Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2992 Palace Master

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Chapter 2992 Palace Master

Originally, Long Chen didn’t want to bring Bai Xiaole around. One reason was because of his special status. After all, he was Bai Shishi’s little brother and the dean’s grandson. Long Chen disdained getting glory using other people’s status.

The other reason was if Bai Xiaole followed him, then considering his perilous path, one mistake and Bai Xiaole would meet a terrible end. If that happened, he wouldn’t be able to explain himself to the dean.

Moreover, Bai Xiaole definitely had something wrong with his head. Even at such an age, his thoughts were more like a child’s.

If it was because of his mother’s injury while being pregnant with him, that was understandable, as that affected his talent. To put it bluntly, he had some deficits when it came to his intelligence.

Even so, he was dead set on following Long Chen and couldn’t even be shooed off, so Long Chen had him follow him for now while he thought of studying his Three Flower Pupils.

As Bai Xiaole was not even registered as a disciple of the inner academy, he couldn’t join the guild. That was simple though. Long Chen had Bai Xiaole take the exam.

However, when Long Chen saw the results of the exam, he almost died. “Forty multiple choice questions, with some only having two choices, and you somehow managed to not get a single one right. Tell me, how did you manage to avoid all the right answers so accurately?”

With Bai Xiaole’s talent in cultivation, there was no need for him to go through the normal exams. However, an inner academy disciple did have to go through some comprehensive tests, one of those being about fundamental knowledge. Those were all very simple questions, but Bai Xiaole somehow managed to avoid all the correct answers.

Luo Bing, Luo Ning, Mu Qingyun, and the others tried not to laugh, because that might make Bai Xiaole think that they were making fun of him, but Long Chen’s inconceivable expression and Bai Xiaole’s innocent appearance were too much for them.

“Boss, this thing is too hard!” exclaimed Bai Xiaole helplessly.

Long Chen then took a deep breath. If Bai Xiaole really couldn’t answer such simple questions, then he had a feeling that helping him activate his Three Flower Pupils would be impossible.

At this moment, Luo Bing comforted Bai Xiaole, seeing how pitiful he seemed. They all began to give him some tips and pointers. After all, with his high cultivation base, for him to get stuck on such a simple trial would be too much of a pity.

Luo Bing, Luo Ning, Mu Qingyun, Zhong Ling, and Zhong Xiu tried to teach him how to answer the questions. But in just a bit, Luo Ning’s temper flared and she almost grabbed Bai Xiaole by the collar. In the end, she couldn’t endure it any longer and left.

With Luo Bing and the others’ help, after seven attempts at the exam, Bai Xiaole finally barely passed, becoming a formal inner academy disciple. He was incredibly excited.

Through this interaction with Bai Xiaole, they realized that despite possessing an illustrious status, Bai Xiaole didn’t get much special treatment. Other than being able to roam around the academy, he had no privileges. That was why people didn’t know of him. Even when he offended someone who beat him up, no one did anything.

Furthermore, despite being brother and sister, Bai Shishi was not very close to him. According to Bai Xiaole, the two were like enemies.

Bai Shishi not only treated him very coldly, but she even treated their father coldly. It was as if she felt dislike for all men.

However, the way he spoke wasn’t logical. He would sometimes randomly bring up things that seemingly had nothing to do with the current topic, making it difficult for everyone to understand.

Overall, they all felt him to be very pitiful. His big sister looked down on him, and his father and mother didn’t really seem to care about him. Even the dean, his grandpa, was an existence almost forgotten from his memory. It seemed that his family didn’t care much about familial relationships.

Furthermore, according to Bai Xiaole’s rambling, his father was a fierce person who often beat him. Every time, he beat Bai Xiaole half to death, leaving them questioning the veracity of such a thing. Was there really such a father in this world? This family was truly unique.

Originally, Long Chen didn’t like having someone following him, but seeing Bai Xiaole’s pitiful appearance, he didn’t have the heart to reject him. Hence, after registering, he added Bai Xiaole’s name to the list for the Jialin Immortal Land.

Upon learning that he could go to the Jialin Immortal Land, Bai Xiaole was so happy that he danced around like a child. Even at such an age, he had yet to leave the academy and see the outside world.

As a result, Bai Xiaole became Long Chen’s little attendant, following him everywhere. Now, they only needed to wait for news from the academy. While they said it would be three days, it was on the fourth day that it was confirmed that they would be leaving the next day.

Long Chen was resting within the Luo Gate, keeping his mental realm clear so that he could be in his peak condition.

However, he suddenly heard a ruckus outside, followed by Bai Xiaole’s mournful wail.

Startled, he rushed out to see a large middle-aged man. He was built like an iron tower and had some long facial hair. He was chasing down Bai Xiaole.

Luo Bing and the others were in front of him blocking him, but with just a wave of his hand, they were sent flying. Luo Ning even coughed up blood.

Bai Xiaole was terrified and was already bloody and bruised. Seeing Long Chen appear, it was as if he saw his savior.

“Boss, save me!”

Just at this moment, the large man stamped his foot on Bai Xiaole’s abdomen. It was an extremely ruthless move.


Long Chen appeared in front of Bai Xiaole, stamping his right foot on that man’s leg. As a result, his body shuddered, and a sharp pain burst from his foot as if he had kicked solid iron. He was forced back two steps.

Long Chen was shocked. This person’s cultivation base was not something he could see, as he didn’t emit any immortal yuan fluctuations. Just his physical body was enough to knock Long Chen back.

As for that man, his body swayed from the impact, and Bai Xiaole shot off.


Seeing Bai Xiaole want to run, that man angrily unleashed a punch at Long Chen. This fist actually showed signs of space tearing. Under that pressure, Long Chen couldn’t even breathe. It was as if his insides were being squeezed out.


Long Chen’s divine ring then erupted into existence behind him, and his fist became covered in dragon scales. As their two fists collided, its qi wave blew apart some small pavilions set up around the headquarters of the Luo Gate. The disciples inside the headquarters were also blown back miserably.

It was only by summoning his divine ring and dragon scales that Long Chen was capable of just barely receiving this man’s casual blow. However, his arm was now a bit numb.

“Scram!” The man was startled. He then turned his hand, reaching out to grab Long Chen’s wrist and throw him into the distance.

However, just as his hand grasped down on Long Chen’s wrist, Long Chen’s wrist slipped out of his palm, flinging that man’s hand away. Startled, the man furiously punched Long Chen again.

This time, both of them were sent flying.

Long Chen felt a sharp pain in his head, and stars swam in his eyes. He had been struck in the head by that fist, and a large lump grew out.

Long Chen was enraged. He was about to summon his Six Star Battle Armor when a cold shout rang out.

“Who dares to be so brazen as to… as to… palace master? Why… why are you here?”

The destruction of the Luo Gate’s headquarters had caused an alarm, and other experts rushed over. But when they saw that man, their eyes almost popped out of their heads.

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