Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2966 An Ocean’s Worth of Points

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Chapter 2966 An Ocean’s Worth of Points

“174,000 points… How do we have so many?!” cried out Luo Bing, jumping in shock. “We’re rank 437. We rose five hundred rankings…”

Luo Bing suddenly stared at Long Chen. “Were you holding one of our status plates just now?”

According to reason, the Luo Gate’s disciples’ killing power was inferior to the Unfettered Alliance, but they had gained so many points. It was definitely connected to him.

Long Chen nodded and picked up the status plate on his waist. There were many colorful ripples on it, but he had never learned how to read them.

Luo Ning looked over, ignoring her previous disagreement with him, and saw that it was one of the Luo Gate’s state plates. “136,000 kill credit… how is that possible?”

Luo Ning was stunned by what she saw. Long Chen had really only attacked that one time at the end. How did he get so much kill credit?

Kill credit was awarded based on a rather marvelous trick. It was said that when devil creatures were killed, they would release a curse of hatred on those who killed them. This curse was something only other members of their race could sense, and it would be on them to avenge them.

The inner academy’s gave disciples status plates with special formations to track that hate curse. It was very accurate.

For Long Chen to obtain such a huge amount of kill credit in an instant stunned everyone. They all stared at him.

Long Chen shrugged. “Don’t look at me. I haven’t had a chance to look into guild points or kill credit. All I know is that some devil creatures in the final wave had some special marks on their bodies. They’re probably elites of their race I suppose.”

Elite devil creatures? They existed. This race had many bloodline levels. But elites rarely appeared on the outer edges of the devil battlefield. However, they were extremely dangerous.

It was said that these elites possessed purer bloodlines, and were capable of unleashing the devil race’s bloodline divine abilities. Furthermore, elites were often in groups of ten or more. If disciples from the academy encountered such a squad, they could easily be wiped out.

They recuperated as they conversed. Mu Qingyun, Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and Li Cai recovered to around twenty percent. Li Cai wanted to clean up the battlefield, but was stopped by Long Chen.

“There’s no rush. We’ve already obtained the points and kill credit. If Chu Yang or someone else comes to fight over what remains, then that would be the best case scenario for us now. Just focus on recovering. Overdrafting yourselves means that you’ve expanded your limits. As a cultivator, you should be constantly challenging your limits. If you live a peaceful life, you might find that carrying five tons is your limit, that adding the slightest bit more would crush you, but in reality, after a night of cultivation, your old limit was broken. However, your mind will still be trapped in your past unless you break it free. Thus, you must constantly break your limits, break the chains binding you, and uncover the treasures within your body. The Luo Gate’s disciples in particular will benefit immensely from breaking their limits today. With the experience the first time, it will be easier the second time.”

Hearing that, Luo Ning turned slightly red. Her mouth almost opened, but she didn’t say anything. Even though Long Chen had insulted them, it had been for them. He was willing to be a villain for them. Luo Bing saw her reaction and simply smiled without saying anything.

The conscious members of the Luo Gate looked at Long Chen gratefully. They almost didn’t believe that they had managed to unleash so much power under that situation. They definitely never would have thought that they could do so before.

Li Cai was more experienced, and he began to wake up some people who were beginning to fall into a deep slumber, having them do their best to stay clear minded. That was beneficial to their recovery and would temper their will further.

After two hours, some disciples that had recovered a bit faster were about forty percent. They finally couldn’t endure it, and ran over to clean up the battlefield. Those devil cores were money. Just leaving them lying there made them uneasy.

“Long Chen, you keep saying that we’re lacking. Are we really inferior to those people that you led in the lower world?” asked Luo Ning after a moment of silence.

Long Chen looked at her difficultly. “It’s not easy to answer that question. I’m not good at lying. But if I tell the truth, I’m worried about you getting angry. Can I not answer?”

Luo Ning clenched her teeth angrily. “Who would get angry?! I’m not so petty. Stop stalling. I refuse to believe we’re really that lacking.”

Long Chen helplessly said, “Fine. Let me put it to you this way: you could pick out any ten warriors from my Dragonblood Legion and they could wipe all of you out. Well, fighting with you would be bullying. After all, they’re warriors of hundreds of battles, warriors who climbed out of mountains of corpses. Instead, let’s take these devil creatures as the target. Ten Dragonblood warriors could form a small squad, and within the same realm, they could wipe out all these devil creatures in just an hour. Of course, by all, I am including those elites that I killed.”

“I don’t believe you!” Luo Ning refused to believe such a thing. Any random ten warriors would be stronger than all of them? How was she supposed to have any confidence in herself if she believed in such a thing?

“If you don’t believe me, why ask me to answer?”

Long Chen scoffed. Saying it would take ten was already giving them face. With such a tender fighting style, they couldn’t even compare to his brothers.

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