Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2968 Heaven Shaking Sword

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Chapter 2968 Heaven Shaking Sword

This person was the one who had come to the Luo Gate’s celebration and tried to give them an ‘imperial edict’, the vice leader of the Heaven Melting Valley. He had almost been killed by a slap from Long Chen, and Long Chen didn’t even remember his name.

The current him was standing in front of some books, seemingly hesitating. When he saw Long Chen, killing intent exploded out of him.

Long Chen’s slap last time had almost broken his head, and he only woke up three days later. After learning what had happened, he was infuriated and wanted to directly kill Long Chen but was stopped by Long Yanzong.

Killing people inside the academy was taboo. In fact, even before he managed to kill Long Chen, just starting a fight might disturb the inner academy’s experts and cause him to be killed. If he failed to kill Long Chen and was then executed, that would be the worst-case scenario. The Heaven Melting Valley couldn’t lose him.

If they wanted to kill someone in the inner academy, they had to find an appropriate opportunity. They had been thinking all these days for such a chance, but now Long Chen suddenly appeared in front of them.

As a result, his killing intent automatically erupted. Let alone Long Chen, even an idiot could sense this killing intent at this distance.

Long Chen sneered inside. This person was truly an idiot. Was he openly telling everyone that he wanted to kill Long Chen? Was that to make others afraid? How was this any different from courting death?

“Long Chen, just wait. Don’t let me get a chance, or you know what will happen,” he said.

Long Chen shook his head. This person was unable to pose any threat to him. He had neither power nor brains. Hence, Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to waste words with him.

Long Chen just so happened to see a certain tome on the bookshelf in front of him: Heaven Shaking Sword. Long Chen was surprised to see it there. Why would a technique with such a name appear in the flame element section?

Suddenly, thinking of how this fellow was dithering in front of it, he guessed that it wasn’t an ordinary technique. He then looked at the price and saw that it was actually seven hundred and fifty thousand immortal crystals.

No wonder that this fellow was hesitating. With such a price, this fellow didn’t seem confident in learning it. Seeing him glaring over, Long Chen had an urge to slap him. But it was forbidden to do so in the Divine Scripture Pavilion. He didn’t want to get punished for a few days because of this fellow.

“Scram. Don’t irritate others here.” Long Chen grabbed that tome.

The tome lit up, and seven hundred and fifty thousand immortal crystals on his crystal card vanished. Light enveloped Long Chen, and he vanished into the room.

Seeing that Long Chen had chosen the technique he had been pondering over, he was enraged. But since Long Chen was already gone, he could only grit his teeth and leave.

Fiery swords manifested before Long Chen’s eyes, streaking through the air. Their intense heat twisted the space around them.

“Condensing life swords using one’s core flame. Using the heart to nourish them. By constantly absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, these are life weapons that can grow along with you. The immortal world’s laws are truly different. This is impossible in the mortal world.”

No wonder it was so expensive. This technique brought endless benefits. The stronger one’s core energy, the more flame swords could be condensed, and the greater their power.

This technique was similar to Luo Bing’s runic swords. Her runic swords were condensed by her bloodline power, and with her bloodline power, she could only condense a few hundred.

However, with this technique, as long as you had enough core energy and the Spiritual Strength to control it, you could have unlimited flame swords. Long Chen was delighted.

If he could summon tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of these swords, just how terrifying would that be? Couldn’t he be like Meng Qi and simply slaughter his enemies with a thought?

Long Chen immediately had Huo Long learn it, and it instantly grasped the technique.

Small flame swords appeared in Long Chen’s hands. They were only three inches long and were made of flame runes. Moreover, they had Long Chen’s spiritual imprint, and they were like a part of his body.

He controlled them with his soul, and they began to float in the air, revolving around him.

An incense stick’s worth of time later, there were hundreds of flame swords around him. This was the result of Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength and Huo Long’s core energy.

However, these flame swords were still in their initial form. They didn’t have much killing power yet, and they would need to grow. That would require his Spiritual Strength, Huo Long’s core energy, and the outer world’s flame energy. The three of them combined would make these swords stronger.

Huo Long wanted to continue condensing them, but creating them definitely posed some damage to Huo Long, and in order to keep it in its best state, he was stopped from creating more. He told Huo Long to only condense more when it wouldn’t affect it.

There was no rush to condense more of these Heaven Shaking Swords. However, Huo Long was his strongest trump card and couldn’t be weakened.

After learning it, Long Chen ran over to the Immortal Institute, and in the Immortal Scripture Institute, he picked out ten fighting immortal arts for the Luo Gate’s disciples to learn. Just like before, he learned them himself and taught them all to the students.

After that, he returned to his residence and took out his pill furnace. He looked at the list he had been given and got to work.

Time passed. After three days, the disciples of both guilds once more gathered. Long Chen had finished refining all the medicinal pills they had asked for.

It went without saying that with Huo Long and the Moon and Star Refining Furnace, refining pills became easy. After just refining them two or three times himself, Huo Long and the Moon and Star Refining Furnace memorized the process and could refine them themselves.

With the primal chaos bead, he had an endless supply of medicinal ingredients. It was truly a bottomless cornucopia. He could refine as many medicinal pills as he wanted with no loss.

When those pills entered the hands of the disciples, they were incredibly moved. They had been nervous about this. After all, the price of the academy’s medicinal pills was set in stone. An eighty percent discount? They didn’t dare to believe it.

However, those pills were now entering their hands, and the quality was even better than when they bought them from the Pill institute. They could now save a huge amount every month.

Long Chen helped them save money with learning techniques, as well as for medicinal pills. As a result, their combat power was constantly rising. Both guilds’ disciples were filled with gratitude.

“Brother San, these are the new members we recruited. Let me introduce you.” Mu Qingyun waved her hand, and over fifty unfamiliar faces stepped forward and bowed to Long Chen.

“Greetings, Boss San!”

Long Chen’s gaze swept over them. His gaze suddenly landed on a woman. “Speak, who sent you here?”

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