Monster Paradise

Chapter 413 Men’s Summer

After killing the Spiritsword Supreme, Lancelot returned to his card form. As he used a forbidden skill, he could not be summoned within the next 24 hours. Lin Huang recalled the two fiends and the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit. The Spiritsword Supreme’s carcass was in pieces. When the Malachian Fiend performed his last punch, it seemed to have injured the Spiritsword Supreme to a certain extent. Even though it was 90% immune to sword attacks, nothing was left following Lancelot’s Absolute Life skill.

The battle lasted for less than an hour. Lin Huang looked at the time. It was only 10.20 in the morning. He then summoned Thunder, hopped on it and headed towards the hill where Lin Xin was. At Thunder’s speed, it only took them a moment to arrive at their destination which was ten kilometers away. Seeing that Lin Xin was safe as he leaped from Thunder, Lin Huang recalled the Witch immediately.

“Xin Er, are you alright?” He noticed that the way Lin Xin looked at him was odd as though she was a fan meeting her idol.

“I’m okay!” Lin Xin waved her hands.

“Come up then. We’ll have to stay in Jinchuan City tonight.” Lin Huang pulled Lin Xin up onto Thunder’s back. As Lancelot could only be able to be summoned 24 hours later, there was no need for them to rush.

Thunder flapped its wings and headed to Jinchuan City. They did not use the dimensional relic as Lin Huang had thought that they would not go back to Jinchuan City, so he did not pin the coordinates. Moreover, since the embarrassing scene they landed in this morning, he decided not to use the dimensional relic. The couple must still be in the room, and it would be really embarrassing if they were to witness the same obscenity again. After all, the couple was young and passionate, so it was possible that they were copulating all day in the room.

“Brother, was that a Transcendent monster that you killed?” Lin Xin asked as soon as Thunder started flying. Although she already knew the answer, she wanted to hear it from Lin Huang.

“Mm-hmm.” Lin Huang nodded.

“There are actually three levels in Transcendent — the holy fire-level, immortal-level, and the imperial-level. The one I just killed is the lowest one in the holy fire-level, which is a white flame-level monster,” Lin Huang added after thinking about it.

“Brother, are you a Transcendent already?” Lin Xin asked in excitement.

“Not yet. I’m only a gold-level rank-3, not a complete gold-level yet.” Lin Huang shook his head and smiled. He did not hide his real ability from her.

“So, you’ve only used a year to level up from a regular person to gold-level. You’re really a genius!” Lin Xin complimented.

What she did not know was that Lin Huang’s speed of leveling up was considered a top genius.

“Don’t brag about this, or else, trouble will come,” Lin Huang warned.

“Yes, I understand! ‘Destruction pursues the great’. I read that in a book. I’ll keep it a secret!” Lin Xin nodded vigorously.

“Brother, then are your summoning monsters Transcendent-level too?” Lin Xin asked again.

“Some of them are.” Lin Huang did not deny as he did not want to hide his matters from her anymore.

“That’s amazing!” Lin Xin exclaimed and touched Thunder’s feather intimately. She thought that Thunder was a Transcendent-level monster.

Lin Huang noticed what she was doing and smiled while he shook his head. He had no idea what this little girl had in her mind. It was 11.40 a.m. when they arrived in Jinchuan City riding on Thunder. Although Jinchuan City was only a B-grade foothold, it was one of the food havens in Division7. It was popular for spicy food. Lin Huang loved spicy food when he was on Earth while Lin Xin was weird as she was not that sensitive to taste and found everything to be delicious.

They booked a hotel in the central zone next to a food street. There were not many stores opened in the food street during noon, so they checked into the hotel after having a simple lunch somewhere. Since they were free, Lin Huang headed to the hotel training room in the afternoon to train his sword skills with Star Dome as the summary. The integration of sword skills needed time to achieve, and he was not in a rush.

There were training rooms in many high-class hotels in this world where they could only contain levels below holy fire-level. To decrease the damage that might be created by the impact, Lin Huang used a wooden sword to train instead. During the training, he found out that his sword realm that used to be stagnant was increasing slowly. As he practiced the entire afternoon, he realized that the training room was covered in sword marks even though he had only been using a wooden sword.

He apologized to the hotel manager and offered to pay for the damages.

“Mr. Lin Huang, our hotel is under the Hunter Association’s management. You’re a Gold Hunter, so the damages will be paid by the Hunter Association. You won’t have to fork out a cent,” the hotel manager smiled and explained to Lin Huang. Lin Huang thought to himself that having the identity of a hunter was useful. After that, he returned to his room and showered. It was past six when he put on his clothes. He then brought Lin Xin to the food street downstairs.

Most of the stores in the food street only opened after six in the evening while some of them started after seven. It was the perfect time to be visiting the food street and Lin Xin was excited. Excluding the time when Fatty and Zhang Mengmeng had visited the White Capital, it had been more than a month since she went shopping with Lin Huang. For her safety, Lin Huang summoned Tyrant to be her bodyguard. Knowing that they were heading to the food street, Tyrant was drooling in the elevator. He could not resist the food in the human word especially when it came to meat.

As Lin Huang had spent more than a year with monsters, he knew that each monster had different preferences in food. Tyrant loved meat. If he was allowed to, he could eat more than 30 tons of roasted meat a day. As for Bloody, it preferred sweet food, especially flavored drinks. There were some of them who did not care for food such as the Nephilic Judge. Until now, Lin Huang had no idea if her ignorance towards food was just her cold attitude, or if she was just not interested in any food.

The day was still bright when they arrived at the food street, but lights were turned on everywhere. There were mineral stones of various colors lighting up like stars. The crowd never stopped streaming, and the bustling food stores promoting their food as well as the chatter made Lin Huang think that he was back on Earth. It was the end of July, which was the warmest season in summer. Lin Huang smirked as he watched men wearing sleeveless tops eating barbecue while drinking green juice on the street.

“It seems like beer and barbecue is always men’s summer favorite past time no matter which world it is…”

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