Monster Paradise

Chapter 406 The Yin Family’s Old Lady

Fatty’s hometown was in Nanmu Town, which was also a D-grade foothold like Wulin Town that was under the territory of Baqi City. It was almost 1,300 kilometers from Baqi City. After breakfast, Lin Huang brought Lin Xin to Baqi City which he had pinned on his dimensional relic earlier. They then rode on the Viridescent Thunderhawk and headed towards Nanmu Town.

It was past eight in the morning when they arrived and the town had started to get crowded. The appearance of the Viridescent Thunderhawk had attracted the attention of the crowd. Lin Huang recalled the Viridescent Thunderhawk after he found out where the Yin family house was quite easily. The foothold was small, only slightly bigger than Wulin Town. Lin Huang did not summon the Viridian Wolf and walked to the Yin residence by foot with Lin Xin instead.

On the way, Lin Huang was thinking about how to break the news while Lin Xin followed without saying a word. She was not as bubbly and capricious as she always was. Seven to eight minutes later, they finally arrived at the big courtyard that the pedestrians had told him about. The Yins were clearly a prosperous family in town. From the look of the courtyard, it looked like it was at least 1,000 square meters large.

There was an old man sitting in a pavilion not far behind the entrance and the black wooden door was locked.

“What do you want?” When the old man saw the both of them, he stood up and asked.

“Is this the Yin residence? I’m Yin Hangyi’s friend and this is my sister. Yin Hangyi asked me to come here to see his old lady,” Lin Huang politely explained.

“You’re Master’s friend? Please give me a moment while I inform the housekeeper.” The old man called someone and hung up after a short exchange of words. He then opened the door.

“Please come in. The housekeeper is waiting for you at the door.” He opened the door and smiled at the both of them.

They walked through the courtyard. There was a middle-aged man in a black tuxedo who nodded to them at the entrance. It was obvious that he was the Yins’ housekeeper.

“Please follow me to the living room.” The housekeeper brought the both of them to the left side of the halls and headed to the living room.

As they entered the living room, the housekeeper got them tea and asked casually, “How do I address the both of you?”

“My name is Lin Huang and this is my sister Lin Xin,” Lin Huang said.

“Oh, so you’re Mr. Lin Huang. Master always talks about you. He told us that you’re young and capable and that you’ve achieved a lot at such a young age.” The housekeeper was much friendlier after confirming who Lin Huang was.

“I wonder what brings Mr. Lin Huang and Ms. Lin Xin here today?” The housekeeper served them some tea.

“Hangyi asked me to see his grandma.” Lin Huang knew that it was best if he announced the news to the head of the family.

“Oh, is that so? She just woke up and is having breakfast now. I’ll inform her. Please give me a moment.” The housekeeper did not ask further and excused himself.

“Brother Fatty is quite rich.” Lin Xin smiled.

“This is all the effort of Fatty’s father’s business. Now that his dad and Fatty aren’t around anymore, the business must find it hard to go on. Many people have gone to the restaurant for Fatty’s dad’s recipe. Fatty picked up 50% to 60% of his dad’s talent. There’s nobody else in the Yin family who is talented in cooking…” Lin Huang knew why Fatty asked him to purchase the hotel as the family would sell it to others if he did not.

“Without the revenue of the hotel, it seems to be hard for the family to maintain their lifestyle.” Lin Xin observed.

“So, as soon as they know about Fatty’s death, if they’re smart, they will sell the hotel because if they continue to manage it, they’ll definitely lose money. Since it’s still making money now, the earlier they let it go, the better for them.” Lin Huang nodded helplessly.

“Why not you buy the hotel, brother? We can get some good chefs to come up with some unique dishes. Even if we don’t make much, at least the business won’t be losing money,” Lin Xin suggested.

“Fatty hoped that I would purchase it as well, but I can’t be the one who initiates that. We need to hear what the grandma says.” Lin Huang knew if he was to suggest that himself, to the Yins, he would seem like he was robbing a burning house instead of trying to help.

After taking two sips of tea, the housekeeper came back to them. “Please follow me to Grandma.”

The both of them trailed behind him and headed to the second floor. On the living room, there was an old lady with white hair on the couch, sandwiched between two women. Lin Huang guessed that they were Fatty’s aunts.

The old lady waved to the both of them. “Since the both of you are Hangyi’s friends, don’t be shy and come sit down. Make yourself at home.

“Hi Grandma, hi Aunties,” Lin Huang greeted the three of them. The housekeeper left after bringing the both of them tea.

Lin Huang was seated on a chair that was not far from the couch and was comfortable. However, Lin Xin looked slightly uneasy.

“I heard from the housekeeper that you’re Lin Huang?” The old lady chuckled.

“Yes, I’m Lin Huang. This is my sister, Lin Xin.”

“Hangyi mentioned about you before. He said you saved his life once. He also told me that you have great abilities and that you’re a genius,” the old lady complimented.

“Hangyi was kidding…” Lin Huang did not know how to break the news anymore.

“Oh yeah, let me introduce yourself. I’m Hangyi’s grandmother and these two are Hangyi’s aunties.” The old lady suddenly realized that she did not introduce the three of them.

“Do you know that Hangyi has a girlfriend now? Although the girl is pretty, I’m worried that she doesn’t really love Hangyi. Think about it. If she’s so pretty, which part of Hangyi would attract her? Since you’re his friend, watch out for him on my behalf. I don’t want him to get cheated…” The old lady did not stop talking. Lin Huang finally knew where Fatty got his chatterbox mouth from.

She was interrupted by one of the aunties. “Mom, don’t just talk about yourself. Hangyi went traveling and now he asked his friend to come here, so there must be something important,” the aunt said.

“Look at me, forgetting about what’s important. Hangyi must have something urgent to tell us?” The old lady asked. Lin Huang was struggling as he did not know how to break the news. He was looking for the opportunity to break it gently but there was no way that he could, judging from the old lady’s conversation.

Now that the three of them were looking at him with anticipation, he did not know how to say it anymore. The old lady seemed to notice something was wrong from Lin Huang’s expression.

“Lin Huang, did something happen…to Hangyi?” The old lady asked carefully. Lin Huang’s silence made the ambiance awkward.

“Just tell me, I can take it.” The old lady took a deep breath and nodded at Lin Huang. She seemed to know what had happened as there were tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Hangyi is…dead…” Lin Huang felt terrible but he told the truth anyway.

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