Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2971 Moving Out Alone

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Chapter 2971 Moving Out Alone

“Heavens, that’s the private war chariot of the head of the Heaven Female Alliance! The High Firmament Academy’s number one beauty is definitely inside!”

“Did she see us? If she did, that would be the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.”

“I actually saw the number one beauty’s chariot.”

The men and women of both guilds were incredibly moved. That was just how great the name of the High Firmament Academy’s number one beauty was.

Long Chen rolled his eyes. These disciples had gone crazy, no? Just seeing a chariot was enough for them to get so emotional? Then wouldn’t they directly pass out if they actually saw her?

“Brother San, are you not curious about her?” asked Mu Qingyun.

“What is there to be curious about? Is she not just another person with a head on two shoulders? We already have so many beauties here, so why bother looking at others?” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Hehe, brother San really knows how to talk. But I believe that there’s no way you could say such a thing if you really saw Bai Shishi in person,” giggled Zhong Ling.

Long Chen looked at the golden streak of light in the sky that had yet to fade. That chariot was truly flashy.

What made him speechless was that after her chariot flew over, the disciples got so motivated that there was no need for him to think of a way to encourage them.

As they entered deeper into the battlefield, they gradually saw some devil creatures with scales. Their entire bodies were black, and they had claws that gave off a frighteningly sharp glint.

When Long Chen and the others arrived, they immediately drew their attention. However, just a few isolated devil creatures didn’t pose any danger to them, and the devil creatures were wiped out.

Once they reached a certain depth, Long Chen took out a medicinal pill and flicked it into the sky. It then exploded, unleashing a burst of white powder. In that instant, all the devil creatures in the surroundings charged toward them crazily.

This time, there was no need for Long Chen to say anything. The high tower was quickly set up along with the formation around it, and the healing warriors were at the center. Everyone rapidly entered their combat state.

Those black armor devil creatures were rapidly cut down. Although they were stronger than their last opponents, the Luo Gate and the Unfettered Alliance’s disciples had improved immensely. They had learned new techniques and immediately started putting them to use.

As for the new recruits, they were all powerful, and although their cooperation was a bit stiff at the start, they quickly got used to it. After all, they were handpicked elites.

The archers had advanced immensely and saved some squads from danger several times. The ones fighting at the front felt even more at ease when they saw that.

Unexpectedly, the one who displayed the greatest talent was Mu Xin. Her healing arts were exceptional. Anyone who was injured would find a vine sprout from under their feet and wrap around them, protecting and healing them.

Such a powerful healer delighted Mu Qingyun and the others. They could fight with even greater ease now.

These devil creatures were truly stronger than the ones before, so the disciples required several people’s cooperation to block their attacks. Then others would use that opening to slay the devil creatures.

Only a few people dared to fight them one on one. If the disciples were injured, their blood and qi would be shaken, and it would give the other devil creatures a chance to kill them. But with a long range healer like Mu Xin, people were able to fight more freely.

Seeing Mu Xin’s healing arts, Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and the others finally understood just how important a powerful healer was in a group battle. If all the healing warriors had her abilities, their combat power would rise to a whole new level.

In any case, these powerful black armor devil creatures were simply killed as quickly as they rushed over. There was no instance where the disciples were in danger of collapsing like the last time.

In just over four hours, all the devil creatures were wiped out. Other than some people cleaning up the battlefield, the rest took a break to recover.

With the slaughter done, Luo Bing looked at their points and saw that it had reached 290,000. They were rank 267.

As for Mu Qingyun’s side, they had 230,000 points and were rank 317. They were quickly catching up, showing that the Unfettered Alliance truly did have greater killing power than the Luo Gate.

After all, the old Elite Group had been personally raised by Long Chen. They were extremely powerful existences on the battlefield. The Luo Gate’s disciples were still lacking in this regard.

Since Long Chen hadn’t attacked this time, the Unfettered Alliance was catching up, but Luo Bing didn’t mind. After all, they were all allies.

Furthermore, they had an advantage over the Unfettered Alliance’s disciples because there were more Immortal cultivators for them to pick from. Hence, this gap would slowly close.

“Are you alright?” Long Chen came to Luo Ning’s side. He saw that she had just consumed a medicinal pill.

“I’m fine. I got a bit muddled just now from the killing and treated the elite devil creatures as normal devil creatures.” Luo Ning shook her head, her face still ever so slightly red. Just talking about it was a bit embarrassing. She had actually forgotten about the elite devil creatures and ended up challenging over ten of them at once, resulting in a minor injury.

“Good that you’re alright. You have enough power to protect yourselves here. This is a pill to lure devil creatures. As long as you crush it, all the devil creatures within a thousand miles will be drawn over. With your current power, as long as you are within four star danger zones, you should be fine,” said Long Chen. He handed over ten of these pills to Luo Ning.

“Long Chen, what are you doing?” asked Luo Bing.

Long Chen smiled. “With your current power, you are safe within four star danger zones, but a five star danger zone would be too much. It’s a rather awkward level. You should stay in the four star danger zone for now and train. Once you’ve grown more familiar with this kind of fighting, I’ll bring you to a higher level area. Now, I’ll go deeper into the battlefield and see if I can find anything useful to me. With all of you growing, I can’t slack.”

“Brother San, be careful,” said Mu Qingyun.

Long Chen nodded and left, going deeper into the battlefield.

Luo Ning curled her mouth. “This fellow is definitely saying that we’re too slow, so he’s going out on his own for adventures.”

“Don’t hold a grudge. The difference is too great. We should know our limits,” sighed Luo Bing.

They then rested for four hours. After cleaning up the battlefield, Luo Bing took out a map and led everyone to another region.

As for Long Chen, he rushed off on his own. When he saw that no one else was around, lightning wings appeared on his back and he flew through the air like a bolt of lightning. The direction he chose was precisely the direction where the golden war chariot went.

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