My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 482 - SuChapter A Flashy Lifestyle (2)

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“Five, four, three, two, one… start it!” Wei Liao commanded through his cell phone.

Suddenly, loud bangs sounded on both sides of the viaduct…

Startled, Huo Mian thought that she had a flat tire…

But when she looked up, she realized that fireworks were shooting out from either side of the viaduct…

Red, blue, green, purple, pink… anyways, it was really pretty and colorful.

The fireworks formed words, which, in the end, became ‘Happy Birthday’.

Huo Mian drove slowly, and fireworks lit wherever she passed as if they were specially prepared for her…

She originally thought that it was Qin Chu’s surprise for her, but he wouldn’t do anything on the 17th.

After all, her birthday wasn’t until tomorrow, and midnight was a few hours away. So who was it that was doing this? Was it for her, or just a coincidence?

If it were a coincidence, then why would fireworks light up wherever she drove?

The city forbade fireworks, not even during its Agricultural Expo. Fireworks were only allowed on the eve of Chinese New Year.

No one had the right to light up fireworks in such a flashy way unless that person was extremely powerful.

Huo Mian suddenly thought of someone. It must be him.

– In the RV –

Wei Liao, Su Yu, and Tang Chuan enjoyed red wine on a luxurious leather sofa.

Their car followed behind Huo Mian’s, and they watched as fireworks lit up wherever they passed.

“Isn’t it her birthday tomorrow? It’s too early to do it today,” Tang Chuan muttered.

“She’s going to be celebrating with her husband tomorrow, we won’t have the chance to light up fireworks for her, okay?” Wei Liao rolled his eyes at Tang Chuan.

“Wei, don’t say it like that. It’ll break Mr. Su’s fragile heart.”

Su Yu held a wine glass in his hand and watched the fireworks quietly as if he was deep in thought.

“Young Master Su, I can’t believe you can be this romantic too. I would definitely marry you if I were a woman.”

“Gross, I don’t want to marry you.” Su Yu laughed.

“But seriously, will she know it’s you?” Tang Chuan was worried.

“She doesn’t have to know, all she needs to do is enjoy the view…” Su Yu said quietly.

People began gathering around the overpass to watch the fireworks, and many recorded videos and uploaded them to their WeChat friend circles.

Even Zhixin somehow got ahold of that video and re-posted it in his own friend circle.

“Who did this? It’s so romantic. And, from what I see, these fireworks are really expensive. Therefore, after verification, I deduce that this is a game of the riches.”

Huo Mian sighed when she saw this…

She was truly shocked by what Su Yu did…

But what was the point of it?

“Su, don’t sit there like a log, she’s turning up there and will be home soon. It’s time for you to make an appearance,” Wei Liao put down his wineglass and reminded Su Yu.

Su Yu also put down his wineglass and slowly got up…

“Step on the gas and catch up to that Audi R8. Force her to stop,” Su Yu commanded the driver in a dominating manner.

The driver stepped on the gas pedal and accelerated; then, the car suddenly stopped in front of the R8, not far from Huo Mian.

Frightened, Huo Mian immediately stepped on her brakes…

Then, Su Yu, who had on a black leather jacket and beige pants, came out from the RV.

He walked up to Huo Mian’s car and knocked on her window. “Get off.”


“Why not?” Su Yu raised his eyebrows.

“Who knows what you’re going to do? Don’t tell me you’re going to try and kiss me. Su Yu, I’m telling you, don’t even think about it. This is public space, and a lot of people are watching.” Terrified, Huo Mian was extremely cautious towards Su Yu. He was basically a crazy person, and if he really did something out of line, how was she supposed to explain things to Qin Chu?

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