Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2977 Splitting the Spoils and Running Off

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Chapter 2977 Splitting the Spoils and Running Off

Bai Shishi was almost caught off guard. Her figure vanished just as those flames were about to reach her.

“What are you doing?! Why didn’t you say anything?!” raged Bai Shishi. Long Chen was being far too impetuous.

“Help me hold it!”

Long Chen suddenly jumped off of the crocodile’s body and dove into its mouth. Seeing this, Bai Shishi jumped in shock. His guts were incredibly big, and he actually trusted her this much. Was he not worried about her failing or not cooperating? Then he would definitely be dead.

Bai Shishi formed hand seals. “Metal energy, condense.”

The earth turned golden and pillars broke out of the ground, weaving like vines into a giant sphere.

This giant sphere then wove itself inside of the crocodile’s mouth, forcing it open. More metal energy continued to pour into it from the surroundings.

Just at that moment, the crocodile’s body turned the color of blood, and a sinister aura exploded out of it.

“Not good!” Bai Shishi’s expression changed. This Explosive Flame Devil Crocodile’s bloodline was even purer than she had expected. Even before igniting its crystal core, it was capable of using a supremely powerful divine ability.

The next moment, her metal sphere shattered as its mouth bit down. The immense power blew Bai Shishi back.

She was filled with shock as she had actually failed to hold on. If Long Chen was still in its mouth, he would be crushed just like her metal sphere. All of a sudden, a golden mark appeared on her pupils. She was about to charge back when she heard Long Chen’s hateful voice.

“Hey, pretty girl, hurry and set up your defenses.”

Bai Shishi didn’t even understand what was happening before a terrifying aura exploded out of the crocodile’s head. It was like a volcano exploding.


A muffled bang rang out and the land shuddered. Some golden fragments flew out of its mouth.

At this moment, a hasty golden barrier was erected by Bai Shishi. It was then turned into a sieve by the golden fragments, but Bai Shishi wasn’t injured.

Once she pulled back her defenses, she saw that the surroundings had been destroyed. Cracks spread in every direction to the end of the horizon.

As for the terrifying Explosive Flame Devil Crocodile, its head was split open, and a river of blood flowed out. It was dead.

Even as the number one expert on the Earth rankings, Bai Shishi was stunned. She then saw Long Chen lazily walk off of its back. Although his hair was a bit messy, his expression was still calm as if everything had been under control.

“Thank you. As we agreed, I’ll take the devil core. The corpse is yours.” Long Chen found a giant devil crystal inside of its head. It was actually tens of meters thick and had sparkling runes on top of it. Its immense power caused space to twist around it.

Long Chen directly put away the devil core, cupped his fists to Bai Shishi, and then ran off.


Before she even recovered from the shock of the crocodile’s death, Long Chen had slipped away, as if he was afraid of her reneging and wanting the devil crystal.

“That little bastard is so hateful! Does he think that our number one guild would get greedy over his things?!” At this moment, the disciples inside the war chariot walked out again, glaring angrily in the direction Long Chen had gone.

“He actually called our leader a pretty girl. How brazen. Hmph, he should count himself smart since he fled, or I’d have to give him a proper lesson about manners,” said another disciple.

“This fellow isn’t a normal person. Just treat him like a madman.” Bai Shishi shook her head. Long Chen’s actions were completely different from that of a normal person. It was her first time seeing such a person. “I’m just curious what he did to kill this Explosive Flame Devil Crocodile. Due to using a magical art, I wasn’t able to see clearly.”

“I saw it. Before jumping into its mouth, something was shining in his hand. It looked like a lotus and seemed to contain some terrifying power, but there was something containing the power. When the crocodile shattered your golden sphere, he jumped out, and that thing in his hand was gone. He probably tossed it into its mouth,” said an icy-faced woman with a long ponytail.

She was the vice leader of the Heaven Female Alliance and also a powerful warrior. Amongst all of them, only she had seen some clues.

Bai Shishi nodded. If that was the case, then she could understand. Long Chen was a powerful flame cultivator. If he could blast a magical art inside of the Explosive Flame Devil Crocodile’s body, detonating its own power to kill it, it was possible. However, his guts were incredibly big. If there had been the slightest bit of slip, he would have lost his life

In their first encounter, he was actually capable of leaving his life in the hands of a stranger. That required either absolute confidence or absolute craziness.

“Leader, this corpse should be very beneficial to our flame cultivators. Its hide also has flame Dao runes. We can pay a bit to the Formation Institute, and they’ll extract those runes to embed them in armor or weapons. That would improve our equipment,” said the vice leader.

Although they were wealthy, this pureblooded beast wasn’t something they could encounter whenever they wanted. Its corpse was actually very precious to them.

Bai Shishi frowned slightly. “It was killed by Long Chen. Although I helped a bit, just doing that much and taking this might cause others to say that we took advantage of him. Alright, when you find Long Chen’s guild, we’ll buy it under the name of our guild, paying the same price as the academy would.”

“Long Chen hasn’t joined any guild. Right now, he’s an instructor in the God Institute, the Immortal Institute, and the Pill Institute,” reported a disciple hastily.

Bai Shishi was startled. She hadn’t expected this disciple who seemed to be from the Flame Institute to actually have so many statuses. The most startling one was that he knew how to refine pills. It was almost inconceivable.

“Then just put away the corpse for now. Make some inquiries. I want to know everything about Long Chen.” Bai Shishi’s eyes shone. She felt a bit curious about Long Chen.

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