Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2969 Eagle Eye and Shadow

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Chapter 2969 Eagle Eye and Shadow

“Boss San, you…” The female disciple stared at Long Chen in shock.

“You don’t need to be nervous, and you don’t need to use your prepared speech either. Some people in this world can probably lie in front of me, but they’re definitely not existences at your level,” said Long Chen indifferently. His gaze was completely flat, without any pressure.

However, she only grew tenser and even began to sweat. Mu Qingyun also stared in shock at her.

This woman was the most outstanding member she had recruited this time. She was a powerful wood cultivator with excellent talent and even specialized in healing arts. Mu Qingyun hadn’t expected this person to be a spy.

“Boss San, I…” The woman opened her mouth but found that she was unable to speak.

Looking at Long Chen was like looking into a mirror. The words she had prepared might be able to trick anyone else, but not him. It really was as he said. She could not lie to him.

When she realized that, she grew even more anxious. Long Chen’s name had spread throughout the inner academy. He had killed multiple experts during the divine competition without batting an eye. He was a truly vicious person. Hence, she began to quiver.

Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and the others stared at her. They were surprised. Just how did Long Chen recognize her as a spy?

The truth was that when his gaze swept over everyone, only her spiritual fluctuations became extremely intense. However, her face was calm. That instantly exposed her.

Most importantly, after being with Chu Yao for so long, he was particularly sensitive to the spiritual fluctuations of a wood cultivator. Thus, he instantly saw the problem.

“It’s alright. You can speak. I won’t make things hard on you,” said Long Chen with a faint smile.

“It… it was… Chu Yang.” Her voice shuddered, and it was only with the utmost effort that she managed to speak this name.

Luo Bing and the others weren’t surprised by this revelation. The only one capable of arranging for spies to infiltrate the Unfettered Alliance was probably Chu Yang. But they didn’t expect him to make his move so fast.

Looking pale, she suddenly knelt on the ground. But she was lifted by Long Chen. “I won’t punish you for being one of Chu Yang’s people. After all, you haven’t caused us any harm. If you truly wish to stay in the Unfettered Alliance, we can accept you. You don’t need to worry about Chu Yang. However, if you have some family whose lives are in his hands, I have no way to help you.”

“You… you really can trust me?” She stared in shock at Long Chen.

“I already said that not many people can lie in front of me. If you are willing to stay here, with your talent and aptitude, we will definitely welcome you. Your relationship with Chu Yang was the past. If you sincerely join the Unfettered Alliance, you will be one of our people in the future. I trust you,” said Long Chen.

“I’m willing, I’m willing! I swear on my soul to join the Unfettered Alliance. I, Mu Xin, will never-”

Long Chen waved his hand to cut off her oath. “There’s no need for such a thing. Since I dared to let you join, I’m not afraid of you betraying us. Now that you’ve joined the Unfettered Alliance, you will quickly find that this is the wisest decision of your life. Let’s move on from this. Go join your group.”

Long Chen held a simple welcoming ceremony for these new recruits. It was just a symbolic encouragement.

It went without saying that these new recruits were truly talented with immense potential. But he also saw some challenging gazes.

Those were all thorns, and they viewed themselves highly. But such a thing wasn’t necessarily bad. Those people had to at least have some ability, or those thorns would have long since been broken.

Once the welcoming ceremony was complete, which could be taken as giving the sweet candy, it was time for the beating.

“I know that a few of the new recruits have quite a bit of ability. Of course, they have quite some arrogance as well. However, in front of me, it would be best if you reserved that, because that little bit of ability is not worth anything to me if I’m being honest. You’ve joined our guild, which means that you are lucky. Since guilds have a limited number of slots, our recruitment process will be even more stringent in the future. Perhaps a month later, none of you would be qualified to join. You should cherish this chance instead of thinking of becoming the boss, because with boss San here, you would be kicked out and regret it for a lifetime. Resources are important in cultivation, and talent is important as well. But sometimes, luck is the most important thing, so treasure it. Move out!”

They once more set out to the devil battlefield. After passing through a few transportation formations, they arrived and progressed deep into the battlefield. On the way, he asked Mu Xin some simple questions.

Mu Xin’s family had relations with the Chu family, so she joined the Chu Alliance. Once there, she found that she really didn’t fit in, with the most worrisome thing being that those people viewed women as playthings. Furthermore, since her individual combat power wasn’t strong, she had to suffer.

For her family, she had no choice but to endure. But just a month ago, her mother was killed, and she was the only person she was close to in her family. Moreover, the one who had caused her death was someone else from her family.

Because of this, she no longer had any hope for her family, and she also had to suffer in the Chu family. Fortunately, her looks were only average, so she didn’t interest many people. Otherwise, she would have been used as a toy.

This time, Chu Yang had sent her out as a spy, but she hadn’t expected Long Chen to instantly see through her and even be willing to accept her anyway. She felt like she had escaped a sea of bitterness. As long as she could leave the Chu Alliance, she was willing to do anything.

“Does Chu Yang have a supreme archer amongst his subordinates?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes. That person’s moniker is Eagle Eye. He is not a pureblooded human. He has the Heavenly Eagle race’s blood in his veins and has inherited a portion of their talent. Having frightening perceptivity when it comes to archery, he can easily kill people who are actually stronger than him. Assassinating people across realms is simple for him. It’s said that he has never failed to assassinate his target,” said Mu Xin.

Mu Qingyun curiously asked, “Brother San, how did you know?”

“That person tried to assassinate me before. By the time I managed to get over to him, he was already gone without a trace. It really pissed me off,” said Long Chen.

“What? He attacked you?” Mu Xin was shocked. She was very clear on just how terrifying this Eagle Eye was. He had never failed before.

Even Luo Bing and the others were surprised. There was no information about an Eagle Eye in their intel reports.

“His archery is truly amazing. Ah, other than him, does Chu Yang have any other powerful experts?” asked Long Chen.

“There’s another called Shadow. It’s rumored that he’s an assassin from the Bloodkill Hall,” answered Mu Xin.

“The Bloodkill Hall?” Long Chen’s heart shook intensely.

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