. He was still confused by what was happening.

“Hangyi, Grandmistress will kill me if I don’t finish Lin Huang. She’s trained me for a year and given me a month to accomplish this assassination. If I fail this mission, no matter which part of the world that I run to, she’ll be able to find me. Grandmistress’s way isn’t what you can ever imagine it to be.” Zhang Mengmeng looked like she respected this Grandmistress very much as she spoke of her.

“The Lily that I recall doesn’t look like this. Who are you really?!” Yang Ling had confirmed Zhang Mengmeng’s face was real. However, it was odd that she said she was the Lily that he knew a year ago.

“It’s all your fault!” Zhang Mengmeng glared deadly at Lin Huang.

“If not for you, I wouldn’t have been with Grandmistress and be sent to Phoenix Island which was hell. On the island, the psycho lady Poison Sting would use different ways to torture me every day. She called that training, but I was already tortured to death on the 12th day that I arrived on the island. The lady kept my soul and consciousness and got Grandmistress to send a human android to the island. She then inserted my soul and consciousness into the android, which is what you’re looking at right now. Since then, she tortured me more and more each day, which was also how I managed to level-up from an ordinary person to holy fire-level. I managed to finish the training a month before the expected time.

“However, such psychotic training put me through many meltdowns. The lunatic that you killed just now was my split personality. Although she was a lunatic, I should thank her because if not for her, I wouldn’t have been able to complete the 11 months of training.

“After the training was completed, I returned to Division7 looking everywhere for Lin Huang, but there’s nothing much. I went to Wulin Town, but your house has been vacant for a very long time. I even looked for your sister Lin Xin. However, it seemed like she disappeared at the end of last year. I then found out that you’re close to Hangyi, that’s why I got closer to him so that I could get to you…”

Zhang Mengmeng looked at Fatty after she said that.

“So, you’ve never loved me? Your intention of being with me is to kill Lin Huang?!” Fatty’s tears flowed from his swollen eyes.

“Ahh, that’s why there was no response from the Love Rock because you’ve never loved me. Not even a tiny bit, I’ve been living a lie!”

“Hangyi, I admit that I approached you with intentions to use you, but I truly fell in love with you later on… Since I was young, nobody has ever treated me like how you do. You’re the only person who treats me sincerely, not like the rest of them who either use me or treat me as a toy. I love it when I’m with you. As long as I’m with you, I feel safe even if you don’t say or do anything. As for the Love Rock that had no response…” Zhang Mengmeng was choking back tears as she went on.

“Because you’re dead…”

“What?” Fatty was shocked to hear what Zhang Mengmeng said.

“I actually wanted to kill you when we first met at the assessment as well as engulf your soul and consciousness. I wanted to extract everything about Lin Huang from that.” Zhang Mengmeng took a deep breath and told the truth.

“But after browsing your memories, I found out that you had no idea where Lin Huang was. Helpless, I used the way that Grandmistress taught me and extracted your consciousness and sealed part of your soul into your body to ‘revive’ you as well as wipe away the part of your memory of being dead.”

“In reality, you’re dead and your soul no longer exists. Your consciousness looks like it exists, but it’s just a part of mine…”

“Since I ‘revived’ you, I approached you so that I could retrieve Lin Huang’s location from you. However, after spending time with you for a few days, I realized that I enjoyed being loved by you. It’s a feeling that I have never experienced before. Since then, I regretted killing you. I came up with many plans and looked up many documents on how to revive you. However, your soul is a unique thing. As soon as it dies, it can’t be revived or reversed.”

“The Love Rock can sense the souls of both people. It will only light up for souls who are connected. You don’t have a soul, so our palms didn’t light up…”

Not only was Fatty shocked at what Zhang Mengmeng said, even Lin Huang, who was not far away, was dumbfounded.

“But I thought about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re alive or not. As long as I keep inserting your soul for you, you can maintain what you are now and we can be together forever.” Zhang Mengmeng smiled at Fatty.

“If you had kept this as a secret, I would have chosen to believe you. But now… How am I supposed to believe you?” Fatty looked up while tears kept pouring down his face.

“After I kill Lin Huang and inform Grandmistress, I’ll remove this part of your memory. You won’t remember it was me who killed Lin Huang and you won’t remember whatever I’m saying now. We can still live happily ever after. I can even accompany you to Lin Huang’s funeral…”

“Enough! Everything isn’t real!” Fatty stopped Zhang Mengmeng from saying any further

“Zhang Mengmeng, if you really love me, stop creating illusions to trick me and stop lying to yourself. Let me go. I would rather be dead than live in your illusion.”

“You’re abandoning me?” Zhang Mengmeng looked at Fatty with tears in her eyes.

“If that’s what you think then sure, I don’t want to be with you anymore. Let’s break up!” Fatty looked into Zhang Mengmeng’s eyes.

“How dare you?!” Zhang Mengmeng was furious as she strangled Fatty’s neck and dangled him in the air.

“I never thought you would be like every other man who treats me like a toy and throw me away when you don’t need me anymore… If that’s the case, I shall kill you too!”

“Fatty!” As Lin Huang shouted his name in warning, the Witch came to his rescue. Fatty, who was in Zhang Mengmeng’s grasp, turned into a scarecrow. The Witch appeared in front of Zhang Mengmeng and slapped her on the chest. She flew backwards from the blow…

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