Monster Paradise

Chapter 412 Impatien

As the two fiends heard the instruction, they ran towards the four guards with their swords. They were clear about their attack strategy as each of them fought two guards without interrupting each other. The Malachian Fiend did not care about the swords the guards were brandishing in their hands. He was like a tank that tore towards them, fighting with his fists that were like hammers that collided with the two swords. The two guards that were just slightly shorter than him reeled backward from his attack.

Meanwhile, the Inferior Imp was fighting with his fists as well but he attacked from a distance away from the guards. As he struck his palm into the air, the two guards fell from getting hit in their chests. They turned into a pile of sand. The Malachian Fiend noticed that the Inferior Imp’s attack was more effective than his, so he then dashed towards the two guards. Both of the guards did not have anywhere to run to, and soon the Malachian Fiend had their heads in his vice-like grip. Their heads were crushed and they turned into a pile of sand just like the other two.

Blue flame-level was two levels higher than white flame-level after all. Moreover, the two fiends came with the ability to perform cross-ranking battles, so killing these white flame-level summoning creatures were nothing to them. Just when Lin Huang and Lancelot walked closer, something odd happened. The four piles of sand on the ground curled towards the Spiritsword Supreme like living tentacles and covered it immediately.

“Is it going to transform itself?!” Lin Huang was shocked to witness that as he did not know that the Spiritsword Supreme had such an ability.

“It seems like the person who compiled the monster encyclopedia had no clue what the real Spiritsword Supreme could do!”

It was impossible for the person who had compiled the encyclopedia to encounter each and every monster in it. Most of the information came from researchers and contributors who had encountered the monsters themselves. Having said that, putting the book together was still not a relaxing task.

The monster encyclopedia exclusively for Gold Hunters that Lin Huang had in his possession had been compiled by more than 20 Hunter Association staff in a span of six years. In reality, the information in the monster encyclopedia was considered complete. However, as the amount of the Spiritsword Supreme beings over the years was limited and many did not want to offend them, the information on that particular monster was incomplete.

The Spiritsword Supreme that was not far away soon gathered the sand its guards had dissolved into and used to create a giant of five meters tall, completely hiding within the giant’s chest. What Lin Huang thought was odd was that the giant that was transformed was not a white or crimson flame-level anymore. It was now a blue flame-level. He did not expect the Spiritsword Supreme to be so tough to handle before he came here.

As it transformed into a giant, the Spiritsword Supreme glared at Lin Huang. It seemed to notice that Lin Huang was the mastermind instead of the Ruthless Sword Master who was standing next to him.

“Human, you killed my brothers and disturbed my slumber. Do you want to die?!” The Spiritsword Supreme shouted at Lin Huang.

“Beat it up until it turns back to its original form, but don’t kill it,” Lin Huang did not bother about the Spiritsword Supreme’s threats while instructing the two fiends.

The fiends were excited as they watched the giant coming together. They were born with the instinct to fight and only managed to warm up when they were summoned earlier. They were keen to fight as there was a monster of the same level standing in front of them. After hearing Lin Huang’s instruction, the two fiends charged towards the sand giant.

With its mighty explosive strength, the Malachian Fiend arrived before the sand giant first and punched hard at the giant’s abdomen. The sand giant seemed to notice the impending hit, so it struck out its fist as well.


An intense blast rang out. It was hundreds of times louder than thunder. Lin Huang, who stood close by, felt like his eardrums were going to pop and he covered his ears immediately.

Although the collision did not cover as wide an area as the nuclear bomb did, the area within a few kilometers was affected. Trees in the jungle were annihilated by the impact and wood chips were shooting out everywhere. Even Lin Xin, who was almost 10 kilometers away, could feel the ground quaking. Some of the wood chips flew towards her, but they were blocked out by the Witch with a defense shield.

Standing on top of the hill, Lin Xin watched the battle with a detection weapon from far away. Although she had no idea what level the Spiritsword Supreme was on, she could tell that such destruction could not have been created by a gold-level.

“Is brother fighting a Transcendent?” Lin Xin could not help but ask the Witch.

The Witch hesitated as she was not sure if she should answer her question, but she nodded eventually as she saw how serious Lin Xin looked.

Lin Xin saw that the monster that was made out of sand was beaten up very badly.

“That’s great!” Lin Xin admired Lin Huang even more after confirming her speculation from the Witch.

On the battlefield, the Spiritsword Supreme that was transformed into a giant with a sword was oppressed by the two fiends. It was not as powerful as the Malachian Fiend, and it had lost a part of its hand from the first encounter. Meanwhile, the Inferior Imp showed no mercy while it continued battering holes in its body.

The battle lasted for quite a while. The reason why they could not kill the sand monster was because it could heal itself. It was like a monster with ultra regeneration abilities whereby its wounds would heal immediately. After more than 20 minutes of battle between the three, Lin Huang was finally impatient. He thought that the sand monster would reach its self-healing limit but the fiends had attacked it more than a thousand times, yet its healing ability did not seem to weaken or slow down. Lin Huang realized that wasting time would not win the battle.

“Come out, Sanguine Skeleton Spirit!” Lin Huang summoned.

“Seal its Life Power and see how it can self-heal!”

Soon, the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit joined the team and tied a Punishment Chain on the giant’s left ankle. At that very moment, the Malachian Fiend punched the sand giant’s chest hard. A golden glow shot out from the giant’s body. Soon, the sand giant completely collapsed.

As Lin Huang watched, he noticed a shadow moving from the corner of his eye. Suddenly, a bright white glow glistened from not far away. An intense shockwave shot out and devoured the Spiritsword Supreme’s body.

Lin Huang was shocked, but he soon noticed that it was Lancelot’s forbidden skill, the Absolute Life. He shook his head and smiled to himself as he thought Lancelot was impatient.

Before the impact faded, a notification came from Xiao Hei. “Congratulations, you have obtained a new Monster Card, Spiritsword Supreme (Sword Servant).”

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