My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 496 - The Drug You Can’t Get Off of (6)

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“Do you like it?’ Zhu Lingling laughed proudly.

“How… did you get this?” Huo Mian was surprised.

This perfume wasn’t that of a luxury brand; instead, it was a product from an independent domestic designer.

This designer was quite odd, and he would only design one perfume each year and produce only ten bottles per design, with every bottle personally made by him.

Rumor had it that he even planted all of the ingredients himself, and they were especially precious…

This particular style of perfume was the one he produced last year and was called Extreme Seduction, coming with an extremely unique scent.

Back then, many online shops came out with fake versions of this perfume, and it was sold out all over. Huo Mian and Zhu Lingling once came across a girl who used the real thing, and after one whiff, they never forgot that scent. It was very light, but very long lasting.

Huo Mian fell in love with it back then and tried all sorts of ways to buy a bottle, but she failed.

It was because that he only made ten bottles, which had long been sold out…

Now that a year had passed, Huo Mian was overwhelmed with surprise when Zhu Lingling took out this perfume.

“It’s quite a coincidence that the designer sat in first class on my flight a month or so ago, and I served him. I recognized him right away and then asked about this perfume. I said that my best friend loved it very much, and so without another word, he told me to leave him my address, and he’ll mail it to me later. For every scent that was sold, he would keep a bottle for commemoration, and this bottle was the one he left for himself.”

“Wow… Lingling, you’re so great, I love you so much!” Huo Mian was overwhelmed with joy.

Qin Chu faintly looked at his wife and said enviously, “It’s just perfume, I’ll buy you as many as you’d like.”

“I only like Johnny’s perfume,” Huo Mian said stubbornly; Johnny was the designer’s English name.

“Then that’s easy, just get him to come work at GK, and he’ll especially make perfume for you,” Qin Chu said domineeringly.

Huo Mian, “…”

Zhu Lingling, “You sure can do whatever you want when you’re rich.”

Gao Ran, “You really can’t compete with the rich CEO tyrant when it comes to buying stuff.”

“I don’t want him to only make perfume for me. He’s a free man and an artist. If you restrict him like that, it will kill his talents. How he is right now is the best, you can’t forcefully ask for these. I was lucky enough to have acquired it, but it’s okay if I didn’t. It’s all fate.” Huo Mian smiled, and then carefully placed the perfume in her bag.

“But that designer is a bit too nice. He even gave the one he kept himself to you, did you sleep with him?” Gao Ran interrupted with jealousy.

“Sleep your head; do you think everyone is as perverted as you are to sneak into my bed?”

“Cough, cough… hold it. You mean, you two have gone to bed together?” asked Huo Mian on purpose.

“Ahem…” Gao Ran coughed heavily all of a sudden and didn’t know how to cover it up anymore.

Zhu Lingling also realized that her words slipped, and she immediately explained, “That was only a mistake. We were both drunk, and it wasn’t on purpose… Besides, nothing happened between us, really.” U.p..dated by . com

“Yes, I believe that you two didn’t do anything, even when you ended up in the same bed.”


“Yes, I believe you,” Huo Mian laughed very hard, as she found it funny whenever she saw Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling’s awkward expressions.

“Only ghosts would believe you,” Qin Chu suddenly said.

“Whoa whoa, don’t change the subject. I want to ask you, why would the designer sell the perfume to you?” Gao Ran probed Zhu Lingling.

“Of course he didn’t sell it to me that easily, I exchanged it with a limited edition of Michael Jackson’s album. He’s a fan of Michael Jackson.”

“Lingling, you gave that album to him?” Huo Mian knew that Lingling bought the album when she was vacationing in the States. She searched through several music stores to find it and had always treasured it.

“Yea… I gave it to him, it’s nothing. I don’t like it anymore after all this time. It’s just right for exchanging it for the perfume to give to you, I didn’t lose anything.” Zhu Lingling smiled.

Huo Mian knew that Zhu Lingling had always been very loyal, and she would even give up her own things to exchange it for what Huo Mian liked.

Only a best friend like this was worth being close friends with and was worth every bit of Huo Mian’s risk and effort in saving her from the nightclub.

Gao Ran relaxed quite a bit after he heard that Zhu Lingling got it through an exchange of items…

“Hey, why don’t you take out your birthday gift? Hurry up.” Zhu Lingling was scared that Qin Chu and Huo Mian wouldn’t let go of the ‘in bed’ topic from before, so she immediately pinched Gao Ran’s shoulder and reminded him to take out his gift.

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