Monster Paradise

Chapter 405 I Have No Regrets in This Life

Lin Huang watched silently as Fatty cried in devastation with Zhang Mengmeng in his arms. Zhang Mengmeng’s consciousness was now dead, and because Fatty was part of her consciousness, his would die very soon too.

“Xiao Hei, will the Healing Card work on Fatty?” Although he knew the answer, Lin Huang asked anyway.

“The Healing Card only works on living humans but he’s already dead. If one’s soul or consciousness are partially damaged, the Healing Card could still be used as a remedy, but the problem is, his soul has been dead since the beginning. The Healing Card can’t create another soul of a person as there’s only one such thing.”

“How long does he still have?” Lin Huang asked.

“At the most, half an hour. The main consciousness has died, and what he has is just a part of it, so dying is just a matter of time.”

Lin Huang was solemn. Fatty was one of the first friends that he made since he traveled to this world. He did not expect that killing a bastard a year ago would involve Fatty, who was innocent, and as a consequence, his life was sacrificed. As Fatty cried for more than 20 minutes, he started to realize that there was something going on in his body. He felt weak and tired, and he wanted to sleep.

“Lin Huang…” He called out to Lin Huang in panic.

Lin Huang appeared in front of him immediately and held his shaking body steady.

“I feel so tired. Am I dying?” Fatty managed a frail smile.

Lin Huang did not say anything. Observing his response, Fatty knew that he did not have much time left.

“Lin Huang, you’re my best friend. I have a favor to ask…”

“Please tell me. Anything for you.” Lin Huang nodded.

Fatty worked on his Emperor’s Heart Ring’s contact page. “I have sent you two sets of recipes. One is Dad’s and another is mine. I hope you can bring back my dad’s recipe to my family. Give it to my grandmother. He was the only real chef in our family, and he gave me the recipe, so you must bring back the recipe. As for my recipe, it’s not a complete one. I have noted down many recipes that I imagined cooking. I hope that you can give this to a real Food Hunter. Let him or her make my recipes happen…”

“Sure, I will find the best Food Hunter and get him to make all the recipes come true!” Lin Huang smiled and nodded confidently.

“Also, Ke Lai Hotel… The hotel was my dad’s hard work but now that my dad is not around and I’m leaving soon, my family might sell the hotel. I hope you can purchase the hotel and keep the business going. The revenue of the hotel is good so that you won’t lose money. Keep a copy of my dad’s recipe, hire a good chef to learn all his signature food and keep the Yin family’s recipe going. If possible, I hope my recipes will appear in the hotel too…”

“I’ll take care of Ke Lai Hotel for you.”

“Don’t be sad for me. Although I’ve only lived for 17 years, I’m happy that I did. My grandmother said fate determines how long a person could live. I had a great dad and a grandmother who loves me. Also, I met the love of my life and she loved me too… I have no regrets in this life…” Fatty smiled. He got weaker and eventually, he passed away.

“Fatty…” Lin Huang had tears surging in his eyes. He had seen many deaths in this world but he had had no feelings at all. It was his first time seeing a good friend die. A friend who was a glutton, who loved meat. The kind and sincere Fatty was dead.

He put Fatty’s body into his storage space. Just when he wanted to store Zhang Mengmeng’s body, there was an odd energy wave that came out of her body.

Lin Huang backed off immediately as he sensed intense danger. Just as he backed off, Zhang Mengmeng’s body expanded like a balloon.


It only took a moment for her body to expand to its maximum before exploding. A raw spark flew up and the intense explosion obliterated the entire warehouse. Lin Huang was thrown down in the wave. The warehouse turned into ruins within seconds.

The explosion extended 10 kilometers away and the blast was heard even further away. Most of the residents on the east side of the White Capital heard it. Some who were closer saw the bright spark. Fortunately, the warehouse was located at the edge of the eastern suburb and it was secluded. Besides some other warehouses with goods, there was no residential area nearby, so there was no casualty.

The explosion happened out of nowhere. Luckily, Lin Huang was fast enough to activate the Dark Shield. Not only that, the Witch created a black spherical defense layer that covered the outside of the Dark Shield. Under the double protection, Lin Huang and the Witch were unhurt. As soon as the explosive was over, Lin Huang removed the defense layer to see the entire place covered in smoke. Zhang Mengmeng’s body that was not far away had completely disappeared.

“That must have been a self-destruction programme by an android. It only exploded after Fatty died. Does that mean Zhang Mengmeng’s consciousness is completely finished now?” Lin Huang guessed.

“That’s great. Now, I don’t have to wipe away the evidence.”

He looked around to make sure he did not leave any trails. He then summoned the Viridescent Thunderhawk and left.

A while after he left, a couple of shadows ran towards the warehouse. They were the powerful humans around who were puzzled by the wreckage, but they left after discovering nothing around the site. Lin Huang went straight back to the dorm in Martial Hunter College.

“Brother, how come you’re back so early today?” Lin Xin was confused as Lin Huang usually only headed back after 12 but it was not even 11.

“Fatty is dead…” Lin Huang muttered after sitting wordlessly on the couch in the living for a while.

“Brother Fatty…is dead?” Lin Xin was shocked. She had not seen the news coming.

Lin Huang then told her about what had happened.

“I’ll drop by Fatty’s house tomorrow to pass his body and his remaining belongings to his family,” Lin Huang said softly.

“I’ll follow you.” Lin Xin was worried about Lin Huang’s condition.

“That’s great. Since Zhang Mengmeng managed to come to the White Capital, it would be dangerous for you to stay here alone.”

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