Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2984 Three Exchange Agreement

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Chapter 2984 Three Exchange Agreement

Bai Shishi’s arrival caused a huge ruckus. In her golden imperial robes, she was like a heavenly goddess, possessing unspeakable dignity and grace.

Bai Shishi was also drawn over by Long Chen issuing the blood battle challenge. Such a challenge had not been issued in hundreds of years.

Such a challenge could only be issued by a lower ranking guild to a higher ranking guild. That was to avoid higher ranking guilds taking advantage of it to bully the weak. But a weaker guild definitely wouldn’t do something as foolish as throwing themselves at a stronger party without some blood sea’s worth of enmity.

This challenge drew countless people over. Long Chen already had a great deal of fame in the inner academy. He was domineering and powerful, but no one had expected that he would dare to lead the Luo Gate into a blood battle challenge against the third rank Heaven Melting Valley.

“This Luo Gate might be a new force, but their power is shocking. They actually got into the top thirty rankings at one point. Although they fell a few ranks during the past few days, they still remain in the top fifty. They can’t be underestimated.”

“No matter how strong they are, Long Chen was so arrogant as to challenge Long Yanzong. They’re definitely dead.”

“Not necessarily. Have you forgotten what happened during his divine competition?”

Some people looked favorably on Long Chen, but the majority didn’t have a good opinion, thinking that he was courting death with this action.

Luo Qingyang had led the disciples of the Luo Alliance here as well. When he saw the Luo Gate’s disciples standing behind Long Chen, facing Long Yanzong and the others, his expression changed.

It had to be known that there were quite a few disciples of the Luo family in the Luo Gate. If the blood battle started, the consequences couldn’t be imagined.

In another area, Chu Yang smiled faintly. He quietly watched Long Chen and Long Yanzong face off. He was awaiting a good show.

Holding the guild tablet, Long Chen coldly said, “A group of useless trash that only dares to scheme against people behind their back, do you dare to actually fight? Raise that tablet of yours and let’s have a real battle.”

Long Chen was holding the Luo Gate’s guild tablet. Once Long Yanzong accepted, he would also be brought to the battlefield. At this moment, Long Chen had had enough of the idiots in front of him. It was time to do something big.

Long Chen also spotted Chu Yang in the distant crowd watching like a wily fox. He was ninety percent sure that this was all arranged by Chu Yang.

Considering the explosive temperaments of flame cultivators, it was easy to predict their actions. Moreover, with Long Yanzong and Gu Zhen’s heads, they couldn’t think of such a scheme. Chu Yang must be using them to test Long Chen’s bottom line. Chu Yang was crafty. Without an absolute assurance of victory, he wouldn’t take action. Such a person liked to test out a person fully before launching a sure-kill blow.

It was precisely due to this that Long Chen chose to issue the blood battle challenge. If Long Yanzong dared to accept, he wouldn’t need Luo Bing and the others to do anything. He would directly unleash one of his ultimate moves to wipe out everyone from the Heaven Melting Valley. This time, he was truly angry.

Sometimes, idiots weren’t worthy of pity because they brought huge trouble for others. Perhaps that trouble wasn’t directly fatal, but it would be one of the many reasons you were wiped out in the future.

Back on the Martial Heaven Continent, if it hadn’t been for the many fools constantly hindering him, then if he had been just a bit stronger, perhaps the old man, Qu Jianying, Ling Yunzi, and the others wouldn’t have died. The five Sovereigns’ heroic spirits might have been able to survive in perpetuity.

After that, Long Chen swore to himself not to have any compassion for fools. There would be no teaching them, no warning them. Could compassion correct the entire world? Could it turn evil into good? Could it turn beasts into saints?

Long Chen was no saint, nor had he ever thought of being a saint. He was just an ordinary person who wanted to live with dignity. If someone tried to stop him from that, he could only fight back.

Long Chen simply looked at Long Yanzong coldly, waiting for his reply.

“Long Chen, I didn’t expect you to be such a schemer. You really are despicable. Over eighty percent of our Heaven Melting Valley’s people just underwent the Heavenly Flame tempering the soul process and are extremely weak. They can’t fight. I thought that you had some pride, but I didn’t expect you to be so shameless. You clearly knew we couldn’t accept your challenge, yet you came here so heroically to initiate a blood battle challenge toward us? What’s the point?” sneered Long Yanzong.

Flame cultivators constantly tempered their souls with Heavenly Flames, and this passively increased their Spiritual Strength. But such a method was limited only to flame cultivators and to the immortal world. In the mortal world, a person’s Spiritual Strength was innate and couldn’t be improved so easily.

However, after tempering their souls, they would be weak for a few days. Let alone fighting, even standing would be difficult. Hearing this, quite a few disciples came to an understanding. No wonder Long Chen dared to challenge him to a guild blood battle.

“Tch, I thought that Long Chen actually had some ability. But he only came to show off.”

“How meaningless. So it was empty bravado. What a waste of emotion.”

Countless people felt disdain for Long Chen for this. Only Bai Shishi looked disdainfully at the crowd’s reaction. Although she had only met Long Chen once, she could sense Long Chen’s killing intent. He had definitely not come just to scare people.

Long Chen also hadn’t expected such a turn. He was disappointed and said, “Since you can’t accept it, let’s settle things another way. Didn’t you want to fight me? I’ll give you a chance. If you can last three exchanges against me without dying, I, Long Chen, will kill myself right here in the High Firmament Academy.”


Every person present stared in shock at Long Chen. Even Bai Shishi was shocked.

“There exchanges…”

Long Chen thought that he could slay Long Yanzong within three moves? It had to be known that Long Yanzong was the current third rank expert on the Earth rankings. Let alone Long Chen, even Bai Shishi wouldn’t necessarily dare to make such a claim.

Long Yanzong laughed furiously. These words had truly infuriated him. He was about to speak when Long Chen continued.

“With your combat power, you’re not worth fighting me. But today, you two idiots have really pissed me off. Not killing you would be letting you down. However, before our fight, we’ll decide whether or not the fight occurs with another duel. Gu Zhen, you trash, get out here.”

Long Chen looked at Gu Zhen. He announced, “Don’t you feel that you’re very strong? As long as you can survive three moves against Mu Qingyun, then she will commit suicide on the spot. The only question is whether you dare to accept it or not.”

Everyone’s expressions once more changed, and they stared at Mu Qingyun.

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