Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2964 Mocking

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Chapter 2964 Mocking

“Boss San, can you not go in a step-by-step manner?!”

Li Cai and the others almost pissed themselves when they saw the tide of devil creatures crashing down upon them. They were practically endless.

“Cultivation is a race against time. The moment you take a breather, your enemies run past you. Once you’re passed, you will be washed out. And the consequence of that is death. The survival of the fittest is the core principle, and it is cruel. If you are not cruel to yourself, your future will be far crueler,” said Long Chen indifferently.

The devil creatures roared. There was nowhere for Long Chen and the others to hide. This terrain was extremely unfavorable to them as they were surrounded on all sides.

However, now that the enemies had come, they had no choice but to go all-out. They took out their weapons and faced them head-on.

Li Cai and the others clenched their teeth and attacked. As a result, blood and flesh flew through the air. Li Cai and the others’ killing power was truly great, but there were also too many devil creatures. For each one they killed, another took its place. For each wave they knocked down, another wave crashed upon them. There was no time to breathe.

Mu Qingyun, Luo Bing, and Luo Ning were also forced to kill with all their power. They had to kill as many as possible to lessen the pressure on everyone else.

With every slash of Mu Qingyun’s sword, Sword Qi swept out, causing waves of devil creatures to collapse. They were as weak as paper in front of her.

She killed dozens of them with every slash of her sword. From this, it could be said that a sword cultivator’s killing power was extremely frightening.

At the same time, Luo Bing and Luo Ning’s bloodline power erupted. As their runic swords rained down, the devil creatures were torn through by them. All the three ladies had immense killing power.

However, despite that, the pressure on the whole formation only continued to grow. There were too many devil creatures for them to kill. If they slacked the slightest bit, more would gather. If that happened, these ordinary disciples would be put under greater pressure. The healing disciples were also incredibly busy, and the formation became a bit chaotic.

Seeing this situation, Mu Qingyun, Luo Bing, and Luo Ning couldn’t hold back. Mu Qingyun’s Sword Qi grew explosively, while a strange mark appeared on Luo Bing’s forehead. She ran rampant through the battlefield while controlling hundreds of runic swords.

Once the three of them were going all-out, the pressure on the formation lessened. The signs of it growing disorderly also vanished. The formation stabilized, and they gradually grew accustomed to this high-intensity battle.

Meanwhile, Long Chen overlooked the battlefield from the platform, and the archers around him were constantly shooting. All of them were covered in sweat. They had the greatest responsibility. If they didn’t reinforce whichever areas were under pressure, it could cause a whole collapse in the formation.

Long Chen had given them the mission not to allow any disciple to die. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be taught the Cloud Piercing Arrow. Under the pressure from all sides, they focused, not daring to slow down.

With the help of Mu Qingyun, Luo Bing, and Luo Ning, the formation stood solidly. But even after two hours, the number of devil creatures didn’t drop. Instead, more and more of them appeared.

These two hours of combat felt as long as a whole day and night to the disciples fighting. They were running out of energy. Even Luo Bing and the others were starting to run out of spiritual yuan with this high pace of fighting.

Rather than getting easier, the fighting only grew more difficult. The formation was starting to get chaotic again under the pressure, and people were constantly injured. Now, the healing disciples had endless work.

“Long Chen, we can’t continue like this!” Luo Bing saw countless figures continuing to rush toward them. They really would die like this.

“Don’t worry, as long as you can last another two hours, these devil creatures will all be killed,” comforted Long Chen as he gazed into the distance.

Another two hours? Li Cai almost coughed up blood. They had dropped down to seventy percent of their energy, and the drain would only grow exponentially. Let alone two hours, even an incense stick’s worth of time was too much.

“Long Chen, people will die!” shouted Luo Ning, her voice anxious. Huge casualties would appear amongst the disciples of both guilds.

“Cultivation isn’t a game. It is facing death. If you are fated to not become an expert, you will only die an aggrieved death to your enemies’ hands. If that has to happen, I would rather have all of you die here. At least, you’ll save some dignity,” said Long Chen coldly without the slightest compassion.

Luo Bing and the others’ hearts turned cold. They didn’t know why Long Chen would suddenly say such cruel words.

“There is no reaping without sowing. If you want to become an expert, you must pay the price. In my eyes, all of you are trash waiting for death. If you were in my world, all of you would have long since died to the devil race’s blades. Cowards like you actually want to stand out and get in the top hundred guild rankings? You want to compete with the Chu family? If you want my opinion, you should give up. You don’t even have the determination to get stronger. Rather than dying at Chu Yang’s hands and disgracing your ancestors, you might as well die here,” sneered Long Chen.

His words were like poisonous arrows shooting into their hearts. They were aggrieved and infuriated.

“None of you understand what it means to be an expert. When their spiritual yuan is exhausted, a true expert will fight with their Spiritual Strength. If their Spiritual Strength is exhausted, they’ll fight with their physical strength. If their physical strength is exhausted, they’ll fight with their willpower. None of you understand what the will is. Even if your weapon is gone, even if your body is mutilated, when you still do everything just to bite your opponent to death, you are fighting with your will. If you can’t even reach such a level, if you want to retreat just because you encounter a strong opponent, do you think you can be an expert? Are you trying to make others laugh to death? I’ll tell you the truth right now. If you are killed before all your physical energy is exhausted, I won’t help you. I, Long Chen, will not lead a group of cowards. I can’t embarrass myself like that,” said Long Chen.

“Shut up! Don’t think that you’re the only one capable of becoming an expert!” shouted Luo Ning angrily.

“Then go ahead and become experts for me to see. I, Long Chen, am watching expectantly,” said Long Chen, sitting down on the platform.

Just at this moment, more and more devil creatures surrounded them. As the pressure grew and grew, their formation was pressed down more and more, on the verge of collapsing. Once it broke, they would be wiped out.

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