Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2963 Guild Rankings

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Chapter 2963 Guild Rankings

Long Chen himself was shocked. These fellows looked like they had been given some chicken blood. Their eyes were red, and they almost seemed crazy.

This was the result of people worshiping him to a fanatical level. They lost their own rationality. This was why faith was such a frightening power.

People had a habit of believing whatever an expert said. Long Chen only wanted to encourage them and make them forget their fear, but instead they actually thought themselves unrivaled and started attacking, to the point that their formations became a mess.

By the time he shouted, it was too late. The devil creatures had already arrived and a fierce battle erupted.

Fortunately, the Unfettered Alliance’s disciples were at the front, and things were still somewhat under control. After all, they had learned how to fight with Long Chen. Those devil creatures collapsed in front of them.

Luo Bing and Luo Ning activated their bloodline power. Violet qi burst out of them. With a wave of their hands, violet light-swords flew out, tearing through the devil creatures.

Long Chen finally bore witness to the Luo family’s bloodline power. It was truly powerful. Those light-swords were so incredibly sharp that they did not lose out to Spirit items.

“Luo Bing, Luo Ning, focus on control over your group, not killing them yourselves,” shouted Long Chen.

To Luo Bing and Luo Ning, these devil creatures were nothing. It was meaningless for them to kill them. This was training for their disciples.

The two of them immediately stopped, focusing instead on helping in areas that started to get dangerous.

These ape creatures were so powerful that a single punch needed to be blocked by several people together. Sometimes the disciples didn’t balance their power evenly, resulting in some people being injured.

The injured people ran into the center of the formation where the wood and water element cultivators helped them recover.

Since the injuries were still very light, as soon as their wood and water energy entered their bodies, they essentially instantly healed, their chaotic auras growing steady. They quickly rejoined the battlefield.

Seeing the clumsy way that these wood and water cultivators were using their abilities, Long Chen couldn’t help shaking his head. Good talent was being wasted.

Any one of the Dragonblood Legion’s healing warriors could instantly heal anyone injured throughout the entire formation with just a wave of their staff. There was no need for them to go over there.

As for the archers, they kept a gaze over the entire battlefield, launching attacks on wherever the devil creatures were most concentrated. They killed a few of them to lessen the pressure.

After two hours, the ground was littered with the devil creatures’ corpses. The disciples of both guilds were so excited that their faces were red. They had actually killed over three thousand of these frightening devil creatures without a single casualty.

Let alone a casualty, no one was even heavily injured. They maintained their peak combat state throughout these two hours.

The guilds sent people to clean up the battlefield while the rest took a break.

These second rank devil creatures had a small devil crystal in their heads, also known as devil cores. Those were good things that the academy accepted. One could be traded for fifty to a hundred immortal crystals depending on its purity.

Although the individual price wasn’t that high, after killing them day in and day out, you could obtain a nice sum over a month.

“Let’s take a look at the rankings,” said Luo Bing excitedly.

Luo Bing and Mu Qingyun took out their guild plates. Some special ripples appeared on them. Those ripples were a special counting method that Long Chen didn’t understand.

“The Luo Gate has reached rank 937. We have 2600 points. We’re in the top thousand!” Luo Bing smiled. In just a bit, they had already entered the top thousand.

“The Unfettered Alliance has 5100 points, and is rank 892,” said Mu Qingyun, a bit apologetically.

“Why is the difference so great?” Luo Bing and the others were startled.

“Let me explain,” said Long Chen. “Qingyun and Li Cai kept charge of the battlefield’s tempo just like Luo Bing and Luo Ning. The difference is the skill in killing the devil creatures. The warriors of the Unfettered Alliance killed them far faster, resulting in them creating openings for more of them to come. Of course, it is also related to how the Unfettered Alliance stood at the front, but that wasn’t the main reason. The Luo Gate’s warriors should take note that the battlefield is different from the martial arena. The golden rule of the battlefield is to kill your targets in the shortest time while saving the most energy. I saw the way you fought. You wasted too many chances and energy. You’re still fighting like on the martial stage. Flashy moves might look nice, but the rule of the battlefield is to survive. Every bit of energy is incomparably priceless. A person’s energy is limited, so every bit you conserve can save your life at a critical moment. Do not underestimate how much energy you can conserve bit by bit. That will decide whether you leave this place alive or are buried here…”

In the end, these disciples had lived far too peaceful lives. There was no bloodshed in them. They had not stepped foot onto the battlefield, nor had they experienced any true life or death trials. They didn’t know the immense difference between battle and killing.

Long Chen pointed out their mistakes in combat and taught them ways to grasp hold of the battlefield, taking advantage of opportunities to turn back the tide, to get the greatest gains with the smallest price.

At the same time, he taught them how to work together to get the most out of being a team. By cooperating, they created more opportunities to slay their opponents in one blow.

After hearing his pointers, the Luo Gate’s disciples understood how the Unfettered Alliance’s disciples had killed those devil creatures so quickly.

For them to have been accepted into the Luo Gate meant that their aptitude was not bad. With just these pointers, they quickly understood what he was trying to say.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Long Chen led everyone forward. They encountered a few solitary devil creatures, and they were killed by the Luo Gate’s disciples. It went without saying that they were talented. With just some pointers, they started to improve. While it was still a bit stiff and crude, there was no way around that. Experience was something that needed to be accumulated.

After an hour of travel, Long Chen found a valley for them to set up their formation.

“Long Chen, can you let our Luo Gate stand at the front this time so we get more experience?” asked Luo Bing, a bit embarrassed at this request. In truth, her goal wasn’t more points at the moment. But while everyone was still enthusiastic, she wanted to drill all the things that he had taught them into their bones. Battle was the best way to do so.

“Those devil creatures just now were just the warm up. The real battle starts now.”

Long Chen took out a medicinal pill. With a flick of his finger, it soared into the sky and exploded. A strange scent spread in every direction.

After a moment, Long Chen said, “This medicinal pill of mine has a special scent that will attract all the devil creatures within a thousand mile radius. Are you prepared?”

As soon as he said this, the earth began to shake. The shaking grew more and more intense as if a tsunami was crashing down from every direction. They then saw a tide of devil creatures charging over.

“Long Chen, you…” Luo Bing was appalled.

“If you’re going to eat meat, eat a bit more. Otherwise, how will you be satisfied? But I should just warn you, you better kill them quickly this time, or we’ll be wiped out here.”

Just as he finished speaking, the devil creatures collapsed upon them.

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