Monster Paradise

Chapter 407 The Funeral

“Hangyi is dead…”

The light in the old lady’s eyes extinguished but she was much calmer than Lin Huang expected. He was worried that she might not be able to take the news. Nevertheless, she was much stabler than he imagined.

“It’s my fault…” The old lady slapped her thigh hard.

“Mom, don’t say that!”

“It has nothing to do with you!”

Yin Hangyi’s two aunties stopped the old lady from hurting herself further. Lin Huang and Lin Xin were puzzled.

“How is it not my fault?! The fortune teller said that I’m no good for this family. My two husbands are dead. Now, so are my two sons, one daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. If I’m dead, nothing like that will happen to anyone!” The old lady cried and blamed herself.

Now, finally, Lin Huang and Lin Xin understood why she blamed herself.

“What happened, Lin Huang? Hangyi was just traveling with his girlfriend. How did this happen?” The aunty asked Lin Huang as she wanted to change the topic.

“Hangyi and his girlfriend got kidnapped in the White Capital. It was too late when I arrived. Hangyi wasn’t dead yet when I got there but there was no way that I could save him.” Lin Huang hid the truth. He had to lie as the less the Yin family knew about the Grandmistress, the safer they would be. They might want to take revenge if he told them the truth. It would be a disaster if the Grandmistress found out about their attempt to seek revenge.

“Kidnap? Why didn’t they call us to ask for ransom?” Hangyi’s aunt asked.

“The kidnappers didn’t want money. They were actually after Zhang Mengmeng as there was something from her family that they wanted. She was a royalty outside of Division7, so she was targeted before she even came to Division7. It was unfortunate that Hangyi got dragged into this. As Zhang Mengmeng’s family couldn’t come to terms with the kidnappers, the both of them were killed. Zhang Mengmeng’s body was taken away by her family while Hangyi’s is my storage space.”

Lin Huang came up with the story and intentionally said that Zhang Mengmeng’s family was royalty outside of Division7 as the Yin family was a normal family after all, so it would be difficult for them to get any information that was outside of the division. They would need a massive amount of Life Crystals to get out of the division. A year’s worth of Life Crystals was equivalent to one million credit points. Getting to the nearest Division8 or Division6 would cost each person thousands of Life Crystals.

The Heart Network ran individually in every division. Besides people of a certain level, the information of each division was isolated. Normal people would only receive information about the division that they were residing in. If they did not know anyone from other divisions, they would basically know nothing about other divisions for all their lives. They trusted what Lin Huang said as Fatty always mentioned about him and his extensive network as far as the old lady and the others remembered. They had even seen their photos together, so they were not skeptical about Lin Huang at all.

“Can we see…Hangyi’s body?” The old lady was sobbing but she heard Lin Huang loud and clear.

Lin Huang nodded and took out Fatty’s body. He lay his body on the carpet in the living room. The aunties took a quick glance and looked away while the old lady stood up calmly. She walked towards Fatty’s body with her walking stick slowly. Although Fatty was slightly unrecognizable as his face was swollen, the old lady could tell that it was her grandson, Yin Hangyi.

“Hangyi…” She tossed her walking stick aside and knelt on her knees. She looked devastated as she touched Fatty’s head lovingly.

“Why did you leave just like that? Didn’t you say that you want to be a Food Hunter and make monsters into delicious dishes for your grandma?”

The old lady lost control as she wept and talked to Fatty. Lin Huang’s eyes turned red as he watched while Lin Xin wiped her tears quietly. Yin Hangyi’s aunts were crying as they stood aside and the atmosphere became gloomy.

Around 20 minutes later, the old lady finally calmed herself down, wiped her tears and looked at Lin Huang.

“Hangyi’s face…”

“He was tortured before he died. He must have been protecting Zhang Mengmeng. There was only a sword gash on Zhang Mengmeng’s face, nothing else,” Lin Huang nodded and explained.

“Hangyi sent me both his dad’s and his recipes to me. Those are the only remaining possessions that he has. Let me forward that to you,” Lin Huang said to the old lady.

“Did he…say anything before he died?” The old lady asked.

“He said he has a grandmother who really loves him, a great dad and that he met the love of his life. He has no regrets in his life,” Lin Huang conveyed what Fatty had said.

The old lady started crying again after hearing that. Lin Huang stood aside while waiting for them to feel better and did not say anything else. Ten minutes later, the old lady had finally calmed down. She stood up with her walking stick and her daughters’ help.

“Lin Huang, who are the kidnappers?” The old lady had the plan to take revenge.

“I’ve killed the kidnapper but I’ve no idea who they are. I’ll get to the bottom of this and give all of you an explanation,” Lin Huang said as he did not want to get the Yin family involved.

To the royals, an ordinary person’s strength was weak. Even a small royal in the Division7 could kill the Yin family easily, let alone the Grandmistress who mastered the immortal-level Poison Sting. Lin Huang even suspected that the Grandmistress could be from the core zone. It was too bad that he did not get sufficient information about the Grandmistress from Zhang Mengmeng.

“Don’t you hope that we get to the bottom of this ourselves?” The old lady managed to understand what Lin Huang said.

“Yes, as this incident involves the royals, it could possibly be one of the popular families from the other ruling, so let me do it. Hangyi is my friend. I’ll take revenge behalf of him. One day, I shall chop of the mastermind’s head and bring it to your family.” Lin Huang looked determinedly into the old lady’s eyes.

The old lady nodded her head slowly as she looked at Lin Huang’s conviction.

“Alright then, I shall let you handle that. Hangyi has passed, so we have many things to handle anyway. And Hangyi’s funeral…”

Following the old lady’s arrangement, Lin Huang and Lin Xin stayed with the Yis for the following two days. On the third day, Fatty’s funeral went as planned. After Fatty was buried, Lin Huang bade farewell to the old lady and left with Lin Xin.

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