My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 491 - The Drug You Can’t Get Off of (1)

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“Huo Zhenghai didn’t even want to demolish it. He’s a sly businessman and wouldn’t conduct deals that would cause him to lose money, like buying this piece of land out in the middle of nowhere. He only did this to force me into helping him. Once I agreed to go back to the Huo family, he immediately took back the demolition orders he issued onto this piece of land. Then, things became peaceful again, he never mentioned demolition either, so this was his plot all along.”

“If that’s the case, then he might not have even demolished this place if you didn’t go to him. He only wanted to scare you.”

Huo Mian nodded. “Yes, in theory, but then I realized something.”

“What is it?”

“If I don’t go back to the Huo family this time, then Huo Zhenghai might think of another plot next time. He knows that my mom is my soft spot, so I’ll go along with the plan this time, and return to the Huo Family, but I’ll prepare to attack back. I don’t want to be ordered around by others. Huo Zhenghai needs to be punished for all the ways he has bullied us,” Huo Mian said as she looked outside the car window. U.p.dated. by

“Everything will be fine, tell me if you ever need anything.”

“I know, but I’m able to take care of things myself for the time being, don’t worry.” Huo Mian smiled as she held Qin Chu’s arm.

Qin Chu always knew what kind of person Huo Mian was, she was someone that wouldn’t want to be taken advantage of, and if someone angered her, given her intelligence, she would be able to mess her opponent up badly within a matter of seconds. It all depended on whether she wanted to.

When the two walked into the courtyard with a handful of things, they saw that Yang Meirong was there, and she seemed to be picking vegetables.

“Mom…” Huo Mian hesitantly shouted.

Yang Meirong raised her head and saw Huo Mian. She then looked at Qin Chu, and her facial expression became clearly unhappy.

“Why is he here…”

Before Huo Mian could say anything, she saw Zhixin run out from inside the room, who happily greeted both Qin Chu and Huo Mian.

“Sis… Brother-in-law, you’ve come back.”

“What Brother-in-law? Watch your language, young man,” scolded Yang Meirong angrily.

“Sis and Brother-in-law are legally married as husband and wife. Even though they haven’t had a wedding, he’s still my brother-in-law in my mind.” Jing Zhixin didn’t care for his mother’s curses, as he walked over and helped Huo Mian with their stuff.

Qin Chu passed over the laptop and cellphone. “These are for you.”

“Wow… the newest edition! Thanks, Brother-in-law.”

Jing Zhixin was a guy, so he liked electronics very much, but all of the newest electronics on the market were expensive.

Even though his sister gave him enough allowances, he still didn’t want to waste her money.

Qin Chu’s presents were exactly what Jing Zhixin wanted.

He didn’t even dare to drive the yellow Camaro Chevrolet sports car yet, because he was scared that his mother would be furious. By then, it would really be fast and furious.

“Mom… let me help you.” Huo Mian walked over and helped her mother pick the vegetables.

Yang Meirong still remained upset, but she didn’t say anything else.

“Mom… I want to eat homemade ‘long-live’ noodles! They’re so good.”

Huo Mian said coyly and didn’t care if she would be refused with curses.

“You’re now the young mistress of a wealthy family, how can you eat the same thing as little citizens like us? Why don’t you just eat out if you want something?”

“But I like the food you make, Mom. No one can replace that flavor.”

Yang Meirong’s hand that was washing the vegetables slightly trembled when she heard this, as if something tugged her heart string.

The two women were busy outside, while Jing Zhixin poured Qin Chu a cup of tea, and the two of them talked inside the room.

“Brother-in-law, my sis can be stubborn sometimes like a cow. Don’t bother to argue with her, just let her have her way from time to time. She’s always had that bad-temper, and she will release it all irrationally. I’ve been bullied by her ever since I was little and have grown accustomed to it, haha. However, she might seem powerful on the surface, but she’s still a girl no matter how smart and strong she is. The truth is, she’s very sensitive and weak inside. If she’s been wounded, then she would hide away and mend her wounds on her own. I really love my sister, so please, don’t let my sister get hurt.”

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