Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2961 Conning People to Death?

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Chapter 2961 Conning People to Death?

“Long Chen, you can set the strategy. We’ll just follow you. Even that senior trusts you, so us rookies have no right to speak,” said Luo Ning.

The Luo Gate’s disciples didn’t know much about Long Chen. Although he had become famous in the divine competition, not that many people had seen it from their side. When the immortal competition ended, only Luo Bing and Luo Ning were brought over to watch by Heaven Master Dong Ming. Thus, the other disciples had only heard stories about Long Chen.

If it was said that they still had a trace of doubt when it came to Long Chen before, then now they were fully and truly convinced by him.

He had slapped the face of Chu Yang and the vice leader of the third strongest guild without the other side being able to say a word.

The mysterious senior spoke so courteously to him, praising him as a true warrior.

Even that terrifying fourth rank devil beast, the Red Armored Earth Dragon, prostrated itself towards Long Chen, allowing him and the rest of them to walk up its body. They no longer had a trace of doubt in Long Chen’s capabilities.

Seeing everyone look at him, Long Chen smiled. “Alright, since everyone trusts me so much, I’ll give my opinion. As a person, I have slightly bigger guts than others. My appetite is slightly bigger. Thus, I like to go for simple and direct methods. On the way, I did some assessments, and I feel like we can directly eat meat. However, before eating meat, I need to discuss formations with everyone. The Unfettered Alliance and the Luo Gate’s fighting disciples should be split into four teams, led by Mu Qingyun, Li Cai, Luo Bing, and Luo Ning. Each team is split into four squadrons. Do your best to keep the squadrons even in terms of power distribution. Other than that, I see that your groups have rather few wood and water element cultivators. Why is that?”

“Wood and water cultivators have low individual fighting powers. Most guilds don’t particularly care for them,” explained Luo Ning.

Long Chen shook his head. “Wood and water element experts possess powerful healing capabilities. They might not be useful in fights between disciples, but on the battlefield, they are the number one protection for the entire group. They cannot be lacking.”

“There are plenty of them. But both of them require many cultivation resources. There aren’t many of them who excel. When one of them does, they are quickly picked up. With our current situation, we cannot raise powerful wood and water cultivators. The path of cultivation focuses on defense, then offense. People rarely cultivate healing skills,” said Luo Ning.

Due to the cultivation speed of wood and water cultivators being comparatively slow, and since most of them were focused mostly on control and not offense, and since they required more resources to cultivate, the various guilds usually didn’t accept them. Only the best of the best were picked up.

Thus, amongst the Luo Gate and the Unfettered Alliance, all together, there were only thirty wood and water element cultivators.

Long Chen sighed and shook his head inside. To say that wood cultivators had weak combat power, it seemed that they had never seen a true wood cultivator. Wood cultivators like Chu Yao and Liu Ruyan were indispensable whether in terms of single person combat or group combat. Ignoring everything else, just that ocean’s worth of spiritual energy was enough to cause their enemies to despair.

However, there was one thing that Luo Bing was correct about. They truly used more resources. But on the Martial Heaven Continent, Long Chen had had the support of Zheng Wenlong. Any resources could be obtained, so he hadn’t had any pressure raising Chu Yao, Liu Ruyan, and the healing warriors of the Dragonblood Legion.

Unfortunately, now he was in the immortal world. The immortal world had more resources, but also more cultivators, making the competition more intense. He wished Zheng Wenlong was here.

Logically, he had already seen through the dragon expert’s eyes that the people of the Martial Heaven Continent had been sent to a safe world, with Heaven Merging experts sent throughout the immortal world. He hoped that he could meet Zheng Wenlong again.

However, if he wanted to find Zheng Wenlong, he would first need to grow out of the High Firmament Academy. But he needed to accumulate enough power here first.

“Starting today, all wood and water element cultivators should start training in healing magical arts. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fight freely on the battlefield. Other than that, how many skilled archers are there? Stand up so I can see you.”

Over ten people stood. These people were rather strong archers.

“There’s still too few, but nothing we can do about it now. Once the guild’s fame rises, recruit some more outstanding archers and healers.”

Long Chen then looked at the map. After a moment of thought, he pointed towards a region of weaving valleys.

“We’ll start our battlefield experiment here.”

Mu Qingyun, Luo Bing, and the others looked at where he had chosen and gasped.

“The chaotic stone valley? Long Chen, that’s a three star danger zone!”

There were three blood-colored stars marking the place he pointed at it. That was the danger level.

Many of the parts of the devil battlefield had danger levels marking them. For a first time trip here, most people would choose a place with no stars at all.

Areas with no stars represented that there would only be rank one devil creatures, with combat power matching the human race’s Mortal Transcendence realm. As Divine Flame experts, killing those rank one devil creatures wouldn’t pose a danger.

A one star danger zone represented that rank two devil creatures would occasionally appear. That would definitely pose some danger. For a first time trip, only those with absolute confidence and power would go there.

A two star danger zone didn’t even need to be considered. But Long Chen actually chose a three star danger zone. In other words, this was an area where every devil creature had reached the second rank. They had immense power, and casualties could easily occur. They might even be wiped out.

After speaking, Luo Bing saw Long Chen smiling at her. She suddenly blushed and recalled that she had just said that they would leave everything to him.

“Don’t worry, we’re just going to test things out there. If it really is no good, we’ll go somewhere easier,” said Long Chen.

After setting up their teams, they moved out. They walked over to transportation formation. When the expert there heard that they wanted to go to a three star danger zone, he was shocked. He informed them about the danger, but Long Chen persevered in wanting to go.

The transportation formation shook. Long Chen and the others appeared in a mountain valley. The core of the valley was protected by a formation. Through it, they could see roving figures in the distance.

Those were creatures that looked like giant apes, but they were hairless. Even from this distance, they could smell a bloody scent from them.

“Brothers, sisters, take out your bowls. Are you prepared to eat meat?” Long Chen smiled at the nervous disciples.

Long Chen charged out of the formation. With a flick of his finger, a streak of light shot out and exploded. All the devil creatures in this region were instantly attracted to the disturbance and charged over.

“Brother San…”

Long Chen had instantly drawn over hundreds of devil creatures at once. Mu Qingyun’s expression changed. Did Long Chen want to con them to death? Why couldn’t they kill them one by one?

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