Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2974 Terrifying Giant Crocodile

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Chapter 2974 Terrifying Giant Crocodile

It was a giant beast covered in rock-like scales, and it was standing up. Now, Long Chen realized that it was a giant crocodile.

It hadn’t been unleashing any aura before this, meaning that it had probably been in slumber. Since there was no danger, he hadn’t sensed it.

While climbing, he hadn’t sensed how terrifying it was. And by the time he was on its head, it was too late.

At this moment, the giant crocodile sensed him, and the runes covering its body quivered. Long Chen instantly had a bad feeling. This crocodile actually wanted to send him flying. If this terrifying powerful devil beast of unknown tier sent him flying, would he not be smashed to a pulp?

Runes then appeared around Long Chen as his flame energy covered him. Just at that moment, an explosive power came from beneath his feet.

Long Chen was sent flying into the air. However, chains bound his body to the crocodile’s head. As a flame element beast, Long Chen’s flame energy couldn’t be instantly broken by it.

Long Chen was pulled back toward the crocodile’s head. He then formed one-handed seals, and flame swords flew out toward its head.

However, his swords didn’t even leave a single mark.

“How tough. Huo Long, help me out!” shouted Long Chen. Huo Long flew out and bit down on the crocodile’s head. Sparks flew, but even Huo Long’s sharp claws and teeth couldn’t break its defenses.

Long Chen’s heart sank. Huo Long’s claws and teeth were its strongest point. If even they were unable to break its defenses, then it could only be said that its power was too terrifying. It wasn’t an existence he could deal with.

The crocodile roared, clawing at Huo Long. Although it wasn’t injured, it was angered. Countless runes now appeared on its rock-like skin.

“Not good!”

Long Chen’s expression sank. The chains he had bound to its head instantly dissipated. It prepared to send him flying once more.

“Huo Long!”

Long Chen cried out. Huo Long instantly understood and transformed into a chain, wrapping around the crocodile’s neck.


The crocodile’s body shuddered intensely, unleashing a wave of power that caused Long Chen to almost cough up blood. Fortunately, he was holding on tightly to Huo Long’s chain and wasn’t sent flying.

As the crocodile’s aura soared, Long Chen felt a terrifying force about to send him flying. He was barely able to keep hold of the chain.

Just at this moment, Huo Long manifested more chains that bound Long Chen, reducing the pressure on him.

The crocodile then roared with its bull-like voice, which shook Long Chen’s ears. He felt like his head was about to break.

However, now it was difficult for him to fend for himself. All he could do was prevent himself from flying off.

As the crocodile struggled, giant waves exploded out of the lava. Long Chen managed to see countless flame devils fleeing for their lives.

Those flame devils also had powerful auras. They were at the third rank, but they were scared and fleeing like this. Long Chen grumbled inside. How was he so unlucky to encounter such an existence as soon as he entered?


The crocodile suddenly dove into the lava, but its giant body didn’t fully fit. Hence, giant waves and rubble flew through the air.

Long Chen was wrapped in flames. Now that he was submerged in the lava, it actually became slightly easier for him to maneuver. The crocodile tossed and turned in the lava, but seeing that it was unable to shake Long Chen off, it charged out once more.

Its body was huge, but it wasn’t clumsy. Its legs worked nimbly, causing it to rush across the land like a flying boat.

It was incredibly fast as it smashed right into a mountain and crushed it. Long Chen coughed up a mouthful of blood from the impact. If he hadn’t activated the Azure Dragon Battle Armor at the last second and protected himself with his astral energy, he would have been crushed to death.

“Fuck, let’s see who can last longer!” Long Chen roared furiously.

Suddenly, Long Chen wrapped two chains around the crocodile’s mouth. It was infuriated by this but was unable to break the chains. Moreover, its claws were unable to reach its mouth, driving it crazy.

“The academy’s records really are accurate. Crocodiles have terrifying biting force, but one fatal weakness is that they have very weak power when it comes to opening their mouths.” Long Chen was delighted to have muzzled it so easily.


Like riding a horse, Long Chen used the flame chains as reins, treating the giant crocodile like a mount.

As a result, it grew even more infuriated and crazily rolled around. But Long Chen had found the trick, so it was no longer able to injure him.

Unable to shake him off, it charged toward another large mountain. Quite a few third rank devil creatures were blasted apart by its charge on the way.

“Oh, they count as my kills?” Long Chen glanced at his status plate and saw the number rising.

The curse of killed devil creatures wouldn’t fall on its comrades. If those devil creatures died without knowing how, any human that they saw would automatically have the curse fall on them.

The earth quaked as the crocodile rushed around, and a long ditch was made along with it. The devil creatures that were unable to get out of the way in time were killed by the impact or the raging flames.

“Mush, mush, mush! Damn thing, go faster! You’re too slow. You think you’re a badass? I specialize in managing all kinds of badasses! Mush, mush, mush…”

The giant mountain was shattered. However, just as they crashed in, Long Chen pushed with his right hand, causing the crocodile’s head to tilt slightly.

As a result, the upper half of the mountain was destroyed, but Long Chen wasn’t injured. By moving the crocodile’s head at the critical moment, he avoided a serious injury.

“Mush, mush, mush! Run, run! If I don’t put you in your place today, you won’t know just how many eyes your Boss Long San has…”

Just as he was shouting, he suddenly noticed that a group of people had appeared ahead of him, staring in shock. Up in the sky above their location was a golden war chariot.

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