Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2976 Long Chen Acting Shamelessly

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Chapter 2976 Long Chen Acting Shamelessly

“Leader, I remember now. This fellow is the one who recently caused a storm in the inner academy, a newcomer named Long Chen!” shouted a woman from the golden war chariot before Long Chen could reply.

“So you’re Long Chen?” Bai Shishi nodded. “I forgot. The only one to wear black robes in the inner academy is you.”

“Haha, you overpraise me. May I ask for your great name?” Long Chen cupped his fists and smiled.

Bai Shishi smiled faintly. “Why bother asking such a redundant question?”

Bai Shishi’s faint smile contained a kind of arrogance from within her soul, as well as a coldness that rejected all others.

“No, it’s not redundant. It’s a must-ask question. You don’t know my name, so I must act like I don’t know your name either, otherwise, it would appear like I was lacking manners,” said Long Chen.

Bai Shishi almost laughed. This was her first time encountering someone like this. He seemed completely frivolous. She thought back to how he had actually tried to play rock paper scissors with her when she had been using her magical art. Just what was going on in his head?

Bai Shishi didn’t bother saying her name and pointed to the crocodile. “This Explosive Flame Devil Crocodile has been completely enraged by you and will ignite the power of its crystal core soon. At that time, let alone us, even a Divine Lord realm expert would have to stay back from it. What are you planning to do?”

“I’m thinking of turning it into my mount. That way, you’ll have your golden war chariot, and I’ll have this giant rock crocodile. We can then be equals without any feeling of discomfort between us,” answered Long Chen.

“What?” Bai Shishi felt like she had misheard. She once more examined Long Chen as if checking to see whether he was a fool.

“What? Is there a problem?” asked Long Chen.

“This is a fourth rank devil beast, and it even has a king bloodline. Even if you did have the power to subdue it, you wouldn’t be able to control it. The devil beasts on the devil battlefield can’t be trained into mounts. They’re different from the devil beasts in the outside world because they have a special spiritual mark on them. If you dare to summon them into your spiritual space, it will receive a message from the devil world and instantly detonate, killing you with it,” said Bai Shishi indifferently.

“What a pity,” sighed Long Chen. Originally, he had thought that with his Spiritual Strength and powerful flame energy, it might be possible to subdue this fellow.

At that time, when he returned to the academy, he would see who dared to even look at him wrongly. Unfortunately, this dream was shattered now.

“Then what can be done about it?” asked Long Chen. The giant crocodile suddenly stopped moving, seeming to be accumulating energy. This sudden calm was frightening.

“I’m asking you. It is starting to stimulate its king blood, but it’ll take some time. If you run now, you’ll make it. Since we’re from the same sect, I’ll let you ride in my chariot and bring you back to the inner academy,” said Bai Shishi.

The women inside the chariot were shocked that she would say this. No man had ever stepped foot into her chariot, but now she was making an exception for Long Chen.

However, when they thought about it, Long Chen was also a disciple of the inner academy. If they just let him die here like this, it truly would feel bad.

“Then wouldn’t I have messed around so much for nothing? I’m unwilling. Can you help me kill it? We can split the profits. I just want its crystal core, and you can have the corpse. How’s that?” suggested Long Chen.

Bai Shishi shook her head. “Its defenses are too powerful, and its element counters mine. For me to kill it would require me to use my core energy. However, it doesn’t have anything I want, so the price isn’t worth it.”

Long Chen was shocked inside. Bai Shishi was truly powerful. She was actually capable of killing such a terrifying existence on her own. Moreover, with her element countered, it showed that she could truly win with power and not coincidence.

“I didn’t expect that the famous number one beauty in the academy is actually a woman without any sense of responsibility. Fine, go. I’ll handle it myself.” Long Chen sighed and waved his hand dismissively, indicating for her to leave.

“What are you talking about?” Bai Shishi’s expression changed slightly. That tone of his…

“What else could I be talking about? I was getting control over this crocodile, but then you interrupted me midway, and now it’s infuriated. Even then, you want to just pat your butt and leave. After causing such trouble, you’re just going to make someone else handle it. Fine. I won’t quibble with you. Go. Women are all too timid to handle things.” Long Chen shook his hand at her and then lowered his head in thought.

“You little bastard, you dare to insult our leader?!”

“You smelly man, who do you think you are? None of you can even shake our Heaven Female Alliance’s position!”

“You dare to look down on women? I don’t see you having any special abilities!”

Long Chen’s words had poked the hive. Furious curses came from the golden war chariot.

Bai Shishi’s expression was icy. She snorted, “To use such childish tactics to provoke me into action, do you think that I’m an idiot?”

“Then you didn’t fall for it?” asked Long Chen with a smile.

“You… Are all men so shameless?” asked Bai Shishi angrily.

“I don’t know about other men, but I’m definitely very shameless. I’m willing to do this because this crocodile’s crystal core is very important to me. If I have to be shameless, then fine,” said Long Chen, his expression not showing the slightest bit of embarrassment.

“I thought that you were different from the others, but I suppose that I was wrong. I shouldn’t have pitied you and helped you out. Now you’re repaying my grace like this.” Bai Shishi was angry, and yet even in that anger was a different kind of beauty.

Long Chen sighed and said, “Isn’t that excellent? I gave you a lesson, letting you understand how treacherous people’s hearts are. As an instructor, it is my duty to be constantly teaching others. This is my life’s mission.”

“Long Chen, you’re too shameless! Do you know fairy Shishi’s true status?!” roared one of the women in the chariot.

Bai Shishi waved her hand, cutting them off. She coldly said, “What kind of help do you want? Don’t even think about making me use my core energy.”

“Of course, I won’t make you pay so much. I just need you to help me keep its mouth open when it opens it. Just half a breaths’ time is enough,” said Long Chen.

“Just that?” asked Bai Shishi, feeling surprised.

“Just that. It should be as easy as raising a hand for you. I’m going to start now.”

Just like that, Long Chen suddenly let go of the reins. The crocodile that was still accumulating power thought that it had broken free of its own power and opened its mouth wide. A pillar of flames then shot out toward Bai Shishi.

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