Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2970 Once More Hearing of the Bloodkill Hall

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Chapter 2970 Once More Hearing of the Bloodkill Hall

Long Chen’s heart jumped when he heard the Bloodkill Hall’s name. He had almost forgotten it. Moreover, he hadn’t expected to hear it again in the immortal world.

“Is the Bloodkill Hall very famous in the immortal world?” asked Long Chen.

Luo Bing said, “Yes, its assassins are all famed for being merciless and using any means necessary to achieve their goals. They are like a tumor in the immortal world. The Bloodkill Hall’s master is Enpuda, an extremely hateful and perverted figure. He will do anything for money. Countless experts have lost their lives because of him. A supreme existence even announced that they were looking for Enpuda’s head, but nothing came from it. It is said that the Bloodkill Hall is backed by the Nine Underworld Hall. Their Nine Underworld Hunters are famous, and I’m sure you know of them.”

“So that’s the case. It’s a den of serpents and rats. If I had known earlier, I’d have wiped out his inheritance in the mortal world.” Long Chen hadn’t expected the Bloodkill Hall to be on the same side as Lord Brahma.

Based on that, for Shadow to appear in the Chu family was nothing curious. To put it frankly, they were all Lord Brahma’s dogs.

“Long Chen, you should be careful. The Bloodkill Hall’s disciples are crazy devils. They are capable of doing anything,” warned Luo Bing.

“If it was someone else, I might be cautious. But those dogs of Enpuda really aren’t anything to me.”

On the Martial Heaven Continent, Long Chen had killed countless believers of Enpuda. All the disciples of the Bloodkill Hall had Enpuda’s faith energy, so Long Chen was incredibly familiar with that fluctuation.

Last time, if Chu Yang had sent that Shadow instead of Eagle Eye, it was unknown who would have been targeting who.

“Boss San, guild leader Luo Bing is correct. You really must be careful. Chu Yang actually has four skilled killers by his side. Eagle Eye and Shadow are only two of them. I was only in the Chu Alliance for over a year, so I don’t know who the other two are. Chu Yang is extremely cautious and meticulous. He’s very frightening,” said Mu Xin.

This startled everyone. Even after being in the Chu Alliance for over a year, Mu Xin didn’t know who the other two killers were? Then Chu Yang truly hid his trump cards deeply. He didn’t even trust his own people.

Long Chen smiled and said, “Today, let me teach you another move. You cannot dodge other people’s schemes. You can dodge one person’s schemes, but not ten people’s schemes. You can avoid nine of those schemes, but only one needs to be the one that kills you. Rather than focusing all your energy on avoiding all those schemes, better focus on raising your power and increasing the number of your trump cards so that those schemes cannot affect you. You will simply blast through them. A person has a limited amount of time and energy, so you have to use them for the most important things. Actually, I used to like playing some schemes as well, thinking myself smart. But when I suffered a painful loss, I understood just how foolish such a thing was. Just focus on raising your power, on accumulating trump cards others are unaware of, and you will find that the schemes others prepare for you cannot touch you.”

Just at that moment, devil creatures appeared in the path in front of them and were annihilated by a wave of arrows. It went without saying that compared to last time, their arrows were far more accurate and powerful. Every arrow contained just enough power to kill one of them.

A bit more and it would be a waste of energy. A bit less and it wouldn’t be an instant kill. This was the precise level of control that Long Chen demanded from them. This was the foundation for training in the Piercing Cloud Arrow.

After their experience last time, and the new techniques they had gained this time, these archers could be said to have established a very solid foundation. On the other hand, the newly joined disciples who had felt some arrogance immediately pulled that arrogance in when they saw such sharp archery arts.

“Once you can control your power, try spreading your mental energy to oversee the entire battlefield. Based on your enemies’ position, speed, and direction, as well as the terrain and the way your allies are spread and fighting, calculate the next moves of your enemies to accurately shoot them. This is an important aspect in group battles. Archers can control the entire battlefield. It can be said that the lives of your allies are in your hands. If you cannot judge where your enemies are going in advance, then by the time your allies are in danger, it might already be too late. Here is what I mean by predicting their next move…”

Long Chen had a bow in hand and pulled back the string. “The devil creature at the front is about to jump.”

Just as he spoke, that devil creature really did jump, and Long Chen’s arrow pierced through its head. That arrow had clearly been shot too high, but it just so happened to strike its head when it jumped.

“On the left, the devil creature has a boulder blocking its way. Based on its pace, it will just happen to stumble over it.”

Just as he said, that devil creature tripped over a rock, and as it fell, an arrow pierced its head perfectly.

Long Chen shot over ten arrows. Every single shot was clearly off target at first, but then it was like those devil creatures were intentionally throwing themselves into his arrows. Watching him accurately strike their heads like this, everyone was dumbfounded.

These new recruits were finally fully convinced, and their previous arrogance vanished without a trace. All experts revered those stronger than them.

“It might be difficult at the start, but once you can concentrate your mental energy, you will find the world suddenly becomes slow and clear. You will have a feeling that you can predict the next step. After all, these are brainless devil creatures, so there’s no need to calculate so much. Once you can reach this level, I can transmit the Piercing Cloud Arrow to you,” said Long Chen, letting the archers take over.

They continued to advance. There weren’t that many devil creatures, and they became target practice for the archers. However, predicting their movements wasn’t as easy as Long Chen made it seem. Anyway, Long Chen didn’t apply any pressure on them. He had them continue attempting to slowly grasp this skill.

On the way, Mu Qingyun sent people to pick up the corpses, but Long Chen called them back. That tiny bit of money wasn’t worth the effort.

“Brother San, just where are you bringing us?” asked Mu Qingyun eventually. They were getting further and further away from the barrier. They just passed the place that they had fought last time.

“We’re going to a four star danger zone. We’ll kill black armor devil creatures. They’re a bit stronger than the ones last time, and their natural black armor is quite tough. With our current power, that’s the most suitable place. Our goal is to get into the top hundred this time.”

Just at this moment, the sky shook and a golden war chariot flew over their heads, leaving a streak of gold. It was so fast that it vanished in the next instant, but the rumbling sound still echoed.

“It’s the Heaven Female Alliance’s leader’s golden war chariot!” exclaimed Luo Bing.

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