My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 484 - SuChapter A Flashy Lifestyle (4)

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“Sis, are you off work?”

“Mhm, I just got home.”

“What do you have planned tomorrow?” Zhixin mysteriously asked.

“I don’t know, Qin Chu’s not home yet.”

“Sis, you should bring Qin Chu to our house tomorrow.”

“Home? No way… Mom would die of anger…” Huo Mian said hesitatingly.

“They have to cross paths eventually, maybe it could be a chance for them to resolve their issues? I don’t have school tomorrow anyway. I asked for a day off, so I’ll be home. I’ll be helping you, so Mom won’t be too harsh on you… Although she has been mad at you lately, I saw her buy some wool a few days ago like she was going to knit you a sweater. It’s probably your birthday present. She’ll be disappointed if you don’t come back.”

Zhixin’s words moved Huo Mian slightly…

She really did want to bring Qin Chu home, but her mother…?

“Fine, I’ll consider it.”

“Alright, I’ll wait to hear from you. Sis, right, you better come back! I prepared a present for you too,” Zhixin happily said.

“I got it, you little trickster.”

Hanging up the call, she got a WeChat message from Zhu Lingling asking what she had planned tomorrow.

Early today, Gao Ran said that the four of them should have dinner together, but Qin Chu wasn’t back yet, so they couldn’t plan out the exact details.

As she was thinking, Qin Chu opened the door…

“You’re home?” Wearing her slippers, Huo Mian jogged over and brought Qin Chu’s slippers to him.

“You didn’t eat yet, right? Go change and we’ll go out for seafood.” Qin Chu lovingly embraced Huo Mian.

“Seafood, yay! I love it!” After speaking, Huo Mian grabbed her jacket from the couch.

The two drove to a famous seafood restaurant…

“Should we ask Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling to come with us?”

“No, we rarely have time to ourselves,” Qin Chu disagreed.

“Fine, but I accepted her red packet money today,” Huo Mian laughed and stuck her tongue out.

Qin Chu took the menu and ordered Huo Mian’s favorite seafood plates with ease.

“Honey… I want to confess something.”

“If It’s about the firework, I know.”

“No… There’s something else.”

“It’s about Su Yu, right?” Qin Chu seemed to have guessed.

Huo Mian nodded, going over how Su Yu gifted her the bullet shell because she didn’t want to hide it from Qin Chu.

After hearing it, Qin Chu didn’t show too much emotion and he simply nodded. “If he wants to give it to you, then let him.”

“Honey, you won’t be jealous?”

“Why would I be jealous, he’s not a threat to me yet.”

“Fine, there you go being prideful again…” Huo Mian chuckled.

“Honey, what do you have planned for tomorrow?” With anticipation on her face, Huo Mian asked.

“There’s nothing planned, just going to work like normal.” Qin Chu purposefully said before lowering his head to drink tea.

Huo Mian was immediately disappointed, she pouted and remained silent…

“Honey, what’s wrong?”


“You don’t seem too happy.”

“No, I just naturally have a sad face.” Huo Mian was a little pissed.

The corners of Qin Chu’s mouth raised ever so slightly…

He extended his hand and pinched Huo Mian’s face. “Fine, I won’t tease you anymore. I won’t go to the company tomorrow, I’ll be staying home and be at your service for the twenty-four hours. I’ll only listen to my Goddess Huo’s commands.”

“Really?” Huo Mian immediately smiled in surprise.

“I am being a 100% serious.”

“Then you can’t go back on your words, you have to listen to me.”

“Mhm, I won’t. I’ll listen to everything you say. Even if you want to do it seven times tonight, I’ll die of exhaustion but I will still try to satisfy you.”

“Ahem… What are you blabbering about!” Huo Mian’s face immediately turned red.

Looking at Huo Mian’s derpy face made Qin Chu smile. His smile was relaxed and handsome.

“Mr. Qin, stop blabbering and give me my birthday present.” Huo Mian extended her hands and demanded her birthday present with an unyielding attitude. She couldn’t wait to see what present Qin Chu had prepared for her birthday after being apart for seven years.

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