Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2972 Blazing Devil Swamp

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Chapter 2972 Blazing Devil Swamp

The devil battlefield was said to be the entrance to a crack between the immortal world and the devil world. If you followed this crack all the way to the end, it would be possible to reach the gate to the devil world.

The devil world here was actually referring to the same place as the devil world spoken of on the Martial Heaven Continent.

However, the Martial Heaven Continent could be considered a desolate land, and the devil world bordering it was nothing more than its lower level. The comparison was like a tree and a leaf. On the other hand, the immortal world was close to the devil world’s core.

Of course, with Long Chen’s level, he still wasn’t qualified to touch the history of the devil world or why the Martial Heaven Continent would become a hunting ground for others. There were many things he had yet to learn.

The High Firmament Academy’s devil battlefield consisted of multiple battle regions. The ones that Long Chen and the others were in were nothing more than tempering areas for disciples, not the core of the battlefield. It was said that the core was under the control of the Battle God Palace. With their power, Long Chen and the others weren’t qualified to participate.

However, even this trial battle region had powerful existences. Within this region was a nine star danger zone, the Blazing Devil Swamp.

The devil creatures here possessed flame energy. Their bodies were wrapped by flames, and they could unleash powerful flame divine abilities.

Long Chen’s target was the Blazing Devil Swamp, or to be exact, the cores of the devil creatures that possessed flame energy. Other people might need to withdraw the flame energy within the devil crystals, but Huo Long could directly absorb them while ignoring the devil nature of the cores.

With those flame devil cores, Huo Long could replenish its energy quickly and constantly condense more Heaven Shaking Swords. After that, the quality and quantity of the Heaven Shaking Swords would rapidly rise.

People with money might directly buy flame element cores or treasures to do the same, but Long Chen could only figure out how to do it himself.

There were many devil creatures in Long Chen’s path, but they were easily slaughtered. But the further he went, the stronger the devil creatures were.

After about four hours, he saw the light of fire appear in front of him, and a burning scent hung in the air. The flame element essence here also grew more active.

Through a pair of stone mountains, Long Chen saw an enormous swamp. This world was cast in a fiery light; it was just like hell. This so-called swamp was actually lava, and amongst it was hills and fields. Humanoid figures could be seen occasionally crawling out of the lava and running around. They seemed to be apes covered in fire, and they occasionally let out heaven-shaking roars.

At the very end of the lava, almost beyond what he could see, Long Chen saw a giant crack that was like a door.

“That’s the checkpoint of this region, and stronger devil creatures can’t get through it. Only rank two and below can squeeze through. Moreover, only flame element devil creatures come through it. Other devil creatures enter through different checkpoints,” thought Long Chen.

In other words, beyond this checkpoint should be an even stronger area of lava. These devil creatures clearly lived off of the lava as flame element devil creatures. If the other side had stronger devil creatures, then they would require even more stringent conditions to live.

“There’s people?” Long Chen suddenly sensed some fluctuations in the distance. But the flame energy here was too dense, and space was in constant fluctuation. His sense wasn’t clear.

Long Chen followed the edge of the Blazing Devil Swamp and quickly saw a group of over a hundred people fighting the flame devils on the edge of the swamp.

“It’s people from the Heaven Melting Valley.”

Long Chen instantly recognized the person leading them. It was the one he had almost slapped to death in the Divine Scripture Pavilion.

That guy was holding a flame spear and standing at the front, leading the attack against the devil creatures.

At most, they would only dare to draw over a few dozen of the flame devils. Once those flame devils left the swamp, they wouldn’t be able to replenish their energy and would be a bit easier to kill.

Despite only drawing a few away from the lava at once, those flame devils were truly powerful and difficult for those people to handle. Every single one of their punches was like a volcano eruption. As a result, space would compress and deform constantly. That was a kind of innate divine ability.

Other than a few selected experts in their midst, the others needed to work together to block these attacks. One mistake and they would be injured. Long Chen saw that amongst them were two people recovering with medicinal pills, their faces pale. They had temporarily lost the ability to participate in this battle.

After killing those devil creatures, they retreated. Long Chen then saw a camp not that far behind them. They were clearly resting in that tent between attacks. Every time, they would attack a few devil creatures, kill them, and run. They didn’t want to draw the attention of too many flame devils.

“Should I con them?”

Looking at the face of that vice leader of the Heaven Melting Valley, Long Chen had a certain thought. But that thought was extinguished just as it was born.

This was the devil battlefield, a place with extremely stringent rules. It was different from the academy. Here, the rules were set by the Battle God Palace. Since this was a trial region for disciples, everything should be under their gaze. If anything happened to the disciples, they would immediately come save them.

After all, these were elite disciples of the inner academy, and they were viewed as important. Conning people here while still not leaving a single trace of himself was far too difficult, hence, Long Chen abandoned that thought.

Looking at them resting and tidying up their spoils, Long Chen directly walked over to the swamp.

As soon as he revealed himself, he was sensed. Long Chen was far too conspicuous in his black clothes.

“It’s Long Chen!” The vice leader glared at Long Chen.

“Vice leader, should we…” One disciple drew his finger across his throat.

“Impossible. The Heavenly Eye is watching everything. No movements can escape the Battle God Palace. If we did, it would be sensed and we would be executed,” said the vice leader darkly.

Although he knew that this was the best chance to kill Long Chen, he didn’t dare to.

“Then what? Should we curse him? Bait him into attacking us and use that as an excuse to kill him? Long Chen might not know the rules here, so should we try it?”

“What is he doing?”

Just as the vice leader was nodding, thinking that this was a possible plan, a disciple suddenly cried out, staring in shock at Long Chen.

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