Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2978 Devil Crystal Turns Into Swords

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Chapter 2978 Devil Crystal Turns Into Swords

“Big sister Luo Bing, quick, take a look at your ranking!”

Mu Qingyun and the others had just finished a battle and were cleaning up. After that, she checked their points, thinking that they had almost caught up to the Luo Gate, only to find that she couldn’t find the Luo Gate on the rankings.

After searching and searching, she suddenly saw their name at the front.

“1,730,000 points, rank 29?! How is that possible?!” Luo Bing stared at her own tablet in disbelief.

“Was there an error? How did we instantly get into the top thirty?!” exclaimed Luo Ning.

“Could it be brother San…?” Mu Qingyun suddenly thought of how Long Chen was holding the Luo Gate’s status badge. He had mentioned thinking of a way to bring them into the top hundred quickly so that Luo Bing would have an advantage.

If there wasn’t something wrong with the rankings, then there was only one possibility. Their explosive rise in points was due to Long Chen.

Luo Bing and the others were shocked and delighted by this terrifying rise in points. And at this moment, Long Chen had returned to the lava swamp.

He encountered quite a few rank three devil creatures, but he didn’t bother with them. One reason was that he didn’t want to waste time, while the other reason was that he didn’t have information on these devil creatures. He didn’t know their strengths or weaknesses. Perhaps if he was surrounded, he might even draw out another terrifying existence like that Explosive Flame Devil Crocodile.

Having reached the lava swamp again, he saw that many flame devils had appeared. “No wonder I didn’t see anything when I came in. They were all scared off.”

Only then did Long Chen realize why he hadn’t seen any flame devils on his way out. When he took out the devil crystal of the crocodile, those flame devils fled like frightened rabbits.

Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to kill rank three devil creatures. It was too much effort right now.

He quickly found the passageway again. However, he didn’t go to the other side immediately, instead he stayed inside of it and summoned Huo Long.

Long Chen had already told Huo Long not to absorb this devil crystal. It actually wasn’t that beneficial to its growth. Instead, it could be used to strengthen the Heaven Shaking Swords.

Using its devil core, the Heaven Shaking Swords produced by its energy would possess the devil crystal’s core runes. That would give them a portion of the Explosive Flame Devil Crocodile’s power, making them even stronger.

Huo Long’s body shook. One Heaven Shaking Sword after another appeared, including the ones it had before. Ten thousand of them appeared. However, after condensing ten thousand Heaven Shaking Swords, Huo Long used up almost all its core energy, and it descended into slumber.

Long Chen adhered the ten thousand Heaven Shaking Swords to the devil crystal, having the flame energy inside of it nourish these new swords.

The flame swords started out very small, but as time passed, they grew more spiritual, and even without prompting from Long Chen, they began to absorb the power of the Explosive Flame Devil Crocodile’s devil crystal on their own.

As they absorbed the devil crystal’s power, Long Chen saw a rune appear in every sword. They started to absorb a trace of the Explosive Flame Devil Crocodile’s aura.

In this flame swamp, the power of the crystal core could be diffused as quickly as possible. In less than six hours, cracks covered the crystal core and it shattered, all of its energy absorbed.

After that, ten thousand flame swords whirled around Long Chen. Long Chen grabbed one, and sensing its explosive power and sharp aura, he smiled.

Long Chen then put away the other Heaven Shaking Swords and returned to the devil domain side. Seeing a rank three flame devil charging over, he swung his sword.

The flame devil’s head was sliced off and exploded.

“As expected, with the rune of the Explosive Flame Devil Crocodile, the Heaven Shaking Swords aren’t just toughened and sharpened, but they also possess a bit of its suppressive abilities.”

Long Chen estimated that the devil race had their own special ranks, with higher ranks suppressing lower ranks. He was still unclear on exactly how those ranks worked, but just testing this power, he was sure that his choice was correct in making Huo Long work so hard.

With these ten thousand Heaven Shaking Swords, although he wouldn’t go so far as to say he was undefeatable on the devil domain battlefield, he would definitely be able to kill an existence like the Explosive Flame Devil Crocodile without anyone’s help this time.

Long Chen then returned to the tempering trial battlefield. As soon as he arrived in the swamp, countless flame devils charged at him.

As Long Chen willed it, he could wipe them out with his ten thousand swords. It would take less than an incense stick’s worth of time to do so. But he didn’t, as the Heaven Shaking Swords were a trump card that he didn’t want others to know of. There were still the Heaven Melting Valley’s disciples hunting the flame devils on a much smaller scale here.

Long Chen rushed off in an instant, those flame devils not even being able to touch him.


“He didn’t die?”

“He’s back?”

“He’s not even injured!”

The Heaven Melting Valley’s disciples couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Bastard! Watch out!” The vice leader quickly shouted. Due to the distraction, the flame devils they were fighting almost killed some of them. They barely saved one disciple from certain death, but he lost an arm.

As their formations were in a mess, the vice leader took the front, allowing everyone else to retreat. Once they distanced themselves from the swamp, those flame devils stopped chasing.

When they looked back at Long Chen, they found that the latter had vanished. Not caring the slightest bit about them, he quickly reached the battlefield where the Luo Gate and Unfettered Alliance were fighting.

He didn’t get too close immediately and only observed as they fought. Their battle formation flowed smoothly, and their cooperation had reached a solid level. There was essentially no danger.

However, they still needed to improve. They needed to be able to go through at least a few battle formations, and their cooperation could be better. Otherwise, something unexpected might catch them off guard, throwing everything into chaos.

This kind of cooperation could only be achieved through time and experience. There was no shortcut. Seeing that Luo Bing and the others were doing well, Long Chen slipped back to the academy.

As soon as he was back in the academy, a disciple was waiting for him in front of the transportation formation. “Instructor Long Chen, Heaven Master Yun Yang is looking for you.”

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