Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2962 Long Chen’s Piercing Cloud Arrow

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Chapter 2962 Long Chen’s Piercing Cloud Arrow

“What are you looking at? Shouldn’t you set up your battle formations before they arrive?” Long Chen looked at Mu Qingyun and the others.

Li Cai and the others rapidly got into formation. After all, they had followed Long Chen the longest, and reacted the fastest.

Luo Bing, and Luo Ning also quickly reacted, getting into formation. But compared to the Unfettered Alliance, the Luo Gate’s side was clearly in much more of a mess.

After all, this was their first time coming into contact with the unknown devil race. Their specific devil blood qi posed quite an impact to them. That bloodthirstiness automatically drew out the terror in people’s hearts.

Long Chen shook his head inside. These disciples had actually never even encountered the devil race before. The terror in their eyes could be seen clearly. Their inner hearts clearly weren’t strong.

If it was the Dragonblood Legion here, then these so-called devil creatures would be nothing before them.

Let alone the regular disciples, even Luo Bing and Luo Ning were clearly not completely at ease. This was the difference. There was a large gap before they became true experts.

On the other hand, Mu Qingyun was much better off. She was possessing more and more of the heart of a sword cultivator.

“Qingyun, Li Cai to the front. Luo Bing, Luo Ning to the rear. Wood cultivators, water cultivators, take the center. Archers get on the high platform. If someone is injured, retreat to the center to recover. Archers, focus on steadiness. Target the areas under the greatest pressure. Kill the devil creatures quickly. You can’t let them surround you and stall you.” Long Chen’s voice resounded through the air as he gave instructions. Everyone quickly got into position.

Actually, this could barely be counted as the simplest combat formation. One reason was because these people hadn’t gone through the training to use anything more complicated, while another reason was that Long Chen was not some expert in formations. It was always Xia Chen creating the Dragonblood Legion’s formations.

However, Long Chen was at least satisfied at how fast everyone was moving now. Perhaps it was because of the danger to their lives, but they didn’t tarry at all.

A platform dozens of meters tall was quickly set up with eight wooden pillars. Long Chen was the first to jump onto it.

“Who has the best bow and arrow?” asked Long Chen to the archers that jumped up with him.

“My Golden Silk Six String Bow is an ancestral Spirit item. Boss San, do you want to try it?” One disciple handed over their bow and arrows.

Long Chen grasped the bow. It was very heavy. It was a powerful bow. When he pulled it, it bent like a crescent moon. Its runes activated and it began to automatically store energy.

“Not bad.” Long Chen received an arrow and shot it. His movements were smooth and easy. An arrow shot out like a bolt of lightning, striking the first devil creature in the head.

The immense power caused that giant ape’s head to instantly explode.

“What an archery technique!”

Those archers cried out in unison. Long Chen movements contained a spirituality and elegance that only archers who had been training for decades could achieve. Even Mu Qingyun and the others were shocked. They had never seen Long Chen use archery. They hadn’t expected him to also be skilled in this aspect. He was practically a demon. Was there anything he wasn’t skilled in?

“If we weren’t rather familiar, I would think that you were mocking me. That arrow not only missed, its power was off,” said Long Chen as he shot another. It hit another one of the devil creatures in the head, killing it.

Long Chen shot out over ten arrows, every arrow blasting apart the head of a devil creature.

Those archers wanted to cheer, but seeing Long Chen frowning the entire time, it seemed that he was very dissatisfied with his archery. They could only swallow their cheers.

Luo Ning rolled her eyes. “If I wasn’t familiar with this fellow, I’d definitely think he was being a show-off punk.”

“Ning-er, you’re a woman! Don’t say such coarse words.” Luo Bing glared her little sister. This little sister of hers drove her crazy. She was even more crude than a man.

Just at this moment, Long Chen suddenly unleashed an arrow that caused a tiny hole to appear in a devil creature’s head. The arrow pierced through its head without it exploding. It fell to the ground.

“I’ve finally found the feeling. That fellow Mo Nian said that this technique was so easy. Good thing I didn’t believe him and get scammed into betting with him. That little fellow really is treacherous.” Long Chen sighed.

When he raised the bow again, light flickered in his eyes. He slowly pulled back the string. Formless energy spread.

“Piercing Cloud Arrow!”

An explosive sound suddenly came from the bowstring. The arrow vanished.

They heard the sound of flesh being pierced in the distance. Looking over, they saw a line of over ten devil creatures collapse.

Luo Bing and the others were dumbfounded. They had never seen such terrifying archery arts. It had to be known that he was currently only using normal arrows, no?

As for the archers beside Long Chen, their eyes almost popped out of their eyes. As archers, they had never seen something so shocking. They were clearer on just how terrifying that arrow of his was. Long Chen hadn’t used all that much power in his arrow. It was entirely mental energy. When that arrow flew out, it was like it had its own life. All its power was concentrated on the tip, giving it terrifying piercing power.

“That fellow Mo Nian. This is only the first level of the Piercing Cloud Arrow, and it’s already this difficult. He actually managed to train it to the ninth level?” Long Chen felt greater admiration for Mo Nian’s archery.

Seeing the other archers staring at him like he was a god, he smiled and said, “Archers are a very frightening profession. I learned a little bit of archery from a brother. If you want to learn it, I can teach you.”


“This little bit is nothing in front of real experts. When you have a chance to see that fellow called Mo Nian, you’ll understand what a true divine archer is. Focus up. The devil creatures have arrived. Block the first wave. Warriors of the High Firmament Academy, today is your day to soar. These devil creatures are your steps to glory. Raise your weapons, reveal your light, use your hot blood to bear witness to your undying youth. Kill them all!”

These disciples’ blood instantly heated up. Even their fear was replaced with overflowing battle intent.

“Kill!” The disciples of both guilds roared and started attacking the devil creatures.

“Hey, hey, maintain formations! Don’t just run around!” shouted Long Chen.

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