My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 498 - The Drug You Can’t Get Off of (8)

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Qin Chu stood up when he saw Rick. Then, he walked over and bumped shoulders with the tall and handsome mixed-blood man, greeting each other in their own way.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were going to come? I would’ve gotten everything ready for you.”

“It’s fine, I only brought over my good friends and wife to hang around for a bit.”

Rick nodded, and then he left after he exchanged a few words with Qin Chu…

Shortly afterward, the servers walked over one by one with a dozen exquisite fruit platters and bottles of beer, red wine, and liquor, filling up the table.

There were even two bottles of Chivas Royal Salute amongst the liquor.

Gao Ran also knew of the Chivas Royal Salute. This was a fifty-year-old one and should cost around ten thousand dollars on the market, which was equivalent to about sixty thousand or so yuan. There were only 255 bottles from its limited production worldwide. This boss was truly generous, sending over alcohol that was this expensive.

This only meant that he was quite close with Qin Chu…

Gao Ran dripped with saliva when he saw the liquor. “Good job, bro. I didn’t know you knew the boss here. That kid is really odd, he hardly interacts with people outside of his circle and is very mysterious. I once suspected that he had connections with the mafia and looked into him for quite a while but didn’t find anything.” . com

“I’ve been friends with Rick’s family since I was in the States, but I didn’t contact him after I returned to the country since we work in different sectors anyways.”

Qin Chu didn’t seem to want to say too much about Rick, and Huo Mian could hear Qin Chu’s tone.

Afraid that Gao Ran would keep on asking questions, she quickly changed the subject. “Did you guys forget to buy me a birthday cake?”

“Ah… I really did forget.” Zhu Lingling realized just then.

“That’s easy, let me call someone at the police station to buy one and send it over.” Gao Ran stood up and prepared to make the call.

Just then, the servers knocked on the door and entered with an extravagant three-layer cake…

“Our boss ordered for this to be sent over, please enjoy.”

‘That kid really is something, he even knows whose birthday it was.” Gao Ran looked at Qin Chu with suspicion.

“I just told him to prepare one,” Qin Chu said lightly.

“Yo… so it was you, you’re pretty considerate.” Gao Ran patted on Qin Chu’s shoulder.

Then, the four of them sat down, and Zhu Lingling placed 24 candles onto the cake for Huo Mian.

Then, she took her phone to take photos…

“Make a wish and blow out the candles, birthday girl.”

“I wish you a long and prosperous life,” Gao Ran teased.

“Happy birthday, honey,” Qin Chu lightly kissed Huo Mian on the corners of her lips, and the room suddenly filled with overwhelming sweetness.

Then Zhu Lingling and Gao Ran both posted the picture on their friend circles…

Huo Mian also took her phone, and posted on her friend circle, “I’m now 24, happy birthday to me.”

Then after a moment of hesitation, she opened up Weibo and posted on it as well.

“I’ve turned 24 today; I would like to thank everyone that appeared in my life. No matter what happens later on in life, I will continue on with all my strength. If it’s successful, it’ll be called life; if it’s rough, it’ll be called experience.”

The truth was, she didn’t want to post it on Weibo at all, but she suddenly remembered that Su Yu didn’t have her WeChat.

That guy gave her a bullet case and even lit up fireworks. If she didn’t say one nice thing, then she would be too rude.

Of course, Su Yu sent her a private message when he saw the update, containing only two words, “Happy birthday.”

Huo Mian also responded with two words, “Thank you.”

Despite how polite and distant this exchange was, Su Yu was happy because Huo Mian replied to him.

She even posted on Weibo so she could thank him…

“What are you smiling about? Did the Imperial Star stocks go up?” Wei Liao was very confused when he saw Su Yu staring and smiling at his phone.


“Then what are you so happy about?”

“Guess…” Su Yu raised his head and smiled mysteriously.

“Your world revolves around only a few things, I know what it’s about with my eyes closed, so I don’t even need to guess. So what happened? Did that Miss Huo agree to sleep with you?” Wei Liao teased him on purpose.

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