Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2986 Intimidation

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Chapter 2986 Intimidation

Everyone stared in shock at Mu Qingyun. That one sword caused heaven and earth to shake, along with every expert. They had never seen such a terrifying sword in their entire lives.

Suddenly, the sky shook and the martial stage vanished. Mu Qingyun then reappeared by Long Chen’s side, looking slightly pale. People were surprised to see her fluctuations had become extremely weak.

In other words, just now, Mu Qingyun had used up all her energy.

However, such a thing was completely against the common sense of the cultivation world. A person would need to warm up and slowly release their power. If they used up thirty percent of their body’s total power in an instant, their body would face an immense backlash. A light consequence would be having their meridians torn, but it was also possible that their body would be blown apart.

It was just like a stone mason striking a rock. The greater force they struck it with, the greater the backlash. That was why artisans used hammers made of soft wood, not hard wood. It was to neutralize a portion of that backlash.

For most cultivators, they could only use soft weapons if they wished to be capable of unleashing half of their total energy in one blow without injuring themselves.

However, those kinds of soft weapons were very difficult to use. One mistake and they would die to their own hands.

Even for those soft weapons, half their power would be the limit. These disciples had not heard of someone capable of unleashing their total energy in an instant and surviving.

For a moment, everyone could only stare in amazement at Mu Qingyun. They were almost unable to believe their own eyes.

Mu Qingyun might be pale, but she looked at Long Chen excitedly.

“Brother San, I did it.”

Long Chen smiled slightly and nodded. “Not bad. Unfortunately, your control still hasn’t reached a high enough level. There are still some flaws with your connection to your sword, resulting in you unable to fully synchronize with it. If your mental fluctuations fully became one with your sword, not a trace of your sword’s power would leak out. At that time, the martial stage wouldn’t be destroyed. Instead, it would be cut in two along with the formation.”

Everyone looked at Long Chen in shock. That terrifying sword of Mu Qingyun’s was actually still flawed in Long Chen’s eyes?

“Big sister Qingyun is so amazing. Then can’t you get into the top ten of the Earth rankings?” Zhong Ling supported Mu Qingyun excitedly.

Long Chen laughed involuntarily and shook his head. “That move was of little value in and of itself. It can’t be used on a true battlefield. Where are you going to find idiots like Gu Zhen who will cooperate with you like that? Who would just stand there and let you gather power in a life and death battle? That move is of little use against others. Only an idiot like Gu Zhen who spent all his time insulting you so that you get infuriated would get killed. With your ears closed off, you didn’t even hear him, but he actually thought your trembling was out of anger, and you were not resonating with your sword. In the end, he only died to his own foolishness.”

After he was done speaking, everyone realized the truth. It wasn’t just Gu Zhen who had been fooled. They had also thought that Mu Qingyun’s trembling was from anger.

“The reason people are so idiotic is because they don’t understand what respect is. That’s why you shouldn’t bully others. Sometimes, you might choose to target someone who won’t even give you a chance to kneel and beg for mercy.”

Long Chen glanced toward the gloomy Long Yanzong. His most capable subordinate had just been killed.

Furthermore, Mu Qingyun’s sword was absolutely terrifying. If that sword had been aimed at him, he also didn’t know if he could receive it.

Long Chen suddenly focused on Chu Yang, who was hiding in the crowd. With a disdainful smile, he indifferently said, “Chu Yang, you really are insidious. So you know how to use idiots, and the academy’s idiots are actually willing to be used by you. Why take advantage of other people’s foolishness like that? If you have any real ability, why not use it openly? Being so treacherous makes others look down on you.”

“Aren’t you being a petty little person judging a nobleman? Your enmity with the Heaven Melting Valley is known to all. Throwing dirty water on others like this is truly the conduct of a little person.” Chu Yang waved him off with a laugh.

“I looked down on you before, but now I look down on you even more. After doing something, you don’t even dare to admit to it. Does the Chu family have no guts at all?” Long Chen turned to Long Yanzong. “You’re fortunate. My goal today was originally to kill everyone in the Heaven Melting Valley. But the heavens are helping you, so I didn’t succeed. Since I can’t pull you up by the roots, I can only settle for the second best thing. Killing Gu Zhen can count as killing the chicken to warn the monkeys. I know there are still many other idiots in the academy. If you wish to continue playing with Boss Long San, then Boss Long San will accompany you. However, I like to go big, and I’m not interested in little squabbles. If you feel like the path of cultivation is too boring and wish to reincarnate already, I welcome you to continue provoking me. In fact, everyone within the Unfettered Alliance and the Luo Gate will be available to you every hour of the day.”

After saying that, Long Chen left with Luo Bing, Mu Qingyun, and the others. Those domineering words continued to hang in the air.

“Long Chen, wasn’t there also a battle between us? Are you running away?” Long Yanzong shouted angrily at his retreating figure.

Today, the vice leader of the Heaven Melting Valley was wiped out by the nameless Mu Qingyun. That was a giant slap in their face. If things ended just like that, the morale of the guild would be crushed. The only way Long Yanzong could think of to win back his reputation was to defeat Long Chen here.

“Are you an idiot? Is your head broken? Boss San already said that you aren’t even qualified to fight him. The second battle between you would only start if Gu Zhen could survive three moves. If you don’t like it, go to the underworld and drag Gu Zhen back,” replied Li Cai disdainfully.

In truth, Long Chen had calculated things. He had used himself to bait out Gu Zhen. Even if Gu Zhen was ten times stronger than expected, he wouldn’t be able to escape his fate of being wiped out by that sword.

However, to kill Long Yanzong in front of everyone within three moves would definitely require him using some of his trump cards. Exposing those just for Long Yanzong wasn’t worth it to him.

“Long Chen, are you afraid? I can get rid of the three-move agreement. Let’s have a fair battle!” shouted Long Yanzong.

Everyone looked at Long Chen once more with anticipation. It was said that Long Chen was extremely powerful, but after joining the inner academy, it seemed that he had never shown his true power.

Even Bai Shishi looked at him. Last time, Long Chen had schemed the Explosive Flame Devil Crocodile to death. He had relied entirely on a trick and not his true power. Hence, even she was curious as to just how strong he was.

Within the inner academy, there were only two people that he couldn’t see through. Now, an additional Long Chen had appeared, and she wanted to see how strong he was.

“If you feel like I’m afraid, treat me as afraid. You can continue provoking me. As for me, I am eagerly awaiting your Heaven Melting Valley’s guild blood battle with us.” Long Chen didn’t look back. He left with everyone, but his words made people quiver. As for the Heaven Melting Valley’s disciples, they couldn’t even keep their fear from their faces.

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