Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2990 Bai Xiaole

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Chapter 2990 Bai Xiaole

Someone dared to contradict the number one beauty of the academy? Even Long Chen was surprised. Was this person that legendary young master Changchuan?

However, this person seemed too young. He was pretty handsome, but he gave off the feeling of a large child, having a rebellious expression.

As soon as he appeared, the Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples’ expressions grew odd. Bai Shishi looked cold. She then snorted, ignoring him, and without a second glance, left with her people.

Seeing her leave, that man grew even more arrogant, gazing around at all the disciples and disdainfully saying, “A group of useless fellows. You’re actually scared by a woman. You’ve lost the dignity of men.”

Even the instructors looked at him with odd expressions. They didn’t scold him however. They were just here to give a lesson to the disciples who wished to participate. Even if it was just a last-minute lesson, it would increase the odds of them surviving ever so slightly.

“Heaven Master, who is this fellow?” whispered Long Chen.

Heaven Master Yun Yang smiled slightly. “Who he is isn’t important. If you don’t like him, you can beat him up if you wish. As long as you don’t beat him to death, no one will care.”

Long Chen was even more confused. There was such a person? The academy was truly filled with marvels.

Seeing the other instructors busy counting the number of people, Long Chen didn’t wish to just randomly stand there like a fool. He ended up walking over to Luo Bing’s side. Luo Bing and Mu Qingyun were both waiting for him.

“Little fellow, you are Long Chen?”

Long Chen ended up walking closer to that man. The latter cast his gaze at Long Chen, seemingly provoking him.

Long Chen shook his head inside. This little fellow had a face asking for a beating. Not bothering with this child, he continued walking.

“Brat, you’re asking for a beating!”

The man was enraged, and his figure suddenly vanished, startling everyone.

Long Chen’s hand only swung behind him. Just at that moment, space twisted and the man appeared there, just in time for Long Chen to send him flying with a slap.

It was just as if Long Chen had known where he would come from, as if that man had intentionally thrown himself at Long Chen’s hand.

That man then slammed his foot in the air, causing space to shake. Like a bolt of lightning, he charged back at Long Chen. His reaction speed and quick moves were quite astonishing.

“Interesting.” Long Chen was also surprised. This man, who seemed more like a large child, was actually decently skilled.

Various afterimages appeared in the air where he passed. However…


He was once more slapped in the face by Long Chen.

This time, space quivered and powerful gusts unfurled. Long Chen’s power was several times greater than before.

The man shot out like a cannonball, and just as he was about to strike a stone platform, his figure suddenly vanished. He reappeared up in the sky.

“Spatial divine ability?!”

Long Chen was stunned. This brat was clearly extremely young, yet he could already use a spatial divine ability. With his age, there was no way he could come into contact with such profound magical arts, so it had to be an innate divine ability.

However, his divine ability was rather stiff. Long Chen could easily sense the spatial fluctuations. If this man could control this powerful divine ability, then his status was definitely not ordinary.

Up in the sky, the man looked at Long Chen with overflowing battle intent. He was actually locked onto Long Chen.

Seeing that, Heaven Master Yun Yang and the others sighed. Shaking their heads slightly, they seemed to pity him.

“Brat, you have some ability. If you can receive this next attack, I will recognize you as boss.”

The man’s figure suddenly shook and split into six.

The six figures formed hand seals together. All of a sudden, space was thrown into chaos. It was as if it had been sliced apart. The space around Long Chen, to the front, back, left, right, up, and down were cut off.

It was as if six mirrors were pressing down on him from all directions, trapping Long Chen in an entirely separate world.

At this moment, space shuddered as if it was about to break, and Long Chen felt it tearing at him. This was definitely an extremely terrifying divine ability.

“This little brat is growing more and more reckless. How can he use his innate killing move?” Heaven Master Dong Ming’s expression sank. He was about to interfere, but Heaven Master Yun Yang stopped him.

“Although his innate divine ability is powerful, with no actual effort in training, he can’t threaten Long Chen.”

Just as Heaven Master Yun Yang said this, a cracking sound rang out. With a single point of Long Chen’s finger, the six-sided mirror became covered in cracks.


After that, the six-sided mirror exploded. It was as if a volcano had just erupted. Wild gusts blew across people’s faces like blades.

Up in the sky, the man turned pale and coughed up a mouthful of blood. He was injured and stared in shock.

The many disciples around looked from Long Chen to that young man, not knowing what was going on. The wild gusts that erupted when the six-sided mirror was shattered were enough to prove how terrifying that move was, but it seemed that Long Chen didn’t need any effort to break it. It was simply a point of his finger.

“This child Long Chen isn’t bad. He knows that this little fellow is just causing trouble, so he is only giving him a small lesson. Otherwise… that little fellow would be suffering much worse.” Heaven Master Yun Yang smiled.

Long Chen looked at that stunned young man and lightly said, “Your talent isn’t bad, but your usage of your innate divine ability is too stiff. Your control is rotten. I’d advise you not to use such a technique in the future, as it’s a double-sided sword. A mistake will cost you your life.”

This move was truly terrifying, but this young man didn’t know how to use it properly. It was filled with holes. If Long Chen had wanted to kill him, all he would have had to do was wait a moment before breaking it. Then the immense backlash would have taken his life.

However, this person had no killing intent, so Long Chen naturally showed some leniency toward him. After speaking, he continued walking away.

“I, Bai Xiaole, keep my word. Boss, please accept this kowtow from this junior brother.”

The young man actually knelt on the ground toward Long Chen, stunning both disciples and instructors. The giant plaza was instantly silent.

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