Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2973 Devil Domain Battlefield

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Chapter 2973 Devil Domain Battlefield

They saw Long Chen going straight toward the lava swamp. Furthermore, they didn’t see a single person behind him.

“Is he an idiot?”

“He knows that we’re going to kill him, so he chose to kill himself first?”

The Heaven Melting Valley’s disciples looked at Long Chen like he was an idiot.

When he approached the lava swamp, devil creatures came out of the lava and charged at him.

At this moment, Long Chen’s speed suddenly exploded. Lightning wings appeared on his back, and he shot straight across the lava swamp like a bolt of lightning.

This charge caused the swamp to start roiling. As a result, countless flame devils came out of the lava and pounced on him.

However, Long Chen ignored them. He shot across the lava with tens of thousands of flame devils chasing him.

This huge disturbance continued to draw out more flame devils from beneath the lava. Even from a great distance, the Heaven Melting Valley’s disciples were terrified.

After fighting these flame devils many times, they all had a similar nightmare of being chased down by countless flame devils, but not being able to run fast enough. It was unknown just how many times they had been woken up by this nightmare that ended with them being devoured.

This time, the nightmare manifested in reality, but Long Chen was the one being chased. Countless flame devils were coming out of the lava now. Even the Heaven Melting Valley’s disciples didn’t know that there were this many flame devils lying beneath the surface of the lava.


Just at this moment, Long Chen arrived at the spatial crack at the end of the swamp. He then dived right in, and the countless flame devils followed him. While the flame devils on the other side couldn’t go through, the ones on this side could.

As Long Chen’s figure vanished from their sight, the lava slowly settled. Right now, the Heaven Melting Valley’s disciples were still staring, dumbfounded.

“Long Chen’s definitely dead. Even the valley head would lose half his life if he went in there. Other than fairy Shishi and young master Changchuan’s groups, anyone who enters the devil domain battlefield won’t be able to return alive,” said the vice leader with a sneer.

The devil battlefield was split into multiple areas. The place that they were in was called the trial battleground. On the other side of the crack though was the devil domain battlefield.

The devil domain battlefield had no formations protecting it, so the disciples’ tablets were no longer life-saving talismans there. If they encountered danger, no experts would be coming to save them.

“Let’s get back to work. We need to gather more flame devil crystals. The valley master is just a little bit off from mastering the fourth volume of the Nirvana Scripture. Once he masters it, he’ll have the power to fight young master Changchuan and fairy Shishi. Then our Heaven Melting Valley can contend for the top position.”

The other disciples were instantly motivated and continued killing the flame devils for their cores. The guild points weren’t too important to them as the third rank guild, as no one could shake them from this position. But these flame devil crystals were to help Long Yanzong comprehend the fourth volume of the Nirvana Scripture.

Long Chen found that the channel he was in was a current of lava. Behind him, countless flame devils were chasing him. Although their bodies were like apes, they were exceptionally agile in this lava, like fish in water.

Long Chen snorted and formed some hand seals. A flame prison then formed around the flame devils behind him, trapping them.

“Prison slaughter.”


The giant flame prison instantly shrank, crushing the flame devils inside. Although the ones right behind were wiped out, there were more coming from further back. He had only temporarily pushed back the danger.

Long Chen then summoned the flame prison once more, this time trapping himself inside as protection. Those flame devils tore at the walls but were unable to break them.

“Heaven Shaking Swords!”

Long Chen smiled and changed his hand seals. The next moment, the space behind him shuddered, and over a thousand flame swords appeared like a blooming lotus.

Those flame swords sped out at the flame devils, piercing through their bodies and injuring them.

“The power still isn’t high enough. But this is already not bad.”

Long Chen was satisfied with this level. After all, his Heaven Shaking Swords were still at an early level, but it already had this power.

“I need to get rid of them here, or bringing so many over to the other side would be dangerous.”

Long Chen summoned Huo Long. With a single claw, Huo Long wiped out a wave of flame devils and consumed their devil crystals.

In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, the flame devils that followed him into the passageway were wiped out. As a Heavenly Flame, Huo Long had a suppressive effect on these flame devils, so killing them was easy.

Just as Long Chen had anticipated, these devil crystals weren’t really enough for Huo Long to grow. Huo Long was already so powerful that it needed stronger devil crystals.

After wiping them out, Long Chen continued forward. The passageway wasn’t very long. It was like a current of lava flowing, with some undercurrents that caused occasional whirlpools.

However, when he was about to reach the end of the passageway, the tablet on his waist buzzed, a sign of danger. Once he was past this point, the tablet would no longer be able to save his life when he needed it.

After a bit, the alert stopped, and he continued onward. At the same time, he concealed his aura, and flame energy wrapped around him.

Suddenly, a powerful current crashed upon him along with immense pressure. Startled, Long Chen stabilized himself. But after looking around, he didn’t see anything. He then slowly started rising through the lava.

Once he was up, he saw that this was also a flame swamp. However, it wasn’t circular. It was a long river going far beyond what he could see.

He was at the end of the river where he saw a pool. There was a very rough stone mountain covered in strange lines. At the bottom of the mountain was a large whirlpool that made it very conspicuous.

Looking around, Long Chen left a spiritual mark on the mountain to avoid getting lost here. After that, he started climbing up. Just as he quickly reached the peak, he suddenly noticed that the entire mountain was slowly rising.

“Fuck, what is this?!”

Only then did Long Chen realize that this was no stone mountain but some terrifying, giant fellow.

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