Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2959 Devil Battlefield

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Chapter 2959 Devil Battlefield

“Oh?” Long Chen’s eyes also brightened. He was lacking in money right now. He had many books he wanted to read in the Divine Scripture Pavilion, especially the history section. He wanted to find more about Lord Brahma.

“Qingyun, you didn’t tell Long Chen about the guild advancement rules?” asked Luo Bing.

Mu Qingyun shook her head. “Brother San has been busy all these days. I wanted to find him but he was gone, and then today, we just directly came here before I had a chance to mention it.”

Luo Bing smiled. “Ah, I see. Then let me explain it. The inner academy’s guild rankings aren’t based on the same thing as the Earth rankings. It’s based on points gained on the battlefield. Every month, the number of points a guild accumulates on the battlefield will determine their ranking, and then it gets reset to zero at the start of the month. Other than the top ten, the other ranks of the inner academy’s guilds are in constant flux. Outside of the top hundred, the rankings change every day. Take a look.”

Luo Bing took out a jade plate. Its light reflected on the wall. Long Chen saw a ranking list of the guilds.

Every guild had some rainbow specks of light moving behind them. Some guilds had over a thousand of those lights, making people dizzy. The names at the bottom of the rankings were jumping up and down like fleas. Just staring at it could give a person a headache.

“What is this?” asked Long Chen.

“Have you noticed that while the inner academy has millions of disciples, you don’t see that many people around?” asked Luo Bing.

Long Chen nodded. “You mean that they’re all on the battlefield?”

“Yes. The inner academy’s disciples can’t laze around like in the outer academy. The stronger they are, the more work they need to put in. Ninety-nine percent of the inner academy’s disciples are on the battlefield doing their best to accumulate points. Not only do they get kill credit for themselves, which can be exchanged for immortal crystals, there are also many treasures in the academy that can only be traded for with kill credit.”

Long Chen came to an understanding. No wonder that Divine Lightning Elder had been covered in blood. It seemed that all the experts of the Battle God Palace were either fighting on the battlefield or healing in preparation of returning.

In the end, the experts raised by the High Firmament Academy were all sent to the battlefield. But just who was the enemy of the High Firmament Academy?

“Long Chen, with your power, it’s very simple for you to make money. Just go to the battlefield and slay some of the devil creatures. Once you enter the battlefield, as long as you carry the status plate of the Luo Gate or the Unfettered Alliance, our guilds can trade kill credit or immortal crystals with you. You’ll have kill credit, we’ll have guild points. It’s mutually beneficial,” said Luo Bing.

It just so happened that Luo Bing and Mu Qingyun were lacking points, and Long Chen was lacking money. They could both work together for what they needed.

“That’s a good idea. But I wonder if the Chu family’s hands will stretch to the battlefield. If they scheme against us there, we might suffer immensely,” said Long Chen. He was worried about getting stabbed in the back on the battlefield.

“Impossible. The devil battlefield is overseen by the Battle God Palace. That’s an independent force that even the dean doesn’t have authority in. The Chu family is only able to make some small moves in the inner academy. They don’t dare to provoke the Battle God Palace,” said Luo Bing. This was something that she was very confident about.

“As long as those old ghosts of the Chu family can’t interfere there, there’s nothing to worry about. I’m not afraid of anyone in the same realm,” said Long Chen with a smile.

“Most importantly, the Luo Gate and Unfettered Alliance are newly formed, and as newcomers, we get a special handicap. Within the first month, all the points we gain are doubled. However, there’s also only half a month’s time until the end of the month. Although I did say that we wanted to get into the top hundred, to tell the truth, that’s very difficult. However, if you join, both of our guilds can get in the top hundred. Our names will soar, and we’ll be able to recruit more people. Rather than being looked down upon, others will have to ask just to join our guilds,” said Luo Bing. Long Chen’s agreement delighted her. Even her previous vexation due to Luo Qingyang was forgotten.

“Actually, Qingyun doesn’t need me to worry about anything. I already taught them what I know. I have absolute confidence that even without me, they can get into the top hundred. But your side will need more training, because they view themselves as cultivators, and not warriors,” said Long Cehn.

Luo Bing nodded. “I understand.”

During the divine competition, they had all seen the Unfettered Alliance’s bravery and toughness. Even when Mu Qingyun was ready to give up to protect their lives, these disciples would rather die on the battlefield than admit defeat. That was a shocking perseverance and willpower. Just how was it that Long Chen had managed to make a group of people become so fearless of death within such a short time?

Not one of the five hundred disciples had admitted defeat in that battle. They had rather died in battle than retreat. There were even disciples who only had half a body left who still managed to drag one or two more of their enemies with them. That was a terrifying determination on the verge of craziness.

Before Long Chen had arrived, Luo Bing’s people were actually somewhat superior to the Unfettered Alliance. But after his arrival, the Unfettered Alliance was transformed. Despite both of them having awakened their bloodline power, Luo Ning and Luo Bing both knew there was a large gap between the Luo Gate and the Unfettered Alliance.

“It’s fine. Our guilds are allied. Our Luo Gate will definitely learn from the Unfettered Alliance. Plus, don’t we have you too? Don’t forget, you’re an instructor of the Immortal Institute as well. You have a duty to teach the Immortal Institute’s disciples. We’ve already booked up the next three months of classes you have in the Immortal Institute,” said Luo Bing. Her smile was particularly bright.

Long Chen was surprised. He looked to Mu Qingyun to see her giggle. “I booked the God Institute’s ones in advance. Big sister Luo Bing learned from me.”

Long Chen bitterly smiled. “Did you already have this planned? When I get famous, those people who want classes with me will have to join your guilds to get lessons, am I right?”

Mu Qingyun and Long Chen both laughed delightedly, like two beautiful sly foxes.

Long Chen’s fame would definitely grow more and more within the inner academy. Who knew how many people would want to attend classes with him? But with all those classes booked, they would have no choice but to join their guilds to attend those classes.

“Alright, then let’s do this properly. Tell everyone in your guilds that starting now, stop buying pills from the Pill Institute. Whatever pill you want, come to me. I’ll sell it to you at eighty percent of the Pill Institute’s price, as many as you want,” said Long Chen.

“Really?” Mu Qingyun and Luo Bing were both shocked. They stared at him with some disbelief.

Medicinal pills were the number one requirement for a cultivator. It could be said that over half a person’s cultivation resources were medicinal pills. If Long Chen’s words were true, they could save a huge sum.

“Of course it’s true. Whatever pill you want, just give me a list and I’ll give you the pills,” said Long Chen. He stood. “Alright, let’s rest early today. Tomorrow, we move out to make money.”

Long Chen returned to his residence. He had a beautiful night’s sleep, and then the next morning, he gathered with everyone and stepped foot into a transportation formation. They went through seven transportations before they arrived in a dark, gloomy world.

“Warriors of the academy, welcome to the devil battlefield.”

Before they even had a chance to appraise this new world, a middle-aged man in front of the transportation formation courteously greeted them.

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