Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2993 A Marvel Father and Mother

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Chapter 2993 A Marvel Father and Mother

Luo Bing and the others were stunned. This fiendish man had come to the Luo Gate, and without even saying anything, started beating Bai Xiaole as soon as he saw him.

He was like a wild dragon in terms of power, sending them flying without the slightest ability to fight back. Just the wave of his hand unleashed a wild gust that they couldn’t resist.

This person was called palace master? These experts that had been drawn over here by the alarm were from the Battle God Palace. Hence, for them to call him this and their shocked expressions…

This palace master was also shocked. Blood was leaking out of his mouth. Just now, he had struck Long Chen, but Long Chen had also struck him. While Long Chen was left with a lump on his head, the corner of the palace master’s mouth was split open by Long Chen’s fist.

These experts were all stunned, looking from Long Chen to the palace master.

“Brat, you have some ability. Report your name,” barked that man.

Long Chen was dumbfounded. The academy only had one palace, the Battle God Palace. Since these people were from the Battle God Palace and had called him palace master, Long Chen had actually fought against the head of the Battle God Palace?

Before Long Chen could even reply, Bai Xiaole, who had been wailing like he was castrated, ran over, hiding behind Long Chen and shouting, “Old fellow, are you afraid now?! Other than bullying me, what else can you do? Let me tell you. Make sure you don’t fall when you hear who this is! This is the academy’s mighty and famous Boss Long San, who is like the sun in the sky, a dragon in the sea…”

Curiously, Bai Xiaole’s mouth became quite adept at this time. They were orderly.

He only saw the blood leaking out of the palace master’s mouth and not the lump on Long Chen’s head. Thinking that the palace master wasn’t a match for Long Chen, Bai Xiaole became completely unbridled.

“Now that I have a boss, I have a backer! You think you can beat me?! Then you’ll have to ask my boss to see if he consents! If you have guts, then come! Have a real battle between men with my boss. Bring out all your power, and my boss will beat you with just a single hand until you piss yourself!”

While Bai Xiaole grew crazily arrogant, Long Chen himself was lacking confidence. That man was the master of the Battle God Palace, and his cultivation base was at an unknown realm. Let alone an expert like this, even those existences like Zhan Feng or Wang Chong could crush Long Chen with a single palm.

Long Chen sighed inside. Bai Xiaole, you really view your boss highly. You want me to beat him with just a single hand?

However, Long Chen didn’t reveal any fear on the outside.

“Little brat, I’m beating you for your own good!” raged the palace master.

“Hmph, do you think I’m a child?” snorted Bai Xiaole disdainfully. “Stop wasting words. I’ll show you my boss’s peerless divine power!”

Seeing Bai Xiaole’s confidence, Long Chen had an urge to slap him. Was there really someone who conned their bosses like this? But even if he was being conned, he couldn’t explain himself. The arrogance from the depths of his soul wouldn’t allow him to lower his head.

Right now, the palace master was ashen with rage. Just as he opened his mouth, space shook and a burst of fragrance blew through the air. A middle-aged woman in green robes appeared.

She looked to be in her thirties and had a beautiful appearance, her aura indescribable. It was as if the entire world was under her control. Upon seeing her, Long Chen’s heart jumped. This was a terrifying expert.

As soon as she appeared, she saw the bloodstain on the palace master’s mouth and laughed. “You’re injured.”

“If you saw it, just keep it to yourself. Why do you have to mention it?” The palace master had healed his wound without anyone noticing what technique he used.

The woman didn’t mind. She then looked at Bai Xiaole and smiled warmly. “Xiaole, come hug your mom.”

Long Chen and the others came to a sudden understanding. So this woman was Bai Xiaole’s mother. Then the man had to be his father.

It seemed that Bai Xiaole hadn’t been spouting nonsense when he said that his father was constantly beating him and was extremely fierce.

Bai Xiaole hid behind Long Chen. Looking at that woman, he shook his head. “No, both of you are on the same side. One white face and one black face, one giving candy and one giving slaps. Now that I have a boss, I’ve learned how to escape your devil claws!”

Long Chen, Luo Bing, and the others were all surprised. Bai Xiaole’s mind was actually quite good today. His line of thinking was surprisingly clear.

Even the palace master and that middle-aged woman were astonished. As Bai Xiaole’s parents, they knew Bai Xiaole’s issues the best. Although he had inherited immense talent, in terms of intelligence, he had some congenital deficiencies, resulting in them being unable to raise him like a normal person.

However, today, his line of thinking was very clear. He even saw through the two of them and the methods that they had used against him for so many years.

“We’ll leave things here today. Brat, I’ll remember that punch of yours,” said the palace master coldly.

Long Chen rubbed the lump on his head and snorted, “I’ll also remember that punch of yours. If you don’t like it, you can suppress your cultivation base to the Divine Flame realm and we can fight again.”

The palace master’s cultivation base was so high that Long Chen couldn’t even sense it. But after suffering this much, he was extremely irritated. If the palace master was willing to suppress his cultivation base down to his level, Long Chen was willing to have a real fight with him now.

“What nonsense. It’s possible to suppress one’s realm, but you can’t do it when you are three realms apart. Long Chen, don’t be so irrational to the palace master,” said one of the experts of the Battle God Palace. Long Chen was actually provoking their esteemed palace master. They couldn’t accept it.

“Alright, you should go back now. I’ll exchange a few words with this little fellow,” said the middle-aged woman.

The palace master glared at Long Chen and stepped away. Just like that, he vanished into space.

“Hey, you’re going to run?” shouted Long Chen.

“Don’t worry, we’ll compensate you,” said the middle-aged woman with a smile.

“Alright, then due to Xiaole’s face, I won’t quibble with you about the other things. If it was someone else, I would definitely demand some cost of living expenses for my brothers who are struggling to get by,” said Long Chen.

Suddenly, a ray of light fell out of nowhere. Long Chen and the middle-aged woman both vanished, shocking everyone else present.

Crack… crack… crack… BOOM!

It felt as if countless chains were binding him. In that instant, the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art automatically activated, and the primal chaos bead shook intensely. The surrounding space exploded.

When the space around him shattered, the middle-aged woman once more appeared in front of Long Chen. They were in a desolate world, and they could see the stars in the distance from here.

“As expected. You are a dangerous person.”

The middle-aged woman looked at Long Chen with some shock.

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